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Excuse me, will you take me to Malvani?
Have you gone crazy?
Go take the Taxi and burn it. - Don't go if you don't want to.
Why are you getting angry? - I'm getting angry?
Don't you know what's going on in the city?
Excuse me.
You're going to Malvani now?
It's not safe there.
Here, have a drink. - No.
Have a little? - No.
What the...
Show me your licence.
Back it up. Park it behind.
Hey, who is that?
Suryakant Sarang.
Why are you here?
I live in Malvani, sir.
Sector 4, behind the old compound.
Who are you? King Kong?
Throw him in the van.
Farooque sir knows me.
So? Should I welcome you?
Farooque sir isn't on duty today, now?
He is, sir. I just heard him on the wireless.
Of course! He's here to protect
....his community from being massacred.
You police officers are talking like fools.
The report doesn't match the logbook at all.
Sir, everything happened so quickly that we didn't get the time.
You didn't get the time?
Tell me, why is the time of the police firing...
...different in the logbook and the report?
Those who've been taken into custody...
...their statements have been taken but not recorded.
Sir, you would've got the entire report tomorrow.
Shut up. - Sorry, sir.
Sir, a Suryakant Sarang...
...was trying to enter into Malvani through Charkop.
Says that he knows you.
Last evening I met the 12 Mohalla committees...
...the trustees of the three temples, and the priests.
There was no tension.
There wasn't even a hint of any such thing.
And suddenly this afternoon, Malvani was under curfew.
The Minar was broken.
Stones were pelted behind Sector 4.
A Bus set ablaze. A Taxi burnt.
Police firing.
I don't understand who is instigating all this.
And now, anything can happen anytime.
One stray shriek, one stone,
One fanatic. Just one.
And everything will be over.
Sir, I have no news from home.
If I could go to Malvani... - As soon as the curfew... released, the police vehicle will drop you there.
There are 90% Muslims, and just 10% Hindus in Malvani.
And, most of the Hindus stay... Sector 1 and 4.
Kadam was saying that the burning of the police post...
a Hindu mob was responsible.
And you say recognised a few...
...Muslims among them.
So, the people who were killed in the taxi, they were?...
If we waste time thinking, they'll think we're cowards.
Don't worry.
Don't be scared.
Hail Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram!
Surya, what are you doing here?
Your family too has been attacked.
We won't spare any of them.
Don't worry, come on.
'We always have play second.'
'Life always plays first.'
'It always takes the break.'
'And then comes our turn.'
'One who survives till the end, is the winner.'
I won't tell Papa, I swear on Ma.
That means you'll tell Ma? - No. I swear on Papa.
Come on.
Your Master lost the last time as well.
Hey Chandra, how are you?
Has Master started his gun-machine yet? - There's still time.
Smallie? - He's my brother.
He'll just be quite and watch.
You'll be quiet, won't you? - Yes.
Really? Go on.
'Four pockets, 18 coins, 1 queen and 2 strikers.'
'That's all there is to game, in one way.'
'But there's more to the game than that.'
'The players'.
'The gamblers'.
'And those like me, who just stare in awe.'
'Everyone would come.'
'Great players frequented that joint.'
'I recognised Master in a immediately.'
'He didn't talk much...'
'...his striker would talk to the coins.'
Surya this car has come to your house.
Uncle, please open the door.
Uncle, please open the door. - Surya, come.
I don't see any way.
Can you think of anything?
You don't understand. - I don't understand...?
I suggest that we both set out, with a bowl in hand.
We'll wander around in the streets, and beg.
And, we'll definitely mange something.
Sister-in-law, please explain to him. Please explain.
Have your tea, it's getting cold. - What tea?
But, where will we go?
We've been settled here for so long.
It's not about this... - This is just an advance.
Listen... - Listen to me.
I'm not sending you empty-handed from here.
Go to Malvani, you'll find a bigger house.
Plus you'll save some money for your daughter's wedding.
I'll give you more money.
'The eldest, was Rajni.'
'Then Chandra.'
'Then, Devi. And I was the youngest.'
Surya, come here.
'Brother and sister would go till Dadar...'
'...for the Ganesh immersion.'
'But, Devi and I had never stepped out of Nagpada.'
'That day we realised how big Mumbai was.'
'We were thrown from one corner of the city, to another.'
'It seemed like between the two corners...'
'...there was a third city... Malvani.'
'Malvani was filled with all kinds of noises.'
'And strange silences.'
'Amidst all the chaos one thing was certain...'
'...someone would surely be tricked everyday.'
What's going on up ahead?
Some fraudster sold the same shop to two buyers and fled.
"Your benevolence is unique, God."
"Your benevolence is unique, God."
"Unique is my devotion, Lord."
"Your benevolence is unique, God."
"The cradle of life..."
"...swings with the pace of time."
"The heart keeps beating."
"Numerous thoughts cross my heart."
"Thousands of questions crowd my mind."
"Why did you make each day a mystery?"
"Lord. Lord. Lord."
Write Rs.26. - Ma. Here.
You took so long.
What did you write? - Yes?
Did you write 26? - Yes, I did.
Your brother plays really well.
It was great.
Would you like to play one more?
Why one? Let's play ten.
Will you bet a rupee? - Fine.
Brother, the money... - If winning is definite,
How does it matter if there is...
Money in the pocket or nuts?
Hey. Have you lost it?
Wasting such talented fingers for loose change.
Why not add few zeroes?
Add a zero after one, and it becomes 10.
Add two zeros, and it becomes 100.
And if you add three zeros...then it becomes 1000.
You have to defeat this fool a thousand times... make Rs.1000.
And, if you beat now just one time, I'll give you Rs.1000.
Think about it.
Do you want to play a thousand games, or just one?
He's under pressure now.
Not pressure, he's in a cooker.
Watch, how the whistle blows!
Get up.
Come here.
What is your name? - Chandra.
Chandra what? Horse, elephant, garlic.
Chandra what? - Chandrakant Sarang.
Where do you stay? - Sector 4, Room No. 26.
Get lost for now.
We'll find you if we need you.
Get lost.
We were just joking with you.
Go on.
'At that time I didn't know, how much 2000 was.'
'But brother knew that he had lost a big game.'
'Jaleel called him many times.'
'But brother never went back to the carom club.'
What did you buy?
We got the onions, potatoes, and everything else...
Come this way. - But I need to buy ration...
Just come this way.
Open the umbrella.
What difference does it make?
We'll buy it from any shop.
Wait here, I'll get it. - Hurry up.
There he is.
Boss, you?
What would you like?
You tell me, what should I get?
What do you have for me?
The entire shop belongs to you Boss.
Hear that? Everything in this shop belongs to me.
Chandra, what does your sister want?
What do you want miss?
Rajni, let's go.
Surya. Surya. - What?
Jaleel is beating up your brother at the crossroads.
It has just stopped.
There's no trusting the Bombay rains.
It can start again anytime.
You beat up a small child, aren't you ashamed?
You beat up children like this?
What are you? The local goon?
Are you some don?
I've seen bigger dons than you.
Beating up the weak like this, you eunuch!
Hey woman! Enough of your abuses.
I've heard enough of it.
If I lose it...
You've just settled in here.
If I lose my mind...'ll disappear in no time.
He owes me Rs.2000. Ask him.
Hey you wimp, why don't you tell your mother?
Ask him.
Hey shortie.
Come here.
Don't worry, am not abducting him, just inquiring.
So? Wasn't he there with him that day? - Yes boss.
Weren't you there as well?
So? You've started denying already?
Take care of the children.
Get that.
'Father would always say if we keep walking ahead...'
'...bad times always shed away.'
'Rajni got married.'
'Devi went to class six.'
'And I, to class four.'
'But hardly went to school that year.'
'I fell ill several times.'
'Brother seemed to have grown up overnight.'
'He worked 2-3, sometimes 4 jobs a day.'
If you get bored, you can play alone as well.
No need to bang the striker around unnecessarily.
Look here.
Two coins here. Two coins here.
Two coins here. Two coins here.
And, the queen in the centre.
Get it.
Once you hit a piece, then go after it till pocketed.
Take rest, okay.
Great. You want to play a game, with me?
Hold the Striker properly. Yes.
Keep it in line. Yes.
And, watch this piece.
If you hit this piece...
...just watch where your striker goes.
'I stayed home for five months.'
'So, I wasn't taken back in school.'
'That entire year, I kept slidding the striker on the board.'
Zaid. - Surya.
I'm going to the carom association... enrol my name. We'll meet in the evening. - Listen...
Your name. - Say your name.
Suryakant Sarang.
'That year, I won the junior national championship.'
Wonderful, son.
How nice. - Ma, Surya won.
How nice.
'Zaid and I, the kings of Bombay.'
'And the Malvani water tank, our throne.'
Look, that's the whole of Mumbai.
'We owned any building we put our finger on.'
'Then we believed that we could see the whole city...
'...from the water-tank.'
'But we didn't know that...'
'...every time you see Mumbai, a little more is seen.'
'People grow old with time.'
'But, the city gets younger and newer.'
'Money was known to run in the veins of Mumbai.'
'Some even said that if you put your hand in...'
'...the gutters of the city, you'll find money.'
You from Dhobi Talao?
Want some tea?
Is this your dad's wedding?
Get lost.
'I was in the ninth grade when Father passed away...'
'...Studying for the tenth grade replaced carom.'
'And making quick money replaced studies.'
'Brother took the responsibility of the family...'
'And now I had to do something as well.'
'But, in my own style.'
'Delivering jewellery, money for jewellers...'
'...from Malad to Zaveri Bazaar.'
'They would call it Angdiya.'
'It was a risky job.'
'And, brother didn't totally approve.'
'But, the work hours weren't too long...'
'...It involved good money...'
'...And, a first-class pass from Borivali to Churchgate.'
Mrs. Sarita just called.
She's coming here to pick it up.
And, did you have any problems in the train? - No, sir.
'I would try to find my identity among the millions in the city.'
'Some made it big in chemicals.'
'Some said diamonds has a lot of money.'
'Many made good profit in plastic...'
'...while so many lost out in stocks.'
'But Devi knew what she wanted to do.'
'She aimed for the right scholarships.'
'And would choose the toughest subjects.'
You can never be on time, can you?
Is it 12?
Always screaming at me.
And anyway, we spend so much on you.
That's obvious.
You'll have to pay a price to be my brother.
Give it quickly.
Get lost. I should benefit a little as well.
You won't get anywhere with that face, get lost.
Dubai? - Yes.
Within three months.
Take it easy.
If you get ahead of yourself, you'll regret it.
Devi, there are so many people here.
There's no value for human life.
Do you know, in Dubai?...
...people don't pay for electricity...
It's absolutely free, just imagine.
If I slog for just 3 years...
...we can do everything we want to.
And, will brother agree?
Life isn't a book of fairytales.
You don't find any magical fairies here.
But the world is filled with. Con artists.
Don't have to find 1, you'll come across thousands.
Fine. Let's stay right here in this 10 by10.
They'll promise you a job in a mall...
...but you'll end up in a car wash.
And, if they take your passport...'ll be a slave.
Brother, all those people who go there...
...and return with a fortune, are they...
Are they crazy?
Do you know you're talking like a madman?
I don't want it.
I don't want any tantrums while eating.
You know, your father came to Mumbai...
...when he was just 14 years old.
Like a hero, he said to me, "I'll come back for you."
We had just gotten engaged then.
Ma, times are changed.
What changed?
Look, flowing water should be channelled in the right direction...
...and not confined.
Let him do whatever he wants to now.
Otherwise, he'll curse us in his old age.
Isn't it?
Aren't you Mr. Shashikant's son? - Yes.
I was there at the funeral.
Mr. Qureshi, you know brother... burdened with a lot of responsibilities.
And, now, it's upon me, how much can I take on.
Just get me a good job there.
Hard work runs in our blood sir.
Do you know how to read and speak Arabic? - No, sir.
I teach in my house.
That's Adnan sir.
He has all the contacts in the Gulf.
Did you get the money? - For the forms?
1600. - Fill these forms and come.
- Thank you. I'll leave.
They dare raise their hands on me?
So, what if they're police officials...
...can they do as they please?
I told them clearly. - What?
We need you, and you need us.
We cannot do without each other.
Did I say anything...? - You said the right thing.
Zaid. Wait. - Later.
Deserting us?
No, no, not here. Let's go to the side.
Faheem said that you were arrested selling drugs.
Who Faheem? - Who do you work for?
For that Sonu, the Ladies Bar owner?
Go ahead cook up a story. - Are you mad?
No story.
Got arrested for no reason.
When they found nothing on me...
...they accused me of any crime they pleased.
Hey...this way, let's go from here.
Let's go this way.
You haven't returned Mansoor's money yet?
Who? I paid it long time back.
Listen to me.
'Every month Zaid would find a new way of getting locked up...'
'With long tales for me.''re wearing a tie!
I'm going to Dubai.
No! - Yes.
Passport, etc. - All set?
All set?
I don't even have my name on the ration card.
I've never gone beyond Ghatkopar.
There going to be a street named after me, right here.
Zaid Khan Marg (Road).
You have only yourself to blame.
Look, there is time; sort yourself out. We can go and...
- Hey. It's nothing like that.
There are other ways to go to Dubai also.
Just one phone call... - You rascal.
Better reform yourself.
How long will you carry on like this?
I was just joking.
I'm not that bad.
You know when I find a bat the ball is missing.
And, when I find the ball the bat breaks.
Now I've started a brokerage business.
When I get a house I don't have clients.
And, when I have clients I can't find a house.
Tell me, what can I do? - Are you done?
Now, do you want a house or client?
I need a house.
Right in front of my house, the tenants...
...just vacated Majid's room.
He was just asking me...
...whether I know someone who needs...
I know, why don't you?
There's some connection between you and me.
Whenever we meet, something always works out.
Get the luggage.
Greetings, Uncle.
I'll get it, Uncle. You don't worry.
"The doors to heaven opened."
Son, please get that bag.
"Some devotees were chosen."
"They carried that little angel."
"The message of God."
"Since then, you've been shining in this world."
"The greatest happiness that's beyond all expectations."
My friend! - What happened?
Your job is done. Come on.
What job is done?
All the village simpletons come to the city.
It's all wrong.
They grow smart as soon as they enter Mumbai.
The old man deducted money for four days from my fees.
No man They're nice people. - What nice people?
Do you want to eat? - Yes. - Come on.
It's my money after all.
Move aside.
Why are you standing in the way?
Move aside, I'm getting late!
I'll miss my local.
Nothing better to do early in the morning!
"These hands, glittering like the stars."
"Your sweet voice is like a gentle fragrance."
"The fair body, like fragrant sandalwood."
"I wish to spend my entire life in your arms."
"There's innocence in your manner."
"Charm in your grace."
"I want to fill your life with stars."
"Your face is more endearing than God."
"Your face. Your face. Your face."
Devi, go and sleep there today.
Get up from here.
Go and sleep.
I said no means no.
What's so special here? - It's nice and breezy.
I see. A girl.
Is she going to come to the window?
Of course she will. Why won't she?
Does she know, that you'll be watching her... an owl, the entire night? - No.
What's her name? - Noorie,
And does she know yours?
Noorie. - What are you doing?
Telling her.
Noorie. - Have you gone mad?
After she knows your name, we'll see.
Now go to your own place. - Don't bore me.
Go and sleep.
Are you going or not? - I am.
Hello, Aunty. - Hello, son.
"You smiled like a flower in full bloom."
"Our eyes met like seeing the moon."
"You smiled like a flower in full bloom."
"Our eyes met like seeing the moon."
"Your smile is radiant like the rays of dawn."
"Your eyes are filled with radiance."
"Noorie, you're my life."
"The eyes yearn for a glimpse of you."
"This passion is your effect."
Hey! Who threw this stone?
Devi, give it here! - Get lost.
Devi, don't read it! - Quiet!
Dear Surya...
I was startled by your airplane.
My classes will start after Eid.
It was really difficult to convince father.
When I go for classes along with neighbourhood girls...
...we can meet then.
Happy Eid. - Happy Eid, Uncle.
Happy Eid, son.
Happy Eid, Aunty. - Happy Eid, son.
Let's go.
The moon has come out somewhere else for you!
"Gradually, you cast a spell on me, and I was enchanted."
Bye, Surya. - Bye.
"Gradually, you cast a spell on me, and I was enchanted."
If you don't fail, your college will continue...
...for at least three more years.
I'll leave for Dubai in six months.
I'll make a fortune in 2 1/2 years.
First, Devi will get married.
Then us.
Don't be scared.
I'll tell my boss...
...that I'll be bringing my wife along after our marriage.
Come on.
You'll stay there for three years?
This is the time to slog it out, Noorie.
Otherwise, we'll be eating peanuts all our life.
My father will never agree.
Hey Noorie. I'll talk to my brother.
My brother will talk to your father.
They will get along really well, just wait and see.
Don't you worry. Have some nuts.
I'll get you dates from Dubai.
"Come and grace my life."
"Just like you graced this moment."
"Graced this moment."
"Graced this moment."
Will you sit up all night?
Would they have hit her?
Are you mad?
Why will they hit her?
Get some sleep now. - You go and sleep, I'll wait.
We don't know anything.
I don't think they are here.
I think they've left Mumbai.
Thank you.
He didn't even take his dues.
Left his entire money back.
It is an investment...
...but business is going to bloom.
The shop will look really nice, once done.
What say?
What's going on here?
Preparing a feast? - Can't you see?
What about the agency that was here?
Closed, shutters down.
How can it close down?
And, what about Bhushan, Mr. Qureshi?
They're in Sagar Bar.
I think even before us men have got cleaned up here.
We'll try something else after that.
What happened to the agency?
Everything is over, finished.
Give me back my money.
We don't have it.
Didn't guarantee you a job.
Your passport is done right? - Hey...
Our accomplice there is locked up for six years.
What can we do?
To send the birds from here... - Shut up.
Listen carefully. I want my money back.
You eat it up and I'll pull it out from each of your stomachs.
Hey... - Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
There's no point using force on us.
Jaleel took our entire money.
He took the entire share.
Now, get your money back from him.
How did Jaleel get involved in all this?
That was my hard-earned money.
I want my money back, whether it's from Jaleel or his father.
Remember Adnan, I'll be back.
I won't spare anyone.
Get lost.
Try to learn from what happened.
And you even lost the money.
I'll get the money back from them.
He isn't going to learn anything.
People learn from their mistakes, but not him.
Be quiet both of you.
Eat your food.
Mistakes are not made intentionally.
What is my mistake? - See that.
He doesn't accept that he is at fault.
How is it my mistake?
I warned him so many times...
...that, no need to go... - Look, who's here.
Look, look. - How nice.
Aunty? You didn't invite me?
Family members don't need invitations.
Surya, Jaleel has called you. - Who told you?
What do you mean?
I was there when they mentioned your name.
I believe, some fight with Adnan you had?
I said, "Surya is my friend."
And, he said, "Call him on Sunday." That's all.
And, what were you doing there?
That's a long story.
But, it's not like what you think.
No, Zaid it's the opposite.
It's not like what you think.
Fooling yourself will only get you in trouble, Zaid.
My brother, you can deal with me whenever you wish.
Let's go now, and settle this first.
Come on.
Stop here.
'In the Carrom of life, cant quit get up from the board...
'Win, or lose...'
'...A new board after another...'
'...have to keep playing.'
Surya, I can do something only if you tell me.
You know, Jaleel...
'Jaleel had illegally acquired hotel Starlite in Versova...'
'...and tightened his grip in the business.'
'He had turned hotel Starlite into his head office.'
'And controlled Malvani from here.'
'While his father, Zuber, bred race horses.'
'Jaleel would breed Carrom players.'
'He had no regrets if he lost in any other gamble.'
'But, if his player lost in a game of Carrom...'
'...he would lose it.'
'He was proud about his ability to choose players.'
'His player had to win.'
He flirted with my girlfriend!
In front of the entire college. - Is that so?
Slap him.
Give him one.
He abused me in front of everyone in the canteen?
Were you present there? - Hey, you be quiet.
You carry on.
Why are you still staring at him?
Slap him hard.
He deflated the tyres of my bike.
Near Topiwala theatre.
Is that so? - Yes.
But, he... - Hey. You carry on.
Now, you slap him.
What else?
Tell me.
You fools, say something.
Was that all?
Our country seems to have a bright future.
Hey you. - Yes.
Take them to the college...
...and slap them both in front of everyone in the canteen.
Come on, get lost from here.
Come on.
How are you?
Did you get the mutton? - Mother...
...completely forgot about it?
So, what did you get?
You had called Surya.
Some tiff with Adnan.
So, I forgot everything else in a hurry.
Is Adnan here? - Yes.
He's sitting in the room inside.
When Adnan told me that there's someone...
...who's going to get money from my father...
...I thought I must meet this boy.
I was never able to do it.
So, what are you going to do?
He's buried in the Byculla cemetery.
They took Rs.20,000 from me.
And, made me spend an extra 1500.
They said, "You'll surely get a job in Dubai..."
"...It's just a question of how good a job it will be."
They cheated me.
Deceived me.
And they didn't do it secretly.
In broad daylight with an agency in the market
'Gul Gulshan Gulfam'.
They dishonoured your name as well.
I don't have any enmity with you.
If he'd have taken Rajiv Gandhi's name...
...I would've insulted his father as well.
I am fired up, but to do hard work.
If I did want to pick a fight...
...I would've smashed a bottle on his head that day...
Wow! You'll bring about a revolution one day.
Our country needs you.
Why are you going to Dubai?
Don't go to Dubai.
Tell me, what do you do?
Boss, can I say something?
Yes. - I've known Surya since childhood.
He's a junior national champion.
I mean, he was. In Carrom.
He plays really well since childhood.
Just like a rocket.
His fingers get going and the board is clean.
The swine is a man of hidden talents...
You mean to say he's a player. - Yes.
I'm no player. It's been six years...
...since I last touched the board.
Hey, what are you doing?
He's playing hard to get.
Boss he doesn't know what he is worth.
Really? And you do? - He can win big games for you Boss.
Hey, Zaid.
Just ask them to return my money, that's it.
I didn't come here to play any games.
Hey smart mouth, you came here because I called you.
And, some Adnan didn't take your money. I have it.
And, if you want your money back...'ll have to win it.
I'm going to turn this place into a casino...
...on the night of Diwali.
The bets will be for 10-15,000.
I'll charge you nothing for a game.
Tell me, what is your amount?
Defeat my player, and take 25,000.
"Friends always know how to have a gala time."
You rascal, have you lost it? - What are you doing?
You're laughing. - What happened?
What happened? You'll bet on me.
You'll make me Jaleel's player?
Carefully, it'll break. - Carefully? Why you...
Have you gone mad?
I just thought of a way to get your money back, what else?
You drug-addict.
This junk is what messes up your brain, isn't it?
Someday, you'll sell me also for this.
Have you tasted the fish here?
Here comes my fish.
So, were you in jail or out of town?
Why, what happened? You missed me?
Not me, my fish were yearning for you.
Lady, go get some ice.
Raju, get them some ice.
Surya, eat it.
When I got out, everything had changed.
I didn't listen, and you never told me "Look Surya"...
Surya, listen to me...
Enough about going to Dubai, learning Arabic...
...pining for Noorie.
I didn't want my bad luck to fall on you. - Yes.
You saved me by staying away from me?
I wanted to settle everything, and start a business.
Oh, no, no... - Listen, Surya.
You never said... you never came up to me and said...
One problem after the another... - Enough of this...
What did I do now? - Not you.
You'll have to win your money back from Jaleel.
Have you gone mad? - I'm telling you.
Just pick up the striker and everything will be fine.
You know, last month a man from Elphinstone Road...
...won an Ambassador car in one game.
Many novices in Mumbai are placing their bets...
...and making lots of cash.
You can be a tough player.
You're a champion... a champion.
Everyone sitting here is a seasoned player.
That's Sharad Bhadge.
He works in the merchant navy.
But smokes like a steam engine.
We don't have to fear him though.
He never plays for anyone.
One table, after the next. Red shirt.
Sallu Tadatadi... That's Jaleel's best player.
'Zaid warned me, that I shouldn't practise in my area.'
'Because, Jaleel shouldn't know...'
' good I was at the game.'
'After one of my courier deliveries...'
'...I went to an old club, far away from Malvani.'
All the machines there have grown old.
If you insert the coin, nothing comes out.
Hey, get lost.
Go out and play video games outside.
Spits out money... clink clink.
Its lights out here...
You'll get bored humouring an old drunk.
Can you stop making silly excuses...
Start the gun-machine, Master.
Let the Striker do the talking.
Come on.
'Master's finger was rusty.'
'And, I had lost my touch as well.'
'But, that day while playing with Master...'
'...I realised that Carrom was back in my life.'
Carrom is merely a pressure game.
Take control of the game from the break.
And then, it's just the coin and your aim.
Keep the Striker on the line...
...look into your opponents eyes directly.
And, then break.
You should get three.
Your opponent will be in a fix from the beginning.
I'll place this here, and that there.
You fool, what is this there and that here...
Diwali is drawing closer.
Get whatever you have to and finish quickly, come on.
Get to work.
Where do you get these people from?
Zaid, what did you get?
Lamb from Miya Bhai's. - Wow, that's great.
Lay it on the table.
Get washed, clean plates. - Okay.
Did you hear? - What?
Wasim and Bittu were caught last night.
That's why I was wondering...
...they're nowhere to be seen.
There's a new three-star officer in Malvani.
Find out what's he all about. - Yes Boss.
And, listen, we'll fall short of men... the evening at the club.
So, be there. - Yes Boss.
I can tie it in the bags, and chuck it out.
What're you chucking buddy? - Nothing.
Say it.
I just thought of an idea. - What?
Doesn't it happen at times...
...the coins are laid on the board in such a way... that you can pocket them easily?
Zaid, start your stories.
What do you want to say?
A new ACP from Bihar has been transferred here.
I've heard, he's been called here...
...specially for cleaning up Malvani.
Jaleel is apparently his top priority.
At the smallest of tips he is raiding and arresting.
And, you're happy about it?
Listen to my idea.
I'll be able to repay Sonu's money.
And, give some at home as well.
What did I tell you?
Didn't I say that I'll give you half the money after Diwali? So?
I leaned on Jaleel to save myself from Sonu.
And now I'll lean on you to save myself from Jaleel?
Is it the same thing? - I was just joking.
Listen to my idea. - I don't want to.
Listen to me!
Let me go.
'If I had listened to Zaid's idea that night...'
Place your bets! Place your bets!
Eight for one.
Place your bets, quickly. - Come. Welcome.
We've made all the arrangements here.
Give sir a place to sit here.
Give him a counters of 2000.
How are you all doing?
Get up, the minister is here.
Let him sit. Get the imported liquor out.
No one should have any complaints, get it.
Happy Diwali, champion. - Happy Diwali.
Are you ready? - Where do I have to sit?
Attention, everyone.
It's a 25,000 game.
Undiscovered Surya, and Starlite's player, Mehmood.
It's an eight-board game.
Whoever scores 29 points first, wins.
Zaid, you leave.
Two, three, four.
This is just the first party.
Watch from next time.
Just see how grand Jaleel's Diwali party will be.
The whole of Mumbai will talk about just one thing.
Jaleel's Diwali party. Get it.
Just one thing.
Take care, Mehmood. What are you doing?
He won't make any points after eight.
Seems like he's in a tight spot.
Brother he's losing. - That's okay.
Zaid, what are you counting?
What is this, Mehmood?
What's wrong?
He isn't getting the striker at all.
What a shot!
Wow champion, you played well.
But we haven't settled the score yet.
You remember your brother's game.
Chandra, isn't it?
You can settle the score today.
You seem to be on a roll.
My brother played his game, and I, mine.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Take me to Malvani.
Surya, take this and go. - What is this?
Don't ask, just go.
Happy Diwali. Come on.
Hey, get out of here. Go. - Zaid.
Hello? Farooque sir, this is Pinto.
Come now, everyone's at the hotel.
Place your bets. Yes, place your bets.
It's eight. It's eight.
Who bet on eight?
Come on, come on, everyone.
Get up. - Police.
Come on, get up. Come on.
Get everyone. Get them.
Arrest them.
Don't let them go.
Take them in.
I want a report of where Shinde was doing his rounds...
...since afternoon, by tomorrow morning.
And, if anyone wants to know who asked for it...
...tell them I've asked for it.
I'll be at home but will be up.
As soon as Shinde returns call me.
You cannot use force on me.
Excuse me, excuse me.
What's the problem?
Sir, we tried to drive them away thrice.
But they keep trying to barge in.
We aren't trying to barge in anywhere.
We're just doing our duty.
No need to be so restless.
By morning, you'll get all the blood on the streets.
And your news.
Are you denying the police's role in the riots?
There are several places in the city...
...where the police has taken a communal stand.
Jogeshwari, Bandra East... I can go on and on.
Here in Malvani, the police was seen... practising.
A man was brushing his teeth outside his house.
His head was blown off!
You want to be proud of yourself sir, then assure us...
...that there won't be blood on the streets in the morning...
With the grace of Allah, all the children of our alley are awake.
Hello, Brother.
That's a cool shirt.
Come here.
Come. - What is it?
He's Suryakant Sarang.
And, I'm his elder brother Chandrakant.
Tell us, what's wrong?
Sir has called for you.
But, what's the problem?
Hey, come on.
Do you understand what I've been saying for so long?
What do you want to do?
Become a carom hustler? - Brother, let it be.
Didn't I tell you... - I heard what you said.
You go to work, I'll handle this.
Don't try to teach me.
Suryakant Sarang... - That's me.
He lives in Sector 4.
Works as an Angdiya.
Doesn't have any police record.
You were not seen during the raid.
But, the boys I caught said...
...that you're Jaleel's player. - I'm not anyone's player, sir.
I played a few small bets, and left.
The next morning I heard about the raid
Do you know Jaleel? - I know of him, sir.
Just like everyone else does.
But, I don't know him.
What if I found evidence claiming otherwise?
If you find evidence, you won't ask so many questions sir?.
There's a great difference between...
...being smart and acting like one.
Will you inform us if you find out anything about Jaleel?
I don't want to get involved in all this, sir.
There are many other boys.
I'll first help myself, and then...
Fine, go.
'1988 was over.'
'The target for '89...'
'...Devi's diploma and her marriage.'
'Zaid was missing since 1 1/2 months.'
'And, there was no news of Jaleel as well.'
'My Angdiya job was slow too.'
'Just one or two parcels a month, that's all.'
"I'm your Superman."
I'm the real Superman.
What do you say?
Don't you agree? Don't you agree?
The entire world is celebrating.
What are you doing, Surya?
Why are you so quiet?
What's wrong?
Where were you? - Goa.
Listen to the entire story.
I saved Jaleel from Farooque, so that he doesn't suspect me.
Even his driver Ali was caught.
Jaleel quickly took the car out.
And, I've been on a free vacation in Goa till yesterday.
The police came home.
Brother and I had to spend an entire day in the police station.
Forget it, Surya.
It's the past now.
These things aren't easily forgotten Zaid.
They always come back, and slap you.
Surya listen to me.
There Jaleel has been abusing Sonu's mother, sister...
All the ladies of his family... Listen to me.
He thinks that Sonu is behind the raid.
He doesn't suspect me at all.
Its like getting 2 birds without a stone.
If Jaleel finds out that you're behind all this...
...then he'll chop you to pieces, Zaid.
This is not a joke.
Tonight Jaleel's men are going to smash Sonu's bar.
The real joke's on him.
Both are going to be gunning for each other.
Why do we have to worry?
Come here.
Was there a bonus sanctioned?
Everyone's back on duty on 1st morning.
What is this? - Report, sir.
Who signed it?
Farooque sir.
Sir, what are you doing here?
This block is my responsibility.
You're late, Shinde.
In any case the police is late.
But you are even later than that.
Sir, there are many petty fights on New Year's eve.
2 boys must have taken a fancy for the same girl...
...that's all. - The waiters have reported...
...that there was more spilling than drinking.
And the manger was threatened by Jaleel's men.
What you call a bar brawl, is actually a result...
...of the enmity between Sonu and Jaleel.
But... - Your breath still smells of alcohol.
You can go home if you like.
But, sir... - I've taken care of everything here.
Sorry, sir.
'Though Inspector Farooque looked more like a church priest...'
'...he was gradually becoming a menace for all the goons of Malvani'
'The birthday of Kurla's, Iqbal Kurla.'
'First big game of the year.'
'And, marked my entry into the world of betting.'
'Bets would reach up to a lakh here.'
'But, that day I was there only to play small games.'
Take a seat.
Where do you stay? - Malvani.
I don't play below a thousand. - Fine.
When the coin goes in the pocket, then everything goes right.
Well said. No?
Have you seen Gafoor's game today?
No. Why? - He's playing so well.
Go, take a look. He's killing it today.
Go, go. Quickly.
When did you come? - At 9:40. Had a good start...
...let's see.
Aren't you playing Iqbal Kurla's challenge game?
This time Jaleel has doubled the prize money.
How much? - The same as the reward for Gabbar.
Rupees 50,000. - Don't we need to have 25?
Why worry about money when I'm there.
What did I tell you about laying low? Keep it inside.
You ask for it, wont get it.
Stealing it is wrong.
Winning is the only way.
And I feel you can win.
Now you decide what you want to do.
Everyone, on the occasion of my birthday...
...Jaleel has increased the prize money to 50,000.
And, now, I'm calling forth his player for this game.
Vilas Bullet.
How nice. A big hand everyone.
This will be fun.
If you don't loose under 5 boards... can take 15,000 back.
You going to play?
What is your name? - Surya.
Surya and Vilas are going to have a game. A big hand.
"How long will a mango survive behind the leaves..."
"Sooner or later it has to end up in the market."
Come on Vilas, kick start your bullet!
Great Vilas. Get him.
Don't let him win. Come on. Get him.
This boy will hit a 'start to finish'.
There's no chance he'll do it.
Want to bet 20,000 on it? - We're on.
Wow, amazing, his fingers have been a trigger today...
2-2 coins in one shot, unbelievable.
Mr. Iqbal this new kid uses his Striker like an AK 47 no?
You really made my day today, boy.
What a game.
I've had a great birthday. Very good.
A big hand brothers.
You play with a lot of rage.
But you play really well.
The next week hustle is fixed on the roof of Navjeevan...
... at Bombay Central. Come play for me.
What do you say, Mr. Iqbal?
Right, brother.
Jaleel is very lucky.
If he's going to buy all the guns...
...who'll fire from the other side?
What do you say, Mr. Iqbal?
Even this is right, Mr. Jaleel.
Both sides have be firing bullets.
Okay, you can go now.
We'll meet again.
But remember one thing.
Its better to be safe than sorry.
Here. - What is this?
Pepper fish. What do you think it is?
I asked for some paper. - Oh, God, what kind of a man are you?
You want to eat paper?
Now, what about this?
Shall I take it away? - No, let it be.
Give me a piece of paper, if possible.
Brother, could you take it there?
Hey man.
You were the talk of the whole evening after you left.
Everyone was talking only about you and the game...
'Once a player is famous...'
'...people fear and avoid placing big bets...'
'but Zaid and I preceded my reputation...'
'...and nailed a few big ones.'
"Demand it, demand it."
"Demand what's yours from God."
Look, they're dressed like grooms.
Come lets help them celebrate.
First lose up to 3000, then take all they have.
"Cast your luck aside."
"The key's right in your hands."
"Why worry about destiny?"
"Just play your game."
"They'll know you, respect you."
"You'll be celebrated."
"They'll know you, respect you."
"You'll be celebrated."
"The streets will know your name."
"A spark from the ashes."
"Will singe everyone."
"The ember hidden in ashes."
"Will singe everyone."
"This world..."
"…is your treasure."
"Life is a party..."
"… Don't hold back."
"This world… is your treasure."
"So come and take what's yours."
Did you see his face?
It looked like the ashtray.
Come on, shell out 500.
"Demand it, demand it."
"Demand what's yours from God."
"Demand it, demand it."
"Demand what's yours from God."
"Cast your luck aside."
"The key is in your hands."
"Why are you worried about fate?"
"Play your game."
"They'll know you, respect you."
"You'll be celebrated."
"They'll know you, respect you."
"You'll be celebrated."
"The streets will know your name."
Stop the car.
Jaleel, I'm Farooque. Hello. - Hello.
Look, there are many issues.
Let's deal with things one at a time.
A business, whether it's legal or illegal... still a business after all.
But, hooliganism... that's a different issue.
And, if it's done without any reason...
...then it's called foolishness.
Sir, everything you've said...
...has gone above my head like an Imran Khan bouncer.
Then, I'll give you a Kapil Dev Yorker.
The informer for the Diwali raid was one of your own men.
Sonu has nothing to do with it.
You attacked his property on New Year's eve.
And, he'll do the same on Holi.
When the informer is actually one of yours.
Better tell him that, sir.
I have no enmity with him.
Zaid had to pay me such a huge amount.
But, you called me up once, and I forgot everything.
From where did you get all this money?
Don't get any wrong ideas?
I won it in carom.
I know you'll never do anything wrong. - Then?
But, this isn't right either Surya.
Devi, do you even know anything?
Just keep saying something for the sake of it.
Don't get angry with me.
If brother finds out...
I said yes to Swanand.
Mhatare from Bhandup? - Yes.
What about your studies, after your marriage?
I will continue with it, but in Bangalore.
He's working there.
They've not asked for a single penny in dowry.
You'll go to Bangalore?
Yes. - Great.
You came very late last night.
And up so early?
Brother, Devi shocked me with the news last night.
She'll be getting engaged.
Eyes opened automatically.
Yes, just yesterday it was fixed.
Get Somtya ready quickly.
I have to go via Dadar.
Pack your lunch box first.
What is this?
Zaid had some and some the Zaveri owed me.
Mother is collecting all the money.
Give it to her yourself.
And, Brother.
I'll take care of the catering, and decorations for the engagement.
I have a friend who does this.
Let me know if I can do anything else.
I will.
Shall we?
How are you?
Everything okay.
How are you, Sonu sir?
After this we have only seven more to go.
Really? You're rolling in cash these days.
Have you been selling for someone else? - Tell me.
No, Sonu sir. I've modifying old bikes for money...
It's going well...
Fine, whatever.
Sit down. Pull one. - No.
Forget everything, pull one. - No, I've to go.
I have lots to do. I'll go crazy.
What are you saying? Come sit & pull one!
Sure? - Sure. Goodbye.
See you later. - Okay.
Hey, Zaid.
Seems like I've been invited for 2 parties today.
But, you guys won't take no for an answer.
Come on.
You should be thankful that my men saw you first...
...and not Jaleel's men.
It's not that, sir.
I haven't done anything wrong.
I'm even clearing my old debts, sir.
It's my sister's engagement today.
So, I was going there all dressed up.
I thought, maybe, I'll find someone there for myself too.
Sir, if you want I can come in the evening...
...or tomorrow morning.
Where were you at the time of the Diwali raid?
Which raid, sir?
Sir, I wasn't in Mumbai.
He missed three attendances after.
You were with Jaleel, in Goa.
Sir, I took mother to our native place.
It's true, sir.
Is the room behind empty? - Yes, sir.
Take him there.
Sir, try to understand, it's my sister's engagement.
Take him away. - Sir, try to understand.
Come on.
Hey, why are you pushing?
Thief. Thief.
My bag. - Are you crazy?
I'm helpless too.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have made you sign on this.
But, what can I do? - I've to run a business too.
Sir, I'll return your money...
...before the time you've given me.
What are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
Who was on at Churchgate route today? - It wasn't me!
Who was it? - It wasn't me!
'Hit by the loss of 150,000...'
'Like being bitten in a game of snakes and ladders, on 98 ...'
'...right back to 5.'
Did you find out who they were?
Nothing at all.
What happened with Farooque?
He let me go last evening.
But, there seems no end to his questions.
Look Zaid. If Farooque finds out...
...that you were the informer for the Diwali raid...
...his sword will hang above you, all your life.
Forget Farooque.
I've grown up in the shade of swords my friend...
Ma, give me food. - What's going on with you?
What do you mean?
I mean, I didn't teach you Carrom to be a hustler... play with these goons.
Who told you?
Does anyone have to tell me?
You're such a big hustler.
You're so renowned.
The police came home and you still didn't get it?
He won't stop getting into trouble.
What trouble, Brother?
Did I steal or murder anyone?
Don't just say anything.
Surya, stand here and talk to me.
There's a wedding at home.
Aren't you ashamed?
Gambling money means illegal money.
Get that.
Taking back like this.
Can't you find a proper job?
You want to feed us with this gambling money?
And if you need more money...
...for your booze and cigarettes...
...then please don't resort to these things.
I'll do some more overtime for you.
Stop it, Brother. Its getting too much...
Aren't you ashamed?
Talking like that!
He's right.
It's better you sit at home, rather than doing this.
Ma, you relax.
Brother is talking to him.
He's fooling everyone, Ma.
He's fooling everyone.
But now all this is over.
You'll have to work wherever I get you a job.
Enough of trying different things.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Look at me... - Hey!
Come on, I have to close down.
"And, it so happened."
"I was woken by a dream in the night."
"And it so happened."
"I was woken by a dream in the night."
"And, it so happened."
"The moon dissolved."
"And, it so happened."
"The string of dreams was broken."
"The darkness continued."
"And the light disappeared into shadows."
"Then couldn't sleep ever…"
"…The souls in anguish."
"Then couldn't sleep ever…"
We'll fall short of everything.
"…The souls in anguish."
Hey, want a shot for your hangover or lime-soda?
Can I get some cold water?
Raju, get him water. With ice.
So, did Chintu-Mintu trouble you last night? - Who?
Chintu-Mintu, the two mice.
They stay up in that room.
I was in the boat last night?... - Hey.
I can understand that a man staggers after drinking...
...what's with the memory loss next morning?
Surya, I think we'll have to leave Bombay.
Have you gone mad? - Listen to me.
We'll buy three-four, second-hand motorcycles... them out...
... and party.
You can leave Bombay...
...but Bombay isn't going to spare you.
There's no point in running, Zaid.
Life has taken the break.
Now, we have to play.
It's our turn now.
You play well.
But, I will defeat you someday.
Surya, Jaleel is totally gunning for you.
What is he saying?
He's made an offer. - What?
He says, "A lot has changed, after since the Iqbal Kurla night."
I asked, "What has changed?"
He said, "Surya desperately needs money."
I thought, how does he know about Surya?
He's giving you 15,000 to win.
He also said, "Surya needs 1 - 1.5 lakhs..."
"...Go, and ask him."
So, he's behind the robbery on the train!
Zaid, I won't spare him. - No.
Don't do anything here.
His man is carrying a gun.
Think before you do anything.
Boss. - Very good.
It's true Jaleel, a lot has changed.
Let us change as well.
Let's up the number and the zeros.
This way or that...
...Two lakhs. - Straight two lakhs!
Have you ever seen two lakhs?
No, that's why the urge to win it.
You can pit any player against me.
If I lose, I'll play for you and repay it.
Just like his brother.
They both come from the same mould after all.
The bet is on.
Save all your aggression till next week.
It'll be useful.
Don't spill it around. The game will be held right here.
Stop here.
How much? - 4.80.
Keep the change.
This won't do.
I only agreed for you to sleep for a few days.
What is all this?
I need to practise
It won't bother anyone.
Here the advance money.
The money is okay.
But you'll be alone up there?
Or, will I be seeing more goons hanging around?
Whether I'm a goon or a priest...
...It's none of your business.
I'll be alone up there.
Will give you the money on time as promised.
There won't be any hindrance to you...
...Or your business.
Do we have a deal?
I'll have to ask Chintu-Mintu.
"And, it so happened."
"All was dispersed by the morning breeze."
"And, it so happened."
"All was dispersed by the morning breeze."
"And, it so happened."
"The lines on the face were washed away."
"And, it so happened."
"We came from dust, and that's what life turned us into."
"Drenched in our own tears.."
"..we silently kept fading away."
"Then couldn't sleep ever…"
"…The souls in anguish."
"…The souls in anguish."
A sea-facing room in Bombay, that's the best.
How is your practise going? - Great.
Let's go to the beach, and have a beer.
Come on.
Look. Your father and my father.
How are you, Father?
Surya and I are having a beer.
You know.
I had a doubt before the Diwali night...
...Had no clue what you'd do after playing that old Master.
You were playing after so many years. What if you lost?
But, now, I'm absolutely sure.
No matter who plays for Jaleel, you'll beat him.
You'll clean him out.
After tomorrow, everything is going to be right.
I'll be leaving Jaleel after the game.
Come on.
Have you called Salim and everyone? - Yes, I have.
They'll be there directly.
Did you talk to them yourself?
Yes, I did.
Zaid. How are you?
You must be thinking...'re of no use to me, but yet I let you hang around.
I was going to say the same thing.
I should leave.
Scoundrel, getting emotional.
This is the right time to knock Sonu out of the game.
All his suppliers for drugs, cocaine, are in my pocket.
Zaid. I've got this sample.
Is this cocaine or carrom powder...
I just cant tell the difference.
Take a look, and tell me what it is?
Take it.
Do a line, and tell me how the stuff is.
Zaid don't think so much.
You're no ordinary person now.
Now, we'll have real fun getting Sonu.
You have to handle all this.
You'll be my partner, Zaid.
You're going to work with me.
Check it and tell me.
They say it's the best stuff.
One line and you're 30,000 feet above the ground.
Try it.
Surya. My brother. - What are you doing?
Come on, come on.
Boss Surya is here to play.
Nice, you ready? - Lets get started.
You are in a hurry, aren't you?
I bet you can see the two lakhs in your hand?
I want to see your face too, after the game.
Hey. - Yes.
Is Shippie here? - There he is.
Hey, Shippie.
Come on, my king, come on.
Do you know Sharad Badge?
He's the champion of the world. - Be quiet.
I was just introducing them. - Be quiet.
Think about it once more.
Sometimes the return fire becomes fatal.
He hasn't lost a game till today.
You mean till yesterday.
You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Jaleel, Surya will settle all the scores today.
Will you shut your tap or should I cut the water?
Friends, It's time to fill your buckets everyone.
Laugh on.
Surya, they don't know how much we laugh at them.
But, in our minds.
Be quiet.
Hey, scoundrel, be open about what you want to say.
Silent. Are you laughing in your mind?
Wait, I'll give you something to laugh at.
What a shot. Wow.
That's right.
You're fired from the start.
Someone shut him up during the game please.
Hey. Be quiet.
Surya, everything is going wrong.
I'll be back.
Just a minute. Just a minute. Just a minute.
Stop this game.
I want to hear what he was saying.
What were you saying?
I need to make a call. - Who are you going to call?
There's someone. - Listen to me...
I need to make an urgent call.
I'll be right back. - Come back here.
Surya, take care of everything here. - Come back.
Bring him here.
Catch him!
What are you doing, Zaid?
Come on.
Surya, listen to me. - Hush!
That's it.
How much further?
I'll kill you Zaid.
What are you doing? - That's it. No more!
Go, get a taxi.
Don't move. I'll be right back.
Come back soon.
Is Zaid here? - What is the time?
I've to close up here, and finish chores at home also.
I can't keep waiting here everyday.
Stop it. I'm here now you can go.
I'll close up after Zaid comes.
Look, I don't want any trouble. - Get lost.
I'm going.
Don't forget to lock up.
Surya. - Zaid. Where are you?
I'm absolutely fine wherever I am.
You don't get out of there. There's danger.
Where are you?
Why didn't you come here last night?
I'm coming, this evening or tomorrow.
Come here right now.
Or, tell me where you are. - I'll be right there.
Don't venture out. I'm telling you.
Don't invite any more trouble.
There's no trouble. - I'm absolutely safe.
I'm taking care of everything.
I'm making a great plan.
I'm making arrangements for us both to get to Dubai. - Dubai?
Why you...
Don't get into any more trouble, Zaid. - Get that.
Don't worry, Brother. - Worry...
I said I'm making arrangements.
We'll meet later... - Come here right now.
I'm coming!
Sonu sir.
Didn't I tell you at night... but still the door is open.
Oh God, what kind of a man is he?
Hey. I gave you a place to stay.
At least have some responsibility.
How are you, Surya? - What do you want to say?
You get angry with me?
I'm getting married in five days.
And then I'll leave.
I'm not getting angry with you.
We won't be meeting after this.
Why won't we meet?
I won't be upset on your wedding.
The tea vendor told brother that your life is in danger.
Jaleel's goons are looking all over Malvani...
...for you and Zaid.
God knows what will happen.
Nothing will happen.
Devi, you... - Surya.
Swear on me.
You won't come to Malvani.
Not even for my wedding.
Look after yourself.
Hey. Where are you going?
Take your luggage, and get out of here.
I don't want you, or your money.
Don't piss me off today, I'm not in a good mood.
Who do you think you are, you goon?
I told you, don't push it.
I don't want to hear anything.
Get out of here.
Enough of it.
Take everything and get out of here.
It's all my fault...
Brought home dirt from the street.
Didn't I tell you, don't push it today.
What will you do?
You scoundrel, hooligan. Will you hit me?
What are you doing? - I'm a goon, isn't it?
Have you gone mad?
Madhu... I...
You know what you've done is wrong.
No point in saying anything now.
Forget it.
Like every evening come and get drunk.
Surya? Jeetu.
Yes, Jeetu.
What are you doing here?
To buy fish. So?
Don't you know about Zaid?
What about Zaid?
They hunted Zaid in the streets yesterday...
...The lane, besides the flour mill...
...slashed him with swords and knives...
...Chased him down...
...He was screaming and crying...
...he isn't dead, yet.
He's still alive.
Lying in LM hospital.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, my friend Zaid...
He knew that this would happen.
You could've saved him.
He's here because of us.
You wouldn't have found his body otherwise.
It doesn't make any difference.
Everyone is the same.
He had to pay for choosing to deal with those people.
Sonu didn't help him either.
Then he came to me.
Filed a complaint against Jaleel.
Be thankful that you're alive.
Are you trying to scare me, sir? - No. I'm warning you.
You're on Jaleel's hit list too.
You know everything?
Then, why don't you do something?
Are you trying to teach me my job?
The police have arrested 12 of his people since morning.
He's hiding in Malvani.
The police are looking for him.
We won't let him get away this time.
'Farooque got a big case, Jaleel his revenge.'
'And that day along with Zaid, a huge part of me died.'
'I came back home.'
'Got a job in a reputed company.'
'Because of brother's friend's connections.'
'And my carom certificates.'
You've grown up.
How are you?
How are you, Sister-in-law?
I'm fine.
Your wedding photos are seen everyday here.
I'm not in even one of them.
That still hurts. - I won't forgive you either.
Get married again.
This time, I'll definitely be there.
Rascal! I'm very happy with my married life.
Let's talk about your marriage.
Why are we discussing my marriage now?
Get married.
Did mother ask you to do this?
Why will mother say anything?
I want to discuss it.
And, I will ensure you select a girl before I leave.
Tell me if there's someone.
Or else, it'll be my choice.
Tell me.
Uncle, that's all you'll get today.
You'll get this tomorrow.
Her. Sure?
Have I ever been unsure about anything?
Her fish is very good.
"As I reminisce…
"...the meaning of this evening with him."
"Tells the story…"
"…of this relationship."
"My Krishna."
"My Krishna."
"My Krishna."
"My Krishna."
Hello. - Hi.
Is it ivory? - It only looks like ivory.
All the best. - Thank you.
Surya, leave him. He doesn't know anything.
Who did this?
Tell me right now. - Surya.
Tell me right now. - Surya.
Ma. Devi!
Mangesh, stop.
Yes, sir?
Take a left, and through Malvani.
I said hurry up; let's go to Malvani. - Yes.
Stay with Ma, I'll be there.
Are you fine? - I'll be there, soon.
Surya, maybe, I can never understand...
...what's going on in your heart and mind.
But, still, I would like to tell you one thing.
Its not about religion, but about humanity.
When this war of temples and mosque started...
...everyone here said, "there won't ever be riots in Malvani".
And, by the grace of Allah, it will remain true.
My son Issa was present...
...when this terrible tragedy occurred.
Just listen to what he saw.
If you still feel angry at Muslims after that...
...then you can come and grab my throat.
Tell him, son, tell him everything you saw.
I was running too.
Hindus and Muslims were running helter-skelter.
God knows what was going on?
8-10 guys were instigating everyone.
Hindus were attacked and also, Muslims.
But, I saw those rag-pickers set the taxi ablaze.
Those three people, who hang around near the pipeline.
I saw them do it.
The rat said to the elephant...
Sir, Farooque sir, is coming. - What?
There was a message on the wireless...
...all Malvani teams have been called to Gate No. 2.
And sir is coming here himself.
All of you leave. I'll see you there. - Okay, sir.
Go on.
Where is Shinde? - Sir, he's on patrol.
Is that so?
All of you report to the station, and wait for me.
Yes sir. - Let's go.
Rascals. Tell me!
We didn't do anything.
Tell me. Why did you set the taxi ablaze?
We didn't do anything.
We were told to do so.
What did you get?
I will kill you rascals.
Who asked you to do all this?
They guys from the warehouse did it.
Hey. Inspector.
Shinde sir is here.
Shinde sir... - What Shinde?
Listen to me. - Just forget it.
Didn't I tell you before?
That Farooque, he asked us to move from there.
And, has come into Malvani himself.
Look, Jaleel, it's madness to do all this tonight.
You wimp why are you shuddering like this?
You said he's on a holiday today. - Even I am as shocked.
We were standing just behind Gate No. 2, beside the van.
But, he landed up there too.
Pick up all your stuff and leave.
He might land up here also.
Be quiet.
Let him come here.
I'll cut him into pieces & feed him to the crows.
Stop shuddering like this.
Go, and do your work.
Go, and instigate the Hindus in Sector 1.
Whether it's inspector Farooque, or anyone else.
There's no need to fear anyone.
There will be a gift waiting for them in the temple...
Before the first prayers tomorrow.
And, for our Muslim brothers... the mosque.
Go on now.
There's no trusting this rascal Shinde.
God knows whether he'll do anything or not.
But, we have to be ready.
Get that. - I get it.
Brother, the Hindus and the Muslims are ready.
They've got all the weapons.
All the petrol bombs are ready.
But the rag-pickers aren't here yet.
Let them die, bloody drug-addicts.
You, you take the cow in the pickup. - Fine.
And, you take the pig in the auto.
As soon as the riots begin...
What's wrong with the lights? - The fuse must've blown.
Take a look, what's wrong?
I'll take a look.
What are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
Surya, wait.
Tell me. Tell me, what do you want?
We're of the same kind, Surya.
Surya, Malvani belongs to you.
Now, you're the king of Malvani, Surya.
That's Jaleel's promise to you.
What are you doing, Surya?
No. No!
This morning in Malvani the sound of prayers from ...
...temples and mosques together is a sign that...
...something disastrous has been evaded...
'Farooque raised many questions in his department...'
'regarding the police's role in the riots.
'Farooque claimed Jaleel's killing as an encounter.'
'Ma says that I saved Malvani.'
'I don't think so...'
'I just saw my sister's body...'
'...and killed a person in that rage.'
'I don't sleep the nights I think about it.'
'And then, I tell myself that...'
'...a lot of people could've died.'
'a lot of people didn't burn.'