Motocross Tips & Tricks : How to do a Motocross Heel Clicker

Uploaded by expertvillage on 30.07.2008

The Heel Clicker was one of the original freestyle motor cross tricks, that was originated by
the godfather of freestyle motor cross, Mike Metzger. Basically the Heel Clicker is where
you take your feet out, wrap them around your arms and touch them basically right in front
of your face, while you're in the air, and then bringing them back down, putting them
on the pegs before you land and touch the ground. The trick’s fairly easy to do as
long as you're an experienced rider, you have good, a comfort level on your bike and the
ability to move around without much worry in the air. It's also important to find a
good jump, maybe a jump that lofts you a little bit front end low will help you to bring the
handlebars down a little bit, and make it easier to get your legs up and over, and clicking.
As you approach the jump face, in pretty neutral body position, as I said before maybe approaching
it, approaching a jump that either sends your front end lower, or you can adjust your body
position to get your front end just a little bit lower than you might normally. Lifting
your body up as you hit the face of the jump, your suspension will load, as it unloads,
you jump your body up, your legs up and around your arms, and you bring them together in
front of your face. The ideal Heel Clicker is obviously to get your feet all the way
together, thus being called the Heel Clicker. But, as you're learning it might be a little
bit easier for you to get them up and over and then bring them back, up and over a little
farther and back, and then just gradually progress to the point where you can actually
touch your heels in the air, and get them back down to the pegs, prior to landing. The
only pitfalls of this trick is if you were unable to get your feet back you could definitely
crash. Also, just you know, having your body jumping around like that will change your
trajectory in the air a little bit, so just make sure you're comfortable with, with the
jump, you're comfortable with the body positioning, take it slow and you can learn how to do a
Heel Clicker. Right now we're going to do a Heel Clicker, which basically you load the
bike on the face of the jump as the suspension decompresses, you almost jump off the pegs,
it's like a feeling of kind of unweighting your body as the bike kind of unweights as
well. Take your legs out, up and around your arms and clicking them together in front of
your basically, almost right directly in front of your face, and then back around to your
arms, and back to your foot pegs before you touch the ground. Just a couple of things
to remember, always make sure that you're on a good size jump, that you have plenty
of time to perform the trick and get your feet back on the pegs. You also don't have
to go all the way to click them together to begin with, you can go at your own pace and
work up to it. But, the important thing is to get your feet back before you land, and
land safely.