Sungkyunkwan Scandal - Entrance examination (Ep 2 English sub)

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What's going on?
His Majesty will announce the results of the exam today
Did you say today?
His Majesty will select the finalists
His Majesty himself? Right now?
Students whose names are called should come to the front
His Majesty will interview them himself.
Family name Kim...
Kim Hyeong-jung
Do you intend to let the king do as he wishes?
It's not enough for him to preside over entrace exam for Sungkyunkwan Royal Academy
but he's also going to choose the candiates.
He's being unreasonable
You seem so calm, Left State Councillor.
Don't you know the true intention of the king?
He intends to keep us Noron faction's children out of Royal Academy and eventually royal court.
If so, how can you be confident of your son's admission?
What can we do?
If he's not a man enough to be hobbled by it, what good would it do for him to enter politics?
Family name Kim...
Kim Yoon-sik
Are you Kim Yoon-sik, author of this essay?
Yes, Your Majesty
How dare you!
Do you hope to live after deceiving the king like this?
Forgive me, Your Majesty
What was my essay question?
Your Majesty told us to write about our intention to enter government using words "goodness" and "knowledge."
Yet, how did you answer?
Answer His Majesty at once!
Although I know enough to memorize old books, I came here to cheat using that knowlege
Although I did not violate the law since I changed my intention,
I do not have goodness required of government official.
I am not qualified to enter politics, that's what I wrote.
Who is it?
Who was to use you as a proxy? He must be here.
How dare you! Answer His Majesty at once!
That man...
That man did not come.
That's a lie!
That man is me, Your Majesty.
My son hired a proxy?
Is that true?
I'm sorry, Lord Yi.
My goodness, how can he do such discredit to his father?
Your essay is flawless. It seems unlikely that you hired a proxy for exam.
I hired Kim Yoon-sik as a proxy, Your Majesty.
Kim Yoon-sik that I know has deep learning and understanding of the populace
However, he does not believe that he can enter government because of his family background
He said he would never take the exam for that reason.
Did you want to give him a chance?
It was also for me.
If Kim weren't to succeed with his talent...
If the family background and faction rather than ability were the standards for recruiting talent...
If that were truly today's Joseon,
I was resolved not to enter the government, too.
In another word, you used Kim Yoon-sik to test me?
Is that what you mean?
If I enter government, Your Majesty is my sovereign whom I'll serve with my life.
How can a man regard his life lightly?
I'll not forgive you for holding the king and royal court in contempt.
I'll give the harshest punishment that I know to Kim Yoon-sik and Yi Sun-joon.
Kim Yoon-sik, stand up and show your face!
Go to Sungkyunkwan (Royal Academy)
I order residential life at Royal Academy for Kim Yoon-sik and Yi Sun-joon.
You two shall focus on study day and night and maintain today's purposes
and come to be at my side.
Show to me Joseon that you dream of.
That is my royal command.
No, Your Majesty. I cannot do that.
I am...
I am... seriously ill. It will be difficult to live in dormatory
Please reconsider, Your Majesty.
Where is royal physician?
Here I am, Your Majesty.
This is my precious subject. Treat his illness.
Your Majesty!
What illness is it?
Is it serious?
Your Majesty
This one is not a man, but a woman.
How can a woman wear a man's clothing and come to the place of exam?
The laws are stern and unforgiving
Your Majesty, that evil woman ought to be taken out and executed by ripping her body apart!
Do as you say!
Kim Yoon-sik, that is the royal command.
I shall obey Your Majesty's command.
By the way, color of your face is...
No, Your Majesty.
I feel healthy and energetic.
There will be no problem as I focus on studying. Royal physician is not...
Your complexion is one that will not be easily forgotten.
What a fair face you have!
No one spoke so frankly to me in such way.
Kim Yoon-sik, I will remember your face.
I was right.
You are the first person whose talent I recognize
I told you.
I told you that I have no interest in entering government.
Man of virtue? Loyal subject?
All that is play for you people who are bored with life and have time to kill.
You must admit that Joseon is not as bad as you say.
Whether Joseon is a good country or not... what does it have to do with me?
What can great Joseon do for me?
It seems I made a mistake.
Is that it?
You would rather come up with excuses than do your best.
You are too busy blaming the world to see opportunity in front of you
What a fool!
I wish I knew earlier. I wouldn't have bothered with it.
Stop acting so high and mighty, and just give me my money.
My money that you promised me.
Everything including an interest for being one day late.
50 nyangs for books plus 2 nyangs for interest.
If you are interested in counting, how about doing it right?
Students at Royal Academy receive medicines for free.
If you want to care for your sick brother, it is better to enter Royal Academy.
Stipends awarded to students are quite generous as well.
But since you are such a fool who can't even count,
what help would you be to people if you were to enter the government?