Wegmans Vanilla-Orange Glazed Carrots

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Hey guys I´m Chef Mark and today I have with me
my partner Anna here.
Today we´re going to make some orange glazed carrots.
-Sound good? -Yup.
Alright, so before we grab the carrots what do you think the carrots
are good for?
Your eyes, so you should probably get some.
Everybody's a comedian.
Alright, two pounds will do us.
Why don´t you hit me?
I´m going long.
Alright, we´re in the dairy department and we need the next ingredient
and I´m going to give you one clue what it is.
We´re making orange glazed carrots.
So it will probably be orange juice.
Yeah that´s right.
Okay, so we´re going to grab this one here which is
the premium juice.
It´s the one that has no pulp in it.
I like pulp too, but this one´s going to go great with our carrots.
This is not from concentrate.
It´ll also go great with our eggs in the morning.
It´ll be perfect.
Let´s go grab our vanilla next.
Alright Anna, the next thing we need to grab is our vanilla bean
or as they say in Canada ‟vanilla bean.”
Right so, we´re going to grab this guy over here and it´s
an actual vanilla bean.
It´s not the extract.
Looks vanilla bean right inside there.
We´re going to split that open, it´s going to give a great flavor
to the carrots and I think we have everything that we need
to finish the dish.
Let´s go cook this thing!
Hey that´s my line.
Alright, now it´s time to put this whole dish together,
and Anna, we have everything out here ready to go,
what do we call that?
Mise en place.
What does that mean?
It´s French for ‟everything in place.”
Perfect and we don´t start a recipe
until all of this is done because we want to make sure
we continuously flow and we don´t have to search
for stuff and go to the neighbor´s house for eggs and look for that
when they´re not home.
So, I´ve got some carrots here done,
but Anna´s going to cut the rest of them.
And you can go ahead and start doing it,
but you want to make sure that they´re about that wide
so they cook evenly, and about that same shape.
And then make sure you´re holding your fingers like I did and keeping
your fingers out of the way.
Nice job.
Alright so you got the carrots done.
Why don´t you drop them in the bowl?
Now we have to deal with the vanilla bean,
and this one I already split in half.
So what we need, we´re going to use the whole bean
but we also need to use the seeds in there so if you take
the back part of your knife and then scrape the vanilla seeds out
just like that, perfect.
See them all in there?
Those are going to go on the side there.
So do the other side of it, flip it around,
and then what we´re going to do over here is,
we´re going to turn this on high,
and about two tablespoons
of olive oil inside there.
And then we´re going to take all those carrots
and drop them on the inside,
and then a bay leaf, and then only an eighth teaspoon
of the cayenne pepper.
You don´t want to overdo that.
Put that in there and then how about those vanilla beans?
Put that in there and then this one, we´ll just actually scrape the side
and get the vanilla beans in there and tap them all off.
And those are going to spread out and make little--like you see
in the ice cream...
-Mm-hmm. -The little spots in there?
That´s what´s in there.
So how about five minutes on this, we´ll let that go for about that long.
They´ll start to soften a little bit.
You want to set my timer?
And then we´ll go from there.
Alright, we´ve been about five minutes here Anna,
now we need to add all our liquids.
So what we need is a cup of orange juice.
Yeah, so the orange juice here is going to give us,
once it reduces down, it´s going to give us
a nice glaze on top of the vegetables.
Alright, so that can go in there.
Yes, perfect.
How about a cup of vegetable stock?
Nicely done, and last, the cup of heavy cream.
Alright, so now all we´ve got to do is we´re going to mix this up.
We´re going to leave it on to simmer here,
and we´re going to let this go for probably about...
let´s say 12 to 15 minutes.
But let´s shoot for 12 first and then we can check it
as time goes along.
And we´ll actually in that time, we´ll cut our scallions
and our parsley up, sound good?
-Mm-hmm. -Alright, good.
Alright, you see this?
It´s been about 12--we actually had to let it go a little bit longer than that.
Right about 14 minutes or so, but it´s nice and syrupy consistency.
We´re just about done.
Next thing we need to add is, we´re going to add the butter
into that and we´re going to let that melt through.
And how about our parsley?
You can go ahead and add that to it.
We add that at the end because it´s going to taste
better that way.
If you add it in the beginning, it kind of cooks out a little bit.
And how about our scallions there?
Alright, let me scrape them off of in there.
Alright, the last thing we need to do is plate this thing up.
So you´re going to grab your spoon?
Get it all in there.
So we´re going to go, all of our carrots and all that sauce.
How´s that smell?
Pretty good, right?
It´s all that vanilla in there.
It smells great.
So then one more thing.
See these guys in here?
You want to pick that bay leaf out and then your vanilla bean,
because that would be an awful thing to get stuck in your teeth, right?
So, give one a try.
Get one on the small side.
Make sure you blow it off.
-Mmm. -Is that good?
-Definitely. -That´s good.
You know, one thing I´m wondering as we´re standing here doing
this whole thing is how´d you get so darn tall as we´re...
I eat a lot of vegetables.
Right, likely story.