Bhagam Bhag (2006) *BluRay* 1080P w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 6

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After a short while, the body will start floating.
And with the waves, it will float away.
Hey! Go in! Go in!
It will float away!
Has this bull entered the buffaloes den?
Let me see...
what was the need for you to come here... late in the night to say this?
But you will have to stay here carefully.
What are you doing?
You are here? - Where else will i be?
I thought you were inside.
Sir! The bull has gone mad! Leave me!
I won't leave you! I won't leave you!
Sir, this man is not needed here. Not needed here!
Sir, i don't want this man here.
His thoughts are very filthy!
Do you know what he was doing?
He was peeping in munni's room!
He was teasing a sleeping woman.
What rubbish! Leave me!
Sir, he is lying! He is lying!
He is talking rubbish! I was looking out for him!
Why were you searching for me in her room?
If you were looking out for me, then you should...
...have search the bathroom.
You sleep in the bathroom?
Sir, i don't sleep in the bathroom!
Sir, ask him. Wasn't he peeping in munni's room? Ask him!
Were you peeping in munni's room, babla?
Now, what can i say...
caught him! Caught him!
Were you peeping or not?
I was peeping inside because i wanted to know who is inside!
Who will be inside! Sir, who will be inside?
Poor munni is inside! She is sleeping!
She was snoring!
Poor munni, were you peeping at her from the bathroom?
Leave me! Let me talk!
Listen! I heard a man's voice inside.
I saw it with my own ears. - Oh god!
I heard it!
Why don't i die! Why don't i die! - Go and die!
Sir! Sir, he is such a filthy man!
To save himself, he is slandering munni's image!
Sir, ask him! Ask him!
Hang on! Sir, to end the matter, open the door.
The girl's room's door... what is she doing!
I will check it out!
No, you won't see it!
I will see it! Sir, you won't see it. Sir!
I will see, i am company's boss. I will see.
Munni! - Munni!
Lts sir. Don't fear. Open the door.
Open the door. Open the door.
Munni... is somebody inside?
There's no one, sir.
There's no one.
Fine, you go to sleep. Good night.
What goodnight! Wait! Did somebody check inside?
Munni, with whom were you talking?
Nobody, babla.
I heard you talking to somebody.
That... that i was rehearsing my dialogues.
You guys said that it should be ready by morning.
What happened?
Sir, this bull has gone mad!
I will bury you alive! - The guy is hitting me!
Leave him!
Aren't you ashamed! Go and apologize to the girl! Go!
Go and apologise!
Remember one thing!
If you will respect the girl...
...then the girl will give you her respect.
Sorry! Made a mistake, sir!
Punish him, sir!
Otherwise i won't stay here.
What punishment?
Forgot! Forgot!
When by mistake i had teased anjali... all had made me wash the clothes.
Forgot it, sir? Remind him.
If he is not punished then i will...
Otherwise i will leave munni at her home! Understood!
Yes! He is right! He should be punished!
Law should be the same for everybody!
What trouble is this!
Hey! From tomorrow you will cook for everybody!
Are you happy? - Yes.
Its fine for now. But i will give the rest...
...of the punishment later.
Everybody go and sleep in their room.
But listen, nobody will go near that room!
Understood! Nobody will go there!
Then do one thing.
You stand outside the room at night like a watchman. Fool!
You keep awake the whole night just to peep inside.
You guys have made my life miserable!
What are you looking at?
The burning flame looks so beautiful.
Is it?
Then immerse yourself in it.
Eat it.
Burning flame looks so beautiful.
I will like if this fire eats me.
Then munni wont be there, and problems also wont be there.
I will turn onto ashes and fly away in the sky.
Like a free bird!
Hey! If you want to make tea, then make tea.
Otherwise go out.
Fool, she scared me.
Bunty, did you drink your tea.
Shall i start now?
We will do the rehearsal of the gun.
Yes sir, play the music.
What happened, sir?
Ready. Ready... - look here.
Yes sir, play the music.
Look there.
What happened?
Why are you standing like that with your nose stuck?
Come in.
Get up you rascal.
Break the scoundrel's legs!
Come on take him!
Where is that short guy? - Take him!
Boss look there.
Boss look there.
You broke my leg! I'll show you!
Catch him!
Go! Go! Come on.
Let's go! Let's go! - Bring me his leg!
Hello, did you see anyone running this way today.
The one that broke your boss's leg, that one.
Yes, yes him.
He's gone straight.
Hey guys! Get him!
Even this news got published in the papers?
Yes it got published.
Boss! The news of you becoming...
...a cripple got published in the newspaper.
Really, these press people publish whatever i do.
It is a sin to be famous isn't it?
Where did that scoundrel go?
What are you doing here, dancing? Go and catch him!
You read what is written about me.
Why did you get so shocked?
The news is such.
I will read it.
Hakka! Hakka!
Come back.
I have caught him!
He is there!
Come, come fast! Break his leg! - Wait.
Break his leg.
He is my prey. - No.
Give me this leg. - No.
Give me this leg! - No!
Quiet! Will you take the leg home cook it and eat it.
Break his legs.
You broke my leg!
Catch him! Catch him!
Not him, catch me.
Take me to a hospital.
Sorry sir! - It has broken!
Come, let us write down the words of the songs.
So that in the show it goes nicely.
Without you, there is no desire.
Without you, my worlds on fire.
Fire, not tyre.
It is fire, i write f like this. - Inverted?
You read it correctly.
Without you i can't fly high, high, higher...
without you, there is no desire.
Without you, my worlds on fire.
Without you i can't fly high, high... high... high... yo!
Without you, there is no desire.
Without you, my worlds on fire.
Without you i can't fly high, high... high... high... yo!
Without you, i cannot find peace anywhere.
What should i do, what should i not, that is the difficulty.
Without you, i cannot find peace anywhere.
What should i do, what should i not, that is the difficulty.
In this condition i cannot find peace.
Now i cannot stay alone.