Tuto nail art : le corset à double laçage / How to do a double lace corset nail art design

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 29.11.2011

Hi girls! Today I’m gonna show you a famous nail art design.
You guessed it right; it is the double lace corset. It is an elegant design.
That you can wear it to go to parties for exemple.
You can make a lace corset in French manicure just like here.
Or on the all nail. And you can vary the colors.
And the forms. Let’s do it!
First I have applied a dark beige base.
Two coats and I let it dry.
Then, I take a burgundy nail polish and I start making my corset straight with the varnish brush.
I make two bands with a space in between
That we will use to make the lace.
Then I make the contours just like a French manicure.
I’ll wait for it to dry to apply another coat so as to obtain a better opacity.
Don’t worry if the contours are not well done.
Since we will delineate them with small dots.
Once dry, I will use a light gold varnish.
Then with my dotting tool
I will make the outline of my burgundy nail polish with small dots.
Then with my dotting tool with white and black acrylic paint
You can also do it with nail polish, it’s the same.
I will make three dots on each side.
If you have short nails, make less dots.
And if you have longer nails, you can make more.
Then with black paint, I will make small dots inside to make some kind of buttons.
I let it dry. Then I will use a beige metallic varnish.
With a fine brush, I start making the laces.
I have chosen to make a corset with closed laces.
So I have not done bows or undone laces.
You will see how I do. You won’t see it well right now.
I will make braces.
I start with light beige and then
I will use black to make the double laces.
I make another coat over the gold varnish to make a shadow effect.
As you can see in this illustration, I make an overcoat.
And it’s done! Hope you liked this video.
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