Uploaded by PhilipDeFranco on 21.06.2011


I'm all out of love

I'm so lost without you

I need know words


I don't know what that was about
Hey Vloggity type people I'm just

playing around with my new

my new


I'd just traded in my MacBook Pro
because the new Final Cut came out
you can do a lot of really cool things

I like it, I like it a lot


just wanted to say what's up

you've been asking where Lindsay is

she doesn't like to be on camera

when she doesn't have makeup on

or penis in her mouth, right? am I right?
Linz- yeah right high five

so in todays PDS if you watched that

then you know that I said
Final Cut Pro X is awesome
I'm definitely giving it my recommendation

for a few reasons

with Final Cut Pro X it is not just a
an upgrade, it is a completetly different feel
the best way to describe it
would be a feel between

Final Cut Pro and iMovie 2011

now iMovie 2011 I wasn't a big fan of

the one before it, didn't like it
I haven't actually liked iMovie since iMovie HD

but I want to show a few things that I really do love about this
and we're going to start with "ripple deletes"

it's screaming at me, ripple deletes

in Final Cut Pro, which was previously $1,000

you would go ahead, you would click
and if you wanted to

delete the empty

the soon to be empty space
you would have to ripple delete which is SHIFT+DELETE

but now you just hit DELETE

everything in Final Cut Pro X is magnetic
so it doesn't leave dead space

which is very, very nice

because sometimes at the end of the Philip DeFranco Show
there would be a clip

7 minutes away from the timeline
we wouldn't pay attention
and it would mess up our entire video

now a big thing is ripple delete would only work on one clip at a time
but because everything is magnetic if you select
everything with the command function

four clips, you hit delete

little things like that

little things that you would think would be normal

then given to you
and being fantastic, you're like
"Yes I love it!" which is kind of Apple's thing
whether it's "I can send a picture in a text message? oh my god 2010!"

which is kind of Apple's thing

but let's go into one of my favorite things

and that is rendering in the background

it's allowed to do this because

one second

you don't even have to drag actually you can just click

and then double-click and it applies it

and as you can tell
I don't even have to render the clip to see it
play in realtime

there you go
you don't have to render to see that
now you notice the bar right here
there's some coloration
and that means that it needs to be rendered
what's awesome about Final Cut Pro X
boom just right there
it just did it there in the background
it renders in the background

I don't even

for someone like me that has a daily show
that saves so much time
and of course a lot of cool things
I mean there's
are there hundreds? there's tons, there's tons
of fun text things
I won't use half of these
because let's be honest really?
Philip DeFranco show with
never again

I might as well say I love penis
in the clouds if I used that
let's go ahead delete that

love the
they have an amazing amount of transitions
some really specific stuff
fun stuff, things you can tinker with
I know I said that on twitter
that I was able to render out
like 4 and half, 5 minute
in about 3 minutes
now granted I do have an awesome processor
but usually that would take me
about 10 minutes so
I don't
I just have to say I love
I love love love love love love Final Cut Pro X

the only thing that I have not figured out right now
is how to crossfade audio
without doing a transition
over the video
that's the only thing I haven't figured out right now
I'm still playing around with it

but yeah
that should be my 18th channel
I give
I give drunk advice
about how to edit since I edit so much

no but uh
as you can tell by the headsets I'm about to go play some
some Black Ops
until I get an advanced version of
Modern Warfare 3
but uh yeah
what's up Vlog
I haven't talked to you forvever anyway
before I start gushing about you and how
I want to put my mouth on you
even though that's not true but I just want to say that
it makes you feel good about yourself
I'm going to hop off
I'm going to play some wager match
stick & stones are the shit
my gamer tag
I might have an open lobby
I love your face
and I will see you sometime soon
check out the fucking show
I said "fucking" because
I forgot what to say