Gundarr - Not in the Moody (Ep 28)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 23.10.2012

[Toddy:] Quickly, Greggers!
Fire the de-brainulator,
before I get shot in the face.
[Greggers:] Uh... I forgot to bring it, sir.
Will chapstick work?
[Toddy:] What?
Aw, we're f*cked.
[Moody:] Gundarr!
There you are! I've been looking all over Krakathoom for you.
You're... gonna be...
a daddy!
[Toddy:] Nyuu-hu-ha-ha-ha-haa!
[Gundarr:] Uhh, it not be MY baby.
[Moody:] *laughs*
It most certainly is, my little love monkey.
*monkey sounds*
[Greggers:] Wooow.
I'm gonna be an uncle!
[Cupcake:] Dude bro! You gotta hit it and run, man!
Hit it and ruuuun!
[Moody:] I'm gonna name him... Gundarr Jr.
He's got your eyes!
[Toddy:] Wait a minute...
One-two-three-four... Has it been nine months just now?
[Gundarr:] But Gundarr don't remember making doinky-doink with Moody.
[Cupcake:] Dude bro! You didn't cap it off?
You gotta cap it off!
[Greggers:] I've never been an uncle before!
Do I have to be like, responsible?
[Toddy:] Is nobody else seeing this little pituitary case's mutant growth spurt or what?
[Gundarr:] But Gundarr can't be a daddy!
He too stupid to be fatherizing!
[Cupcake:] Dude bro! Get out while you still can!
[Greggers:] I've never been a bro, slash bro-in-law, slash uncle, slash intern before!
I - I don't know what to do! This is a lot of responsibility...
[Toddy:] I tell ya, this kid is the weirdest little bastard I ever seen...
And I've been to a troll orgy!
[Cupcake:] Pull yourself together, soldier!
[Gundarr:] Aww. Junior trying to murder him first wizard.
Here, son. Let papa help you.
[Moody:] Aww.
[Gundarr:] You gotta blast wizard with one big shot right in face!
It be more humane.
[Toddy:] Humane? For who?
[Gunarr:] Hey, good job, Junior.
They grow up so fast!
Gundarr so happy he was a daddy!
[Moody:] I'm so glad to hear you say that, Gundarr!
[Toddy:] And that is why you always use protection, Gundarr.
If that was real, just imagine how horrible it would be.
For both of us!
[Gundarr:] Wow.
Wizard's toaster vision has shown Gundarr the way.
He use protection from now on!
[Barbaric Outtro]