How to Use the Excel References Spreadsheet | The Resume Manual

Uploaded by PerformanceResumes on 20.12.2011

Welcome to our video module focused on how to use an excel references spreadsheet. In
every performance industry, references are key to every audition and professional career.
This video will explain what information you need for your professional performance references
and how to keep track of them within an excel spreadsheet.
As you progress throughout your performance career, you will always be updating and changing
both your resume and references. However, as you begin new projects you will need to
keep track of your references contact information. Additionally, you do not want to lose the
contact details and information for old references. You do not want to be constantly researching
for contact information, or redoing any work or progress on your performance references.
With an excel references spreadsheet you will be able to organize, store, sort, and make
changes to every reference. The excel references spreadsheet will track 10 key pieces of information:
1. First Name 2. Last Name
3. Title 4. Email Address
5. Mailing Address 6. Cell Phone
7. Home Phone 8. Professional Website
9. Last Production Worked 10. Notes
To get your own copy of the excel references spreadsheet, login to
Once you have logged in you can access the spreadsheet by clicking either the Digital
Downloads link, or the Chapter 4 link that is located on the right-hand column of the
website. Once there, find the blue-hyperlinked text that reads: Excel References Spreadsheet.
Click on the link and your computer will open a dialog box asking whether you want to ÒOpenÓ
or ÒSave asÉÓ for the Excel References Spreadsheet. We recommend that you choose
the ÒSave asÉÓ option so that you have the file saved to your computer.
Each of the 10 key pieces of information are pretty self-explanatory. Use this spreadsheet
to organize and store your information. The part that I would like to stress, is that
this spreadsheet is to be used a tool and resource for you as a performer. By creating
this spreadsheet in excel you are able to complete manipulate every aspect of the references
contact information. You are able to organize, re-order, sort alphabetically, search for
a particular name, and even add in additional columns for needed information. We have even
included an additional tab to help you organize your references into performance references
and business references. You are able to switch between the two by going to the bottom of
the page and choosing either ÒPerformanceÓ or ÒBusiness.Ó Either way you will be able
to use this spreadsheet to enhance your performance career.
Thank you once again for your time and attention, and break a leg!