Macrobiotic Cooking & Recipes : Making a Sea Vegetable Salad for Macrobiotic Cooking

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

Hi Nili Nathan here with Christy Morgan our macrobiotics chef in this macrobiotic cooking
episode. We are going to show you how to make or actually Christy is going to show you how
to make a sea vegetable salad. Sea vegetables are high in minerals, iron and the good sodium.
The good kind of sodium. They are high in B vitamins. B-12 to. Which is good. There
is a there is a whole bunch of different varieties. We have hijiki and arame right here we also
showed you wakame in our miso soup and we should you kombu and your rice and beans.
Right and we could find this in Asian markets or natural. Food store. Food store who give
it a try. What have you done here Christy? Well these come dried and you always want
to soak your sea vegetables for about 10 minutes in fresh spring water. I was just going to
say that. And this is our hijiki and our arame so these need to soak for a little bit longer.
Because you want them to plump up. Lets show the viewers. The dry version. Here it is when
it is dry. See. Whoops so it is kind of brittle, it is not eatable. That is why you want to
soak it so it plumps up. and here is what it looks like after it has been sitting there.
You are telling me that you could make this sea vegetables salad either cold or saute.
Yeah we are going to make a sea vegetable salad that is not cooked with a sauce that
we made similar to the sauce that we did for the kelp salad. Oh okay the miso. Oh great.
You could also saute the sea vegetables. Yummy alright so we will be back just as soon as
this plumps up and we will continue with the sea vegetables salad.