Opportunity Knocks (7/10) Movie CLIP - Bar Mitzvah Dancing (1990) HD

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[Music Ends] [Cheering]
So, why don't...
I would like to dance with the most ravishing woman in the world.
I'm sorry... Bubbie, what do you say?
Ooh-hoo! Oh, how he talks!
Let's go.
Milt, what's the matter?
Nothing. Milt.
Look at him. Jonathan. Who? Ah.
[Milt] I would give five V.P. s for one, oneJonathan Albertson.
Milt, will you leave the office already?
Jonathan is David's friend. Now, don't be pestering him.
Come on. Give me a smile.
[Shutter Clicks] Terrific.
[Music Stops] [Guests Applaud]
We went to McDonald's.
She was still trying to order the dim sum dumplings.
At McDonald's yet! Crazy!
[Laughing] What is so funny, you two?
Oh, we decided you're too serious.
Go. Enjoy.
So, if at first you don't succeed, work on the bubbie, huh?
Guilty. What can I say? Come on.
Please, let's just have some fun.
This is as fun as I get.
Really? So then you're gonna make me...
go out here all by myself?
You know, I'm very nervous on a dance floor. I don't really know how.
# When I look into your eyes #
# So much passion burns inside #
# If you need some coaxing I will do it #
# Step by step there's nothing to it #
# One, two, three, four Come on, baby say you love me #
# Five, six, seven times #
# Eight, nine ten, eleven #
- [Laughing] - # I'm just gonna keep on counting #
# Until you are mine #
- # One, two, three, four# - [Laughing]
# Come on, baby say you love me Five, six, seven times #
- # Eight, nine, ten, eleven # - [Laughing]
# I'm just gonna keep on counting until you are mine ##
Oh, hey, there. There it was. You definitely laughed.
That was a big laugh, and, really,
this is a very solemn occasion,
and I may have to report you to the Solemn Occasion Police.
Uh, that wasn't a laugh. I was yawning.
No, I have to disagree. It was most definitely a laugh.
Okay, but it was more a "Boy, what an idiot" laugh.
Really? Boy, I could've swore it was a...
"My God, he's incredibly charming,"and"How do I get to know him better?" laugh.
There it is again. That's two. I'm on a roll. I'm very happy.
David never mentioned this side of you.
Well, uh, there's a few things about me...
that might surprise even David.