How to Make Fresh Pasta with Bolognese Sauce - Behind the Recipe

Uploaded by allrecipes on 31.10.2011

Behind every great meal,
there's a story.
And behind every great recipe,
there is a journey.
Behind the recipe.
When I think of comfort food,
the one thing about comfort food is the way it brings you back to
a time in your life where you have a good feeling, and it just makes you
have these memories of whatever it is,
your childhood or anything.
So this particular dish, for me,
brings me back to three places. And it all starts with my grandma.
And my grandma was just living in LA.
She lived in a mobile home, kind of a trailer park thing,
she had a lot of pride.
So when I was a little kid,
as soon as basically I could remember, I remember being in her house, and it
was beautifully decorated, and she would cook in there.
And, my mom cooked at home, but this, to me, just seemed like a different kind of cooking.
And it didn't seem like it came from the store.
Like I can picture these noodle, hanging over the back of chairs.
I'd go over there, and I wouldn't even know what it is.
Cut to a few years later, I'm with my, in my parents house,
and i'd come home and my mom would make this spaghetti sauce,
that's all we called it, spaghetti sauce. And she'd cook it in one of those, like,
rectangular electric skillets that would be on the counter.
And we had a stove, but for some reason, this sauce was made in that skillet.
And it would have all these flavors and I could walk in the door and smell it.
Just, I was so happy cause it was spaghetti night.
We'd have the garlic bread, and it was just perfect.
Cut to 10 years later, I'm 21 years old,
and i'm going to culinary school,
and I'm working in my first restaurant while I'm going to culinary school.
And it's this super authentic Italian
chef straight from Italy,
and I had no idea even where I was, or how amazing it was at the time.
But, he was making a sauce he called Sauce Bolognese.
And basically it's the same sauce my mom was making,
but the chef techniques.
So I really learned to kind of refine it in small ways,
and it's still a comfort food to them.
But we're using the fresh pasta, so we're going back to the noodles,
all of a sudden I'm seeing the fresh noodles again,
not a bag of dried hard noodles.
And the sauce they way they finished it and made it into a dish
you could actually sell in a restaurant.
Now as I'm older, I kind of pull from all three of those,
and I make this dish.
And I can make it for my kids,
and just one bite and I'm back to all three of those places.
When you have kids you realize there's something you care about
even more than yourself.
And give up your bad habits for your kids, so I thought it's
my responsibility of what my kids eat.
So, to me, I wanted to give them the best things possible.
I finally figured out what I wanted to do in life.
And it's that good feeling of just learning how to cook, and being in
restaurants, and just starting out, and being with my grandma,
and being home with my mom and dad as a kid.
And it's just like, on bite of this simple dish, and I'm right there, all those places.
And, now I can pass that on to my kids
and feel like, you know hope,
you know, when they're in their twenties,
and they're at college, or traveling or something,
they could think back of the time that they made noodles with their dad.