Copenhagen Games 2012: Venue overview

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 6, 2012

Hi everybody from Copenhagen, Denmark.
We are near the place where Copenhagen Games 2012 are held and starts tomorrow.
All games of Na’Vi team also starts tomorrow.
But we’ve got onto the tournament today
So we’ll make a little guide tour for you.
Notice that the tournament is held very close
to the hotel our team is staying at, about 15 meters away
Funny guys
And so we are starting.
Here is a small reception.
Say Hi – hey.
There are a few stands here.
Everyone can taste Cola here.
There are many stands of sponsors and partners.
Sony PlayStation is presented here and so is SteelSeries.
Let’s start our excursion from the left side of the hall.
There is a Starcraft gamezone here.
There is a not big scene where game matches will be held.
And here is some place for the participants.
Tournament’s format is BYOC (bring your own computer).
Guys who don’t have one can borrow it.
It costs about 100 Euro for 3 days.
The tournament to some extent looks like the GameGune format,
but is just 10 times smaller than it
and 100 times smaller than DreamHack
I mean you can see how it is here and understand the scope of those tournaments.
Here we’ve got a small bar where u can buy something to drink or snack.
And this is famous Whimp.
He used to be a legendary CS player, a member of MTW.
There are a lot of fan zones on the tournament.
You can see billiards, table football, tennis.
Here is the main scene where games will be going tomorrow.
Na’Vi starts its games at 10 a.m.
They come to a holding place at 9 a.m.
I think they will get tuned and start their games within an hour.
Here we’ve got some familiar faces,
but they are being shy.
And here is the CS gamezone itself.
On these definite seats Na’Vi will sit tomorrow, as you see.
We were worried about laptops, they could be not enough powerful.
but as it have turned out they can spar with the most powerful PCs.
Look, they’ve got GeForce GPU, Intel Core i7, 8 GB of RAM.
That’s why guys won’t have any troubles with the hard.
WinFakt team is sitting here. They are training before the game.
Further you can see Alternate.
Our guys didn’t come to gamezone today and will unlikely come.
They will be warming up tomorrow morning.
To say about our opponents, ESC Gaming is sitting here.
We can’t recognize them as they are turned with their backs to us.
TaZ and maybe Loord.
They live 60 km far from Copenhagen
They have brought their own computers to play on.
So they have, we won’t say an advantage, but such conditions.
Here is a little XMG stand.
Na’Vi team is playing on such laptops on this tournament.
Here is all the stuff, all watching the tournament admins.
Here is a press zone. Not too many people, but there are some.
Here also is a game zone, CS source players are possibly sitting here.
All-in-all, here is such a game zone – a one big hall.
it is warm enough inside.
I think it’ll be warm tomorrow when there are more people here.
But you can go outside whenever you want to get some fresh air,
as it is about 5 C in Copenhagen tomorrow.
So now we are finishing our review of the holding place of Copenhagen Games 2012.
See you tomorrow on