Quick 10 Minute Workout & My Favorite Healthy Snack!

Uploaded by LizDiAlto on 08.11.2012

Brrr! Liz here from LizDiAlto.com as always teaching you how to get a
tighter body on a tight schedule and today I have a special guest here.
This is Tom from Field Trip Jerky and this is the first time ever we’re
having a dude in our of our workout videos.
Dudes! Well, welcome him and I just want to let you guys know I did not
actually gain 50 pounds. I’m wearing like 17 layers here. It’s like 43
degrees here in New York City today.
But we wanted to bring you a quick and fun outdoor workout and the
reason Tom is here with me today is because we have a giveaway for you
too. Below the video in the description or the text below the video there’s
going to be details because beef jerky is actually one of my favorite
snacks post workout or really any time on the go and the reason why I
love Tom’s branding and even connected with him in the first place is
because it’s all natural, they don’t have any crappy nitrates, extra sugars,
it’s not super-packed with sodium like some of the other brands, and it’s
super, super high-quality. So I wanted to give you guys a chance to win
some so you can try it out for yourself.
So Tom is going to do the harder versions of today’s exercises. I’m going
to show you the modification so we’re going to do a circuit. So a quick,
ten-minute workout; I’m going to give you four exercises. You’ll do them
each for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and then just repeat that circuit
four times for ten minutes. It’s easy. You can do it on one of your busiest
days, you can do this inside your house, or you could do it outdoors at a
playground or something like this like we are right now.
So the first exercise in the circuit is actually going to be a box jump so
we’re going to come over here to this bench and if you have knee
problems and you don’t really want to be jumping, you could just do a
step-up like this or Tom’s going to show you the harder version: jump up,
jump down. Up, down, and you see how he lands, catches himself there
so he’s not putting all the impact on his knees? That’s good form there,
So the next thing we’re going to do is dips. Now Tom is going to do the
dips on those monkey bars over there so if you’re a little bit stronger and
you have something like that, you could totally do dips over there. I’m
going to stick to the bench right here and we’re going to work our triceps
here so we’re bending at our elbows and keeping our shoulders down away from our ears
and our abs are in nice and tight.
So next, if you find yourself at a playground and you could do something
like a pull-up, Tom will demonstrate a pull-up for you. If you don’t have
something like that, you could do burpees which you know is one of my
favorite exercises. So you could do pull-ups or you could do 30 seconds
of a burpee with a pushup at the bottom. So it’s going to be out, in, up
with a pushup at the bottom.
Alright, and then last but not least, we’re going to do one of my favorite
plank exercises and that is a Spiderman plank. So we’re going to come
down into a high plank position and you’re going to bring opposite knee
outside opposite elbow. You’re going to keep your abs in nice and tight,
butt nice and straight – don’t let it float up into the air – and again, you’ll
do all of these exercises for 30 seconds, rest for 30, and repeat that circuit
four times.
So thank you for doing the harder version of the exercises, Tom.
Now go in the link below the video. Hopefully you can follow the
instructions and win yourself some of my favorite beef jerky and leave a
comment letting me know what your favorite on the go snack is too.