Dance Moms Miami - Season 1 Episode 2 - Moms Making Waves - Todrick Hall Full Episode Recap

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TODRICK: What's up, everybody?
This is your boy Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back to yet another week of
Dance Moms recap.
This week I have a very special guest.
We were on American Idol together.
The lovely, the talented, the beautiful Katie Stevens.
KATIE: Hey there.
TODRICK: Oh my gosh, I missed you so much.
Thank you so much for coming.
What did you think of Dance Moms?
She's never seen it before.
KATIE: I have never seen Dance Moms, and I had
always heard about it.
And I saw your videos of your recaps, and I was like, I
really want to do it.
And it's crazy.
TODRICK: This week, Lucas was at the top of the pyramid!
BOTH: Go, Lucas!
KATIE: He's like a little nugget.
TODRICK: I know.
In fact, if you and I had a baby, he would maybe look like
Lucas with a tan.
TODRICK: Maybe not.
At the bottom of the pyramid was Jessi.

She did make a bad decision last week.
KATIE: She stole a trophy out of another girl's hands.
KATIE: That's not cool.
TODRICK: That's not cool.
KATIE: This week, they are going to Long Beach,
And their group number was--
TODRICK: Is a jazz funk number, which
they did last week.
But they're doing it again.
But this week, three people got to do solos.
Those three people were--
KATIE: Hannah, Sammy--
TODRICK: And Lucas.
So Victor choreographed this dance for Sammy, and this is
Sammy's chance to prove herself, because she is the
only new student at the studio.
And Angel came in and was like--
Victor, I don't like your choreography.
TODRICK: So then Victor was like, well, you can't just
come in and say you don't like the whole thing.
And then Angel was like--
Well, I'm not going to put my name on
choreography that's so terrible.
TODRICK: Things got really awkward, because then at one
point, Victor wasn't in the room, and then Angel came in
and changed some stuff.
And then Victor came back into the room, and they were going
back and forth.
And then he--
KATIE: But the best part of that was when
he goes, OK, Sammy.
They made them choose.
So Angel was like, Sammy, whose
choreography do you like better?
And she turned, and she was kind of just
like, I like Victor's.
TODRICK: Which was really awkward.
So anyway, they get to Long Beach.
They start competing.
Hannah kind of kills it.
Like she went out there and did the thing.
KATIE: Killed it.
She had so much sass and so much swag.
TODRICK: I know.
She probably has more swag than everybody
else, which is good.
Because they say that she doesn't have the technique
everyone else has.
KATIE: Well, she doesn't have the technique, and you don't
have the swag.
BOTH: Work.
TODRICK: Lucas got out and did a number, which was like, "I
Believe in Something," was the name of his number.
And he really had to act it out.
And he did a great job.
KATIE: He had to, like, evoke emotion.
KATIE: And for a 9-year-old?
TODRICK: There was a lot of emotion.
KATIE: There was a lot of emotion there.
TODRICK: I was feeling it.
KATIE: There was.
It's over.
And then, last but not least, Sammy came out and did her
number, which Angel did not like the choreography to.
But let me tell you that Sammy killed it.
I mean, everything that she did was on point.
She was feeling it.
She performed great.
Her technique was on point.
Her leaps, her turns--
KATIE: She was just on point, literally.
TODRICK: OK, anyway, it was time for awards, and, drum
roll, please--
KATIE: Hannah came in 4th.
Lucas came in 2nd.
And Sammy came in 1st.
All overall.
Go Sammy.
You better get it.
That's the way you come into a new dance company and make
your mark and show people that you are here to stay [SINGING]
Can I get an amen?

TODRICK: That was good.
You still got it, girl.
Susan came up right before the group number and asked Angel
if he could let Jessi go and improv a solo.
And he's like, no.
Your daughter is grounded.
KATIE: But the part that was so disturbing was that in
front of all the rest of the little girls, she was like,
Jessi is the best dancer here.
TODRICK: I just don't understand why parents would
ever be in the room and say to another parent, my daughter is
better than your kid.
You know what I mean?
That's just rude.
The parents need to calm down on that, because that is not
good for people's self-esteem.
And at the end of the day, all of the kids are in there doing
their best, and they all are bringing
something into the group.
Anyway, the kids killed it.
Thank you so much for watching.
I can't wait to see what happens next week.
I'm Todrick.
KATIE: I'm Katie.
And you're watching FYI.