10/7/2009 (News/Machinima)

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Ziggy Stardust played guitar, Tim Schaffer on TV and our hands on with some gamer fuel,
all that an interview with Will Wright, sweetness! This is Inside Gaming for October 7th, 2009.
Hello and welcome to Inside Gaming, the show that takes all the weeks news and compresses
it into a 5 minute segment, we aim to please.
Ground Control to Major Tom! Bowies in Rock Band! Different colored eyes and everything.
David Bowie marks the latest rockstar who rocks that will be making their way to Lego
Rock Band, still the only game I got to play at E3, oh the shame.
For the 4 people that watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, good for you. And if you were
in a sober state of mind last week you may have caught a glimpse of Brutal Legend creator...among
other things Tim Scaffer as a guest promoting his latest title.
The interview itself was as awkward as Fallon's presence could make it but overall its nice
to Schaffer finally getting some mad respect from the other media outlets.
Those who enjoy some fuutbol on Sunday Nights should have no doubt caught the all new Modern
Warfare 2 Trailer. The new look was more focused on the story of the game getting all cryptic
on us -
And then this...Yep, looks like we're actually playing a prequel to Fallout 3...awkward.
Speaking of Modern Warfare, it was recently discovered that the latest packaging for Monster
Energy drinks lists a map pack download for the upcoming DLC ready to hit next spring.
But more importantly, does the drink really give gamers the fuel they need to take Call
of Duty to the next level?
We went ahead and tested a can of the steroid induced drink on our editor, take a look:
Works for me.
Now we've been asked a lot by fans and llamas of the show to review games. As much as I
would love to throw out random scores to enrage and enlighten you, I found a website ripe
full of words that before today could never verbilate. So without further ado, here's
our Enigmatic Readings from the E4G.info Archive:
Batman Arkham Asylum you play as Dark Knight Bruce Wayne AKA Batman of DC Universe superhero.
Oh no! The Joker (not Heath Ledger this white faced demon devil is voice overed by Mark
Hamil from Star Wars) did take over Arkham Asylum and only Batman can do save the city
of Gotham from poison called venom that transforms bad guys from regular sized buff muscles to
like Hulk size monster men. (breathe)
Gameplay is good because of lots of fighting and sneaking like a real bat should. Grappling
hook makes it fun to get around the almost thousands of areas in the literally living
and breathing Arkham Island. Since this are the best Batman games since…….,….. oh
wait there are none. Until now of course because this is Arkham Asylum!
All in all it adds up to a compelling package that’s worth the $40 it cost on launch day
and $60 like it cost now. No matter how much this game costs there is no cost for wearing
the Batman suit and defeating giant Joker in final boss fight that makes all other boss
fights look like mud on Batmans boots. Play this game or forever wonder why you didn’t.
And lastly we checked out this years Indiecade in Culver City to check out everything...umm
Here's some of the highlights:
The biggest moment from the event was an informational keynote from Will Wright, plus he even let
us do an interview...and it was fun. For the whole things be sure to click the screen...go
ahead...I'll wait.
Alright everyone that's the show for today, be sure to watch us all over again on Saturday
where things are new. Follow us on Twitter to see me without any pants and until next
time, brush your teeth. Later.