Melbourne Immigration Museum

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 09.08.2009

It’s a journey through Australia’s past and the history of its people, from the 1800s to
the present.

The old Customs House building in Melbourne is home to Australia’s largest immigration

This is where visitors can hear stories about people from all over the world, who’ve
migrated to Australia during the past 200 years.

It’s an opportunity for Australians to learn about our history and our national
Immigration has shaped Australia’s identity.
People who have migrated have brought their culture and customs, and that’s really
changed and sculpted the face of Australia and who we are today.

The museum re-creates the real-life stories of people who have made the long journey to
a new life in Australia, through a rich mix of moving images, memories and memorabilia.
The range of exhibitions includes personal stories, community galleries and a timeline
of Australian migration history.

There is also information on how people travelled to Australia, so we have a replica of
a ship that you can walk through.

From the reasons people made the long the journey to Australia, to their moment of
arrival in a strange new country, and the impact on indigenous communities, exhibitions
examine the many dimensions of migration.
Australia has relied on immigration to nation-build and populate the country for the

past 200 years, so the museum looks at reasons why people migrate, their motivation, we
also look at personal stories.

2009 is a particularly appropriate time to visit.

This year Australia celebrates the 60th anniversary of citizenship.

Since 1949, more than four million people have chosen to become Australian citizens.

It’s a great place to learn about citizenship, we have lots of information.
Citizenship and migration are intrinsically linked.

The Immigration Museum is located in Melbourne's CBD, and is open daily.