Easy Cardboard Craft for Your Kids | Pottery Barn Kids

Uploaded by pbkids on 11.07.2011

Some of my favorite projects as a kid involved creating something out of a simple cardboard box.
When creating objects and crafts out of cardboard boxes,
you will need a few supplies, like a sharp knife, a straight edge ruler,
a hot glue gun, and some old used boxes.
Remember, safety first when using craft supplies that are hot and sharp.
Here I've created three different sized mushrooms, for decorative objects in the bedroom.
To create the mushrooms, I cut concentric circles and stacked them on top of each other, with hot glue.
For the base of the mushroom, I cut a narrow strip of cardboard, scored the edges,
then taped it together to create a cylinder.
A few mushrooms in the corner of a room can inspire a whole make-believe world,
and a perfect place to play for hours.