Wegmans Spicy Chicken Meatballs & Sauce

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 07.09.2012

Everybody loves meatballs, but first I'm gonna make
the sauce that we're gonna braise it in.
So very simply, I've got a stock pot here that I've turned on medium heat
and I'm just gonna add a little bit of olive oil.
So I've got the oil in there and I've got some sliced red onion, okay?
It's about a cup.
And I'm gonna go ahead and add that sliced red onion there
and this is gonna cook for about five minutes.
All right, so it's been about five minutes, you can see the onions
have started to soften up really nicely.
And at this point, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna add one minced shallot,
which is gonna add just a little bit of sort of a different
type of sweetness than the onion would.
And then I've got a clove of garlic as well.
The reason I add these after is 'cause obviously they're cut into smaller pieces,
we don't want the garlic and the shallot to burn,
so we give the onions a nice head start.
Just gonna add these, stir it around,
this is just gonna take a couple of minutes for these to soften.
Then I'm gonna add the rest of the ingredients.
All right, perfect, so the shallots and the garlic have started to soften up
and it's already smelling great in here.
And at this point, I'm just gonna go ahead and de-glaze this
with about a half a cup of red wine, good quality wine,
Obviously something you would drink
is something you should cook with as well.
So you got about a half a cup in there and what I want this to do now
is just reduce--so I'm just gonna give it a quick stir
and I want this wine to reduce.
And again, we always say it sort of gets a little bit syrupy,
it concentrates the flavor.
And all I want to do now is turn this up to medium high
'cause I want to let this reduce a little bit.
So you can see, I've got about a tablespoon of the wine left,
but it's nice and concentrated,
you can see it's turned all the onions and everything a nice deep shade of red.
So now I'm gonna go ahead and add the rest of my ingredients.
What I have here is two chopped, fresh Roma tomatoes,
I like the Roma tomatoes 'cause they have less seeds.
They're a little bit meatier.
And they're gonna add a nice, sort of bright tomato flavor.
And then I have a can of San Marzano tomatoes, juice and all.
Gonna go right in that same pot.
All right, what I have here is I have a tablespoon
of chipotles in adobo sauce.
Chipotle is a smoked jalapeno.
And they put them in a can with a tomato sauce,
and the tomato sauce actually picks up a lot of that smoky flavor,
so it's really spicy, so I'm just gonna do a tablespoon in here.
Just to sort of round out the flavor.
The meatballs that I'm gonna cook in the sauce also have chipotle in it,
so we really wanna just sort of layer that flavor, all right?
So I'm gonna give this a real quick stir
and then just the last touch, fresh herbs.
I love cooking with fresh herbs.
Rosemary's really, really sturdy, so I'm just gonna put in--stems and all--
gonna go right in the sauce.
I've got two nice sprigs of rosemary, and then I have fresh thyme as well.
They go in, stems and all, give this a quick stir,
and now I'm just gonna turn this down to low
and I'm gonna let this sauce just do its thing and cook
for about an hour, covered.
Then I'll puree it up, and that's what we're gonna cook our meatballs in.
Now it's time to get started on the meatballs.
So great idea to have all your mise en place ready to go,
all your ingredients right at arm's length
so we can keep moving-- but the first thing
I want to do is I just wanna sort of sweat out
and sauté one shallot and one clove of garlic in just a little bit of olive oil.
All right, I just don't want it to be raw as it goes into the meatball.
Just soften it up a little bit, sort of sweeten it up.
And this is only gonna take just a couple of minutes,
just to start the cooking process.
So this is just a couple of minutes, and now all I'm gonna do
is set these aside and allow them to cool
and start assembling the rest of the meatballs.
So what I like about this meatball is it's got a couple
of different types of meat in it.
I've got two pounds of ground chicken and I've got one pound of ground veal
and then I'm just gonna go ahead and add a bunch
of different ingredients to it, okay?
I've got some chopped Italian or flat leaf parsley that I'm gonna add
and then I have some fresh thyme that I've chopped up.
Remember, there's thyme also in the sauce
that we're gonna cook the meatballs in,
so you're gonna start to notice, you know, some similarities
between the flavors and that's definitely by design.
I have some roasted tomatoes that are chopped up, all right?
Just to add a little bit of texture.
And again, those chipotle peppers that I talked about in the sauce--
little bit of heat, again, that smoky flavor.
Those go right in as well.
And then I've got two eggs and everything just goes in.
All the kids in the pool.
And then I've got about a cup of panko breadcrumb, all right?
These are definitely more about the meat than the filling
which I like and you can do that when you have
a nice, light meat like chicken or veal.
You don't need nearly as much breadcrumb
because it's gonna be naturally lighter.
And then, the best thing to do, make sure you've got nice, clean hands
and then just get in there with your hands
to make sure that everything's mixed up nice.
Almost everything's in and mixed, I just want to go ahead
and add the garlic and the shallots that sweated earlier.
And one final mix and the meatballs will be ready to go.
So everything's in here, everything's mixed together nice,
so you get a little bite of everything in every meatball.
Now it's time to start making the meatballs.
All right, so I've got a scoop here.
This should make you about 36 meatballs.
I like to make them on the smaller side.
This is actually something when I make them that I keep around in the freezer.
Again, you cook these, you freeze them, they're ready to go.
So if you're gonna make them, you may as well make a big batch.
And then you just start forming the meatballs, but if you wanted to make
bigger meatballs, you certainly could.
I just like to go a little bit smaller.
And have them be more of like an appetizer size.
And there's the last one.
I actually got 40 meatballs out of this batch,
but again, you know, anywhere around that 36,
I think that's the perfect size.
I'm just gonna go wash my hands and then I'm gonna pop these
into a 450 degree oven for about ten minutes.
All right, so these are the meatballs-- they were in there for about ten minutes.
Now they're not cooked all the way through,
they're still actually a little bit raw on the inside.
The idea of putting them in the oven was just to set them up
and you can see just a little bit of browning.
And so while those are sitting there, we'll finish up the sauce right now.
And all I need to do with that-- remember we put those
whole sprigs of herbs in there, so I just want to go through
with my tongs and I'm just gonna pull out any herb stems.
I did not season this sauce yet, so I'm gonna add just a little bit of salt.
'Cause remember there's no salt in the meatballs either.
So we want to make sure this sauce is properly seasoned
as we finish the cooking.
Then I just have a hand blender.
If you do not have one, I suggest getting one.
I'm gonna go for a pretty smooth consistency,
but if you like your sauce to be a little on the chunky side,
it's not gonna make one difference one way or the other.
And that's perfect, that's exactly what I'm looking for.
All right.
So now I'm just gonna cook these on low.
I've got the heat down to low on this pot.
So I'm just gonna go ahead and add my meatballs to it.
I'm just gonna give these guys a quick stir.
Cook this on low, 20, 25 minutes, I'll come back every now and then,
stir them occasionally, just try to get these coated in the sauce.
So it's been about 25 minutes here and I've come back and stirred these
probably four or fives times.
I think they're done but obviously the best way to tell
is use your instant-read thermometer.
Yeah, and we're actually above 165, which is great.
Now it's time to take it to the plate.
I love to serve these as an appetizer
but you know, feel free to serve them as an entree.
Obviously they're meatballs, they can go with pasta.
But use your imagination-- rice, vegetables.
You're gonna love them any way.
They're spicy chicken meatballs, they're easy to make.
You make a bunch, you put them in the freezer
and you can enjoy them again and again.
Try it at home.