How to Make Time for Family Activities by Making a Soul Pocket - Home Made Simple

Uploaded by homemadesimple on 20.10.2009

Life is funny. With all of our To-Do Lists, commitments, schedules, it’s somehow so
easy to get sucked-into the monotony of day-to-day living. To slow down
the pace and make sure you’re spending time doing something you really
want; create your very-own Soul Pocket. Decide today on a place somewhere in your home where
you and all your family members congregate or pass through. Then,
hang a small bag, and explain to your family that they
are to write down and place into the pocket 1-2 things a month that they want to do together.
Then, once a month designate a day that you are committed. Reach into the “pocket”,
choose a piece of paper and get ready to live! It’s amazing the things you will learn!
This is what life is all about!