A Party Prank Causes A Creepy Caller to Stalk A High School Girl - Dark Horse, The Secret: Chapter 1

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TOMMY: Sorry, pal.
I'm late.
Here it is.

Maybe coming to this party wasn't such a great idea.

I'm here to see Pam.
NATTIE: Well, come on in.
They're all downstairs.
You're a new one, aren't you?
I haven't seen you around here before.
TOMMY: Uh, yeah, I guess so.
NATTIE: You're cute.
What's your name?
TOMMY: It's Tommy.
NATTIE: I'm Pam's mom.
You can call me Nattie.
If you get bored down there, come on back up.
We'll talk.
TOMMY: Thanks, I'll do that.

ALEX: What's he doing here?
FEMALE SPEAKER: It's Melissa's turn.
MALE SPEAKER: Come on, Mel.
Just hit send.
MELISSA: I know your secret.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Who is this?
MELISSA: I know your secret.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Who is this?
What do you want?
MELISSA: Come to the statute in Washington
Park at midnight and--
MELISSA: I'll start it this time.
Punch in a number and pass it on.

TOMMY: Hey, Pam.
PAM: Tommy, I didn't think you'd come.
TOMMY: I almost didn't.
My uncle had me working late.
Aren't you a bit old to play on the phone?
PAM: Oh, relax, we're just having some fun.
KYLE: My turn.

KYLE: I know your secret.
MALE SPEAKER: Screw you, Kyle.
KYLE: What the?
Oh yeah, this finger will do my talking.

TOMMY: Let's get out of here.
PAM: What did you have in my mind?
KYLE: Hold on, party girl.
It's your turn.
Just hit send.
PAM: Sorry, Tommy, this will only take a minute.
TELEVISION NEWS (OFFSCREEN): And in Baghdad today, a car
bomb was responsible for three deaths.
MALE SPEAKER: Somebody's television's on.
TELEVISION NEWS (OFFSCREEN): Third attack this week.
PAM: I can hear someone breathing.
TELEVISION NEWS (OFFSCREEN): --on the economy.
Stating that--
MELISSA: Go on, say something.

PAM: I know your secret.
TELEVISION NEWS (OFFSCREEN): --file for federal
unemployment benefits until the end of November.
PAM: I know your secret.

GROWLING MALE VOICE: How do you know my secret?

MELISSA: Tell him, Pam.

PAM: Come to the statue in Washington Park at midnight.

PAM: OK, that does it.
I'm out of here.
Besides, aren't you all a little too old to be playing
on the phone?
Come on, Tommy.
Wait a minute, I forgot.
We used my cell phone.
Let's go someplace quiet.
ALEX: Hey, what's with Pam and that Morris guy?
PAM: We can be alone in here.
TOMMY: Your bedroom?
What about your mom?
PAM: Don't worry about her, she's either hitting her
bottle or on one of my friends.
Have a seat.
School's almost out.
And you're going to be heading off to college.
I want to get to know you better.
So let's not waste time.

KYLE: Park over by the trees.

MELISSA: You don't think anyone's actually going to
show up, do you?
ALEX: Give me a break, nobody's that stupid.
KYLE: Besides, who cares?
We're going to party.
TOMMY: You've got some interesting friends.
Let's get away for a few minutes.
This has been a great night, but I've got a question.
Why me?
PAM: Come here and I'll show you.
That's weird.
TOMMY: Somebody is driving up the bike path.

PAM: You don't suppose someone actually fell for the gag?
TOMMY: We'd better warn the others.
Hey, there's a car coming.
KYLE: Yeah, so?
TOMMY: Didn't you come here because of
your idiot phone game?
KYLE: Yeah.
I'm wondering what you're doing here though.
PAM: He's here because I asked him, Kyle.
Now, why don't we hide before that car gets here.
ALEX: Come on, you can fight later.

So where's your car?
You sure you saw it?
TOMMY: I saw it.
PAM: It was there, Alex.
I saw it, too.
KYLE: This is a bunch of BS.
I'm not going to sit here in the bushes waiting for a car
that's not--
MELISSA: Wait, Kyle, someone's coming.

PAM: It's him.
KYLE: OK, you guys can wait for him to come back.
But I'm out of here.
MELISSA: I'm with you.

TOMMY: You were a little intense back in the park, Pam.
PAM: I can't help it.
That voice really scared me.
TOMMY: That'll teach you to play stupid games.
Well, it was an interesting night.
PAM: Are you sorry you came?
TOMMY: Are you kidding?
And miss you?

PAM: Will you sit with me at lunch on Monday?
TOMMY: It's a date.
Life is good.
PAM: Hi, Melissa.
See you in study hall.
Hello, mother.
Yes, mother.
No, mother.
I'll buy hot lunch, mother.
Goodbye, mother.
KYLE: Hey, gorgeous, sit here by me.
PAM: Thanks for the offer, Kyle, but I think I'll sit
over there.
Away from you.
Pam here.
ALEX: Pam, this is Tommy.
And I wanted to tell you how I love you so much.
PAM: You're a loser, Alex.

Hello, can't talk, class is about to start.
GROWLING MALE VOICE: How do you know my secret?

MALE SPEAKER: Miss Sweeney?
PAM: I'm scared, Tommy.
He called me on my own cellphone.
He knows who I am.
TOMMY: You're making too much out of this.
It's probably some guy getting even with you for one of your
prank calls.
He probably got your number off caller ID.
PAM: No, you heard that voice.
There was something wrong with it.
ALEX: Pam, here's your cell.
I was just goofing back in class.
I didn't meant to upset you.
PAM: It wasn't you, Alex.
TOMMY: Pam thinks that weird guy from Saturday
night called her.
ALEX: How'd he get her number.
KYLE: Give me that phone.
I tell you how he got it-- the same way I'm going to get his.
PAM: Kyle, don't.
KYLE: No answer.
I'll hang onto your phone in case he calls back.
Next time, he'll have me to deal with.

TOMMY: Are you sure you don't want me to come in?
PAM: Not tonight, Tommy.
TOMMY: I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, sure.
ALEX: Here he comes.
TOMMY: What do you guys want?
KYLE: We want you to stay away from Pam.
TOMMY: Yeah, right Kyle.
You're in charge of Pam.
ALEX: Look, we're not asking.
Hang out with your own friends.
Stay away from ours.
KYLE: Yeah?
No, this is Kyle.
Pam's not here.
Who's asking?
Oh, Mrs. Sweeney.
I'm holding the phone for her.
No, I haven't seen her.
Is something wrong?
TOMMY: Give me that.
Hello, Mrs. Sweeney, this is Tommy Morris.
Is Pam all right?
NATTIE: I'm not sure, Tommy.
I think something has happened.