Downsized - Episode 8 Split Assets

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 I was in the area.\ Really? Why?\
I always loved this place.\ We are thinking of moving when we can sell
it.\ What?!\
We have an empty apartment we can move into.\ I gave you this place in the divorce and you
don't even appreciate it!\ You didn't give this to me!\
I most certainly did. My name was on the mortgage.\ And you wonder why we divorced when you recall
our marriage in assets!\ "Insert Painting"?\
We haven't found the right one yet.\ Where's Jason?\
Justin. He's at the office.\ Mind if I sit?\
Fine.\ I've been doing a lot of walking.\
Is that metaphorical? What's that? \ What?\
There's a scuff. No, it's not a scuff. It's cut on my shoe. That looks terrible. \
"New pillows." It's a very verbal room now!\ What could slice something like that?\
I don't know Priscilla.\ Let me see your shoe.\
Why?\ Well, maybe my shoe hit your shoe when we
were at the door. We got very close.\ We did not get very close, and there is nothing
on my shoe that could slice your shoe.\ Let me see. Lift your leg.\
I'm not lifting my leg Priscilla.\ Lift. Your. Leg. You're right there is nothing
on my shoe that could've scuffed--\ I told you.\
You really should get new shoes.\ I don't see how that's possible.\
Let me ask you. Did you move your investments when I told you to?\
Why?\ Because I started a business and I'm looking
for a partner.\ In this market?! You're gonna need a partner
with a lobotomy.\ That's why I'm here!\
(laugh) You're serious! Well, you're gonna have to ask Justin. What kind of business
is it?\ No not Justin, you!\
Me?\ I gave you the most amicable divorce in history
Priscilla. You owe me.\ I do not owe you.\
I took care you. Now you take care of me. That's the least you can do.\
I am in no position to invest in anything right now!\
No apparently THAT is the least you can do. I am working as a temp now Priscilla. Help
me out!\ Do they have any other positions available?\
What about the bakery? I paid for the culinary program and I never asked for any of the profits!\
Well, you can take your share now. The bakery's closed and I'm still trying to pay for all
the equipment. Did you get that job through an employment agency?\
No through my illegitimate brother. What about Jason?\
Justin! And we evicted them months ago and I know you know his name by now.\
You evicted Beth?\ You sent us tenants that couldn't pay the
rent and we haven't had a tenant since and the building is about to go into foreclosure
if you really must know.\ Wow.\
Yeah.\ We were so much more successful when we were
married.\ But miserable.\
That's true.\ \