Calculus -Vectors - Program App - TI-89 Titanium Calculator

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 05.10.2012

This is a video on vectors, and let’s get started here. You have to press second alpha
to get to the letters of my menu code, i n d e x and then press alpha again and put in
the eight and the closed parenthesis, and press enter and you are into my program, you’ll
notice you can scroll down to get to the a b c’s of the beginning of it a and b vectors
but you know that’s also goes to vectors but we can go, scroll down in case you want
to call it just plain vectors, and we’re going to press enter and get into the vectors
program. Press alpha before you put anything in here, were going to press alpha eight,
alpha minus twelve, alpha nine, for vector b, the x y z coordinates, we’re going to
put in alpha seven, alpha minus thirteen, and alpha minus fifteen, I tell you what you’ve
entered so you can change it if you want, I say it’s ok, I’m going to press number
one and we’re into all the different functions, if you want to find the magnitude of vector
B, press three, and do the calculations, shows you what your doing here and you get absolutely
do all the calculations, square root et cetera. We can go a plus b, number 6, a plus b, eight
twelve, et cetera, come up with the a plus b answer. We can have a plus b plus c it’ll,
three vectors find their resultant and components. We have to enter the vector c, alpha eight,
alpha six, alpha minus two and again check whether we’re doing it, vectors a b and
c , resultant, b minus a et cetera, let’s do the cosine, cosine between a and b, that’s
the formula there, you write all this stuff on your paper of course, and we’re doing
the dot product of it and then we’re doing the rest of the calculations, does all of
the calculations for you, and gives you in radians or degrees. Pretty neat huh? Everystepcalculus
dot com. Check out my site and purchase the programs if you want, and enjoy my programs.