Fighting for a Voice

Uploaded by NDdotEDU on 30.10.2008

Christina Zhu: Having a voice that can be expressed and listened to is extremely important.
Makena Kirima: Where I am from, only some voices are listened to.
Edvard Mitevski: Having a voice that is heard is what makes change possible.
Voicing my beliefs is what makes me part of change.
Professor George Lopez: Every American election has a huge impact on people outside of the
United States. At Notre Dame, so many of our international students come from places where
there elections have been postponed, or the jury's been rigged, it leaves a very strong
impression and an accurate one on US students of the value of democracy and the unique and
privileged situation in which we live in the US.
Mitevski: The US elections are attracting that attention of many people and nations
all around the globe. Zhu: In China, the election system is very
different, we vote for someone to vote for us. People here, there voices are being more
valued. Kirima: Coming from Africa, which is a very
different environment from here, I feel that through the electoral process, everyone's
voice can be heard, everyone has a chance to determine the future.
Lopez: Here at Notre Dame the impact on the US students from the International Students
is a strong one, in understanding how every vote is both an obligation and also a privilege.
That's the key to democracy. Narrator: The University of Notre Dame asks
what would you fight for? Mitevski: Fighting for a voice
Lopez: We are the fighting Irish