First Lady Michelle Obama Kicks Off Jumping Jacks Challenge

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Al Roker: Good afternoon, everybody!
Are you all ready to move?
Children: Yeah!
Michelle Kwan: I like that.
Al Roker: Are you all ready to move?
Children: Yeah!
Michelle Kwan: We can't hear you!
Al Roker: I don't think I heard this side.
Are you ready to move?
Children: Yeah!
Al Roker: They sounded a lot louder than you guys.
Are you ready to move?
Children: Yeah!
Al Roker: Oh, there you go.
I'm Al Roker from NBC, The Today Show.
And --
Michelle Kwan: I'm Michelle Kwan, a figure skater.
Al Roker: An Olympic figure skater and part of the President's Council
on Physical Fitness.
And we're here to move.
And everybody, are you here to do sit ups?
Children: No!
Al Roker: Are you here to do pushups?
Children: No!
Al Roker: What are you here to do?
Children: Jumping jacks!
Al Roker: What are you here to do?
Children: Jumping jacks!
Michelle Kwan: All right!
Al Roker: All right, well, welcome, everybody.
Thanks for helping National Geographic Kids magazine break a
Guinness World Record for the most people doing jumping jacks!
This is the fifth GWR for National Geographic
Kids magazine.
So are you all excited about this?
Children: Yes!
Michelle Kwan: Sounds good.
Al Roker: I think they are.
And we have a very special official Jumper-in-Chief.
You know who it is?
Children: Mrs. Obama!
Al Roker: Yes, Mrs. Obama; our First Lady, Michelle Obama.
And in fact, this record attempt is in support of her Let's Move!
Initiative, which encourages kids and families to get healthy
and active.
So by being here today, you're all taking a huge step --
or should we say jump, Michelle?
Toward a healthy lifestyle.
So I'm here as an independent witness.
Joining us, of course, Michelle Kwan.
And she's also just -- I -- she's very modest,
but she is the most decorated figure skater in U.S. history.
And even as a young girl, you knew you had to move, right?
Michelle Kwan: That's right.
Lots of ice skating, lots of exercise, lots of jumping jacks.
Al Roker: All right, and she's also an independent witness,
be back there doing the official countdown by the clock.
So let's give it up for Michelle!
All right, before we get your bodies --
everybody just stand up here.
You got to shake it out because we're supposed to be moving.
Let's shake it out.
Everybody kind of --
Michelle Kwan: Don't want to pull a muscle.
Al Roker: There you go.
All right.
And while you're shaking your body,
we've got a Weird But True quiz.
Which animal -- but keep moving -- which animal runs faster?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: You don't even know -- I didn't even give you the choice yet!
You guys are -- wow.
Which animal -- which animal runs faster,
an elephant or a human?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: How many -- show of hands, how many people say elephant?
How many say human?
Well, you'd get run over by the elephant --
the elephant is faster!
All right, here's another one.
This is a Let's Move! kind of question:
Who invented the hula hoop?
Was it a.) the ancient Greeks; b.) the ancient Egyptians;
c.) the Aztecs; or d.) Justin Bieber?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: How many people say Justin Bieber?
How many people say ancient Egyptians?
How many people say the Aztecs?
How many people say the ancient Greeks?
Well, it's all Greek to me -- it was the ancient Greeks!
All right.
Now, you all know that the President's airplane is called
-- thank you, Michelle -- Air Force One.
What is the name given to him limousine?
Interstate One; Ground One; Cadillac One; or --
I like this one -- the Obama-Mobile?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: You think it's the Obama-Mobile?
You think it's Ground One?
How many people say Cadillac One?
Cadillac One is absolutely correct.
All right, here's another good Let's Move! moon.
How many years would it take you to bicycle to the moon?
Would it be 100 years; 20 years; 10 years; or 3 years?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: How many people say three years?
You're right -- it's three years!
So get on that bicycle.
And finally, which big cat can change direction in midair while
chasing prey?
Is it a.) a lion; b.) a tiger; c.) a cheetah --
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: You guys like cheetah.
I know you like that because you did that earlier.
Or d.) Garfield the Cat?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: How many people say cheetah?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: It is the cheetah!
Did you see my answer; were you cheating?
For the cheetah?
All right; now, we've got a very special treat for you.
John Cassidy holds several Guinness World Records for
speedy balloon sculpting, including creating 747 modeling
balloon sculptures in just one hour.
Guys, give it up for a man who's going to really move,
Mr. John Cassidy!
John Cassidy: Oh, thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
You guys like balloons?
Children: Yes!
John Cassidy: If you don't, this is a remarkably long show.
My name is John Cassidy; I've been making balloons longer than
your parents have been alive.
And you know what?
We both have something in common.
I'm in the Guinness Book; you guys are going to be in the
Guinness Book!
How can you not be excited about that?
But you know what?
I thought I'd teach you how to do a balloon real quick.
This is the easiest balloon you can do.
Take a rubber glove.
Hold it like this.
Hold it like this.
The easiest balloon; watch.
No music; okay.
Boom boom, boom boom.
It's a shark.
Okay, you know, okay, fine.
You don't like a shark?
What's this?
Oh, it's a cow!
Anybody want a cow?
Oh, look at this -- it's a deer.
You get to play Deer in the Headlights --
you're like, ahhh!
Wait, I need two kids who are really good at balloons,
two kids who are really good at balloons.
He's good, he's good, he's good.
You know what, you want to help?
I need a crazy kid, not a -- oh, you want to help?
Okay, you, go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Okay, you got it, got it, got it, okay, come on, hurry.
Hurry, come on up.
Okay, that's good for right now.
That's too many.
You guys are acting like children.
Perfect; who wants a cow?
Children: (shouting)
John Cassidy: No!
No fighting!
Here, for you.
Go, go, go, go.
You get the deer.
For you.
No, too many kids.
Face that way.
I picked four kids.
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Now, this -- no, no, no, no, no, no.
Bad idea, guys.
Bad idea.
Here you go, one giraffe for you.
Okay, and...whale.
Okay, guys; the rest of you guys sit down except for you and you.
You guys (indiscernible) get one for you.
You get this one.
Mickey Mouse.
Thank you very much.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Joan [phonetic], come on over here.
Do you like butterflies?
Joan: Uh, sure.
John Cassidy: I'll make a butterfly, hang on tight.
I'll get you one too, buddy.
One butterfly for you.
Hang on tight.
There you go.
For you.
Put your arms out.
This wraps right and your waist.
This is good, cars won't hit you now.
Safety is so important.
Here, hang on tight.
And I'll put this over here.
This is your horizontal wing stabilizer bar.
Here, put this on.
I wear this around the house when I feel fragile.
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
You don't have to wear anything.
Face that way.
Okay, go, go, go, go, go!
For you, how about a pumpkin?
You want a pumpkin?
Pumpkin for you; go, go, go, go.
You -- you and me.
Get over here.
Now, here's what we're going to do.
Down to you two guys.
Grab a balloon.
You're in good shape; go.
Blow as fast as you can.
Whoever gets 16 first wins.
Faster, guys, faster.
Faster; come on, buddy.
Buddy, come on; go faster.
Come on, you guys are in great shape; let's go!
You're horrible at this.
Come on, guys, I can do it -- I can do it quicker with my nose.
Do you want to see?
Check it out.
Who wants a special one?
Children: Me!
John Cassidy: No you don't.
No you don't.
Faster, blow; faster.
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
There you go.
For you.
It's a hat.
This goes on your head; this way, cars won't hit you.
Here, hang on tight.
Got something for you.
This is great late at night if you want to, like,
look in your neighbor's windows, you just, like --
do you want this?
Okay, fine.
Do you want it?
You'll take anything; I love that.
Now, do you guys want to see a magic trick --
you're not done.
You guys want to see my favorite magic trick a magic trick?
Children: Yeah!
John Cassidy: Favorite magic trick.
Now, what we need for this is -- first of all,
I should be cleaning up my mess.
Guys, don't start, it's a dark, lonely road.
There's no answer for you.
Look, I have here a deck to have cards;
every card you could possibly find.
What's your name?
Eddie [phonetic]: Eddie.
John Cassidy: What's your name?
Eddie: Eddie.
John Cassidy: Eddie.
Everyone say, hi, Eddie!
Children: Hi, Eddie!
John Cassidy: Eddie, all different cards.
Take out any card you like out of the pack,
do not let me see what it is because it makes the trick easy.
Grab a card, Eddie, grab a card.
Take one out; show it around.
Does everyone see Eddie's card?
Children: No!
John Cassidy: Eddie, show them!
I've got to clean up the stage.
Show it around, Eddie, you got it?
Put it back in the pack.
Is that card okay?
Put it back in the pack, anywhere you like.
Do you guys want -- oh, Two of Spades; this is going to
be easy.
Do you want me to find it the regular way or the weird way
with the balloon?
Children: Weird way!
John Cassidy: Weird way it is.
Now, you guys already know I like balloons.
I like balloons a lot.
Okay, bye buddy.
Someday, every American child will look like that.
That is my dream.
For you, the Cloth of Protection.
Now, the only thing I like more than balloons, guys?
Bigger balloons.
The only thing I like more than that, power tools.
Guys, cover your ears.
Guys, cover your ears, cover your ears, cover your ears.
Eddie, don't touch it because if it goes, we all go.
Give me the cards.
Cards go inside.
Shuffle them up.
Do you want me to use my hands or not use my hands?
Children: Not!
John Cassidy: Aw, man!
Got a paper cut in my eye!
You didn't think I could do it, did you?
In my mouth, I have a card.
I did not use my hands.
Was this your card?
Eddie: No.
John Cassidy: Seriously?
Look how happy you are.
You're like, I enjoy your failure.
Okay, fine.
Thanks, Eddie.
Wait, I'll get it this time.
Guys, cover your ears!
Everyone count to three.
One, two, three!
(cheering, laughter)
This, this is my favorite Halloween costume!
I like to sit on the front porch and wait for little kids.
As soon as they get close, I'm like, ahh!
Wait, back -- back to the trick!
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Wait, I'm going to do jumping jacks!
Okay, that's very hard.
Listen guys, I hope you have a really good time today.
You guys are awesome kids.
I'm so glad you're going to do the right thing,
get in the Guinness Book.
Everyone scream for yourself -- count to three.
One, two, three, go!
(children screaming)
Was that your card?
Eddie: Yes.
John Cassidy: That was his card!
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Thank you, take a bow!
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Al Roker: Let's hear it for John Cassidy!
(cheering and applause)
John Cassidy: Mr. Al Roker, thank you!
Al Roker: That was amazing.
Have you ever seen anybody get in a balloon before?
Children: No!
Al Roker: Unbelievable!
All right.
It's a hard act to follow, but we're going to give you a couple
more Weird But True questions.
A mountain climber recently carried the Olympic Torch to the
top of what?
Mount McKinley; the Swiss Alps, Bunker Hill; or Mount Everest?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: Mount Everest?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: Mount McKinley?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: Mount Everest is the correct answer.
All right, how many people here play soccer?
All right, this one's for you guys.
Soccer balls were originally made from what kind of bladders?
The bladder of a porcupine; an elephant; a worm --
little tiny soccer ball -- or a pig?
Children: A pig!
Al Roker: A pig.
A-ba-dee, a-ba-dee, that's all, folks!
You got it; it was a pig.
All right.
What -- how many people have gone to the dentist this month?
Yeah, well, guess what?
What was one set of George Washington's false teeth
made out of?
Diamonds; vanilla ice cream; coal; or hippo tusks?
Children: Hippo tusks!
Al Roker: Hippo tusks, that's correct!
All right, President Ulysses S. Grant was fined for doing this:
Singing Yankee Doodle Dandy too late at night;
walking his dog without a leash; hanging his underwear out to dry
in public; or speeding in a horse-drawn carriage?
Children: Speeding in a horse-drawn carriage!
Al Roker: That's right; he was speeding in a horse-drawn carriage.
Okay, how many people have a hamster?
How many people have hamsters as pets?
All right, then.
How many miles a night can a pet hamster run on its wheel?
One mile; eight miles; twenty miles; or none, it's sleeping?
Children: None!
Al Roker: None?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: How many people say eight miles?
You're correct, all girl scouts over there!
All right.
Now, our last question: If grasshoppers were the size of
people, could they jump the length of a tennis shoe;
an Olympic sized swimming pool; a school bus;
or a basketball court?
Children: (shouting answers)
Al Roker: It sounds like you guys think basketball court.
School bus, you think school bus?
Who says school bus?
Who says basketball court?
Basketball court!
All righty, now.
We want to introduce you to the Editor in Chief of the magazine
you love, National Geographic Kids magazine, Melina Bellows,
who's going to get you all lined up so you can be officially
counted for the record of doing what?
Children: Jumping jacks!
Al Roker: Doing what?
Children: Jumping jacks!
Al Roker: All right, Melina, they're all yours!
Come on out!
Melina Bellows: Okay, good afternoon, everybody.
Are we ready to break a Guinness World Record today?
Children: Yes!
Melina Bellows: Okay, then we need to get into formation.
Who's ready to get into formation?
All right.
Okay, so the first thing I need is,
all of the adults to get to the sides.
And at this point, I'd like all of our special volunteers to
come to the middle.
Now, once the volunteers get to the middle --
no, the volunteers are adults, we have the volunteers;
you guys are the jumpers.
Then we're going to need to form 15 lines.
So the volunteers are already -- they're all behind you.
See them waving their hands?
I need -- turn around.
Turn around.
We need to make lines behind each volunteer.
So go stand behind any of the volunteers.
Okay, it looks like we can use some people on this side;
some of the kids.
Okay, volunteers, we could use --
well, we could use some more kids up in the front.
Come up to the front, some of you guys.
Okay, everyone; pick your line.
We need about 15 kids in each line.
And right down the middle -- this is the most important part
-- we need to make an alley for the grand finale.
So we need to keep this row clear for our official
Jumper-in-Chief to get through.
Okay, Margaret [phonetic], you good down there?
Okay, when everybody's ready, when everybody has their line,
I'd like you to raise your hand so I know that everyone's ready.
Almost everyone's ready.
Some of you guys down there, come up and make these
lines longer.
Michelle, see men -- see those guys in the -- in the middle?
Need some here?
Okay, you guys are looking great out there.
Okay, now, does everyone have their line?
Now, everybody, face me.
Okay, great.
Now, you guys know why we're here, right?
We're going -- we're going to break the Guinness World Record
for most kids doing jumping jacks for one minute straight.
So the first thing we want to do is make sure that we have
enough room.
So, can everybody stand like this?
Make sure that there's an arm's length between each of you.
This first row is perfect.
Look at these guys.
Perfect row.
We want to make sure that everyone has enough room.
Okay, and we've got to keep this alley clear right through the
middle, so volunteers, if you could make sure that the kids in
this row stay on one side or the other.
You guys are looking great.
So, before we -- is everyone ready to get started?
Children: Yes!
Melina Bellows: Okay.
Before we get started, I would like to thank our
official witnesses:
Al Roker, fabulous host of the Today Show and Michelle Kwan.
They were out here greeting you earlier today.
So we'd like to thank them.
Can everyone give them some props?
(applause and cheering)
We'd also like to thank the -- our timekeepers,
the President's Council fellows, Chris Watts and
Megan Nechanicky.
And they are going to be watching all of you to make sure
that no one stops jumping once we say it's time to jump.
So, are we ready to practice a jumping jack?
Children: Yes!
Melina Bellows: I'm going to show you one and then we're all going to do one
together, okay?
So the first step is this.
The next step is this.
We're going to do five together.
Are you guys ready?
Children: Yes.
Melina Bellows: Okay, I'm going to count you off.
One, two, three, four, five.
Okay, stop, you've got to save your energy!
Okay, I think you guys are ready.
But I just need to make sure that this alley --
Showers [phonetic], turn around.
Make sure everybody is out -- Lindsey [phonetic],
out of this alley.
Julie [phonetic], great; perfect.
Okay, I think you guys are ready;
I think you guys are ready for our professional, our --
the trainer to the First Family, Cornell McClellan.
So make him proud, guys.
Have fun!
Cornell McClellan: (indiscernible) I don't need this, I'm fine.
Is this on?
Hello there, everybody.
Children: (cheering)
Cornell McClellan: Come on, louder than that.
Hello there, everybody!
Children: (cheering)
Cornell McClellan: All right, all right.
This is a wonderful day.
You all, thanks for letting me be here and do my favorite
thing, and that is, work out.
So what we're going to do, we're going to kind of get you warmed
up a little bit.
Just going to kind of do some easy movements to get you ready
to make this record.
So what I want you do is start just kind of nice, low stepping,
moving your arms just like this, just nice, low steps.
That's it.
Good job.
Good job.
Everybody moving your knees?
Nice low steps.
All right.
Now, can we take it higher?
Let's bring the knees up now, that's it, bring them up,
all the way up to the chest.
That's it.
Bring those knees up.
Look, that's it.
Looking good, looking good.
That's it.
That's it.
All right, we're going to bring them down now.
Bring them back low again.
And let's see if we can go fast now.
Take them fast, come on, fast, fast, that's it!
Nice and fast.
That's it; warm those legs up, warm those knees up,
good job, good job.
Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Fast, fast, fast!
All right, slow them down.
Slow them down.
Good job.
All right.
Now what I want you to do is, I want you to just step to your
side and bring your hands down by your feet.
That's it, just like that.
Bring your foot back, we'll go to the other side.
Step to the side, and by your foot.
Good job.
We're going to go a few more times like that.
Just kind of stretching your body out.
Get you ready for the jumping jacks.
Good job.
All right, can everybody move okay?
You got enough space?
Good job, how does the legs feel?
One more time, one more time.
Does everybody here know how to do a squat?
We're going to squat now.
We're going to work all the muscles of the body.
So let's try it.
It's going to look like this.
Let's sit back on your heels.
Bring the arms up as you go down.
Sit back on those heels.
Good job.
Very good.
Sit on down.
Come on, keep your chest up.
Make your tummy nice and tight.
That's it.
Put your weight on your heels.
Don't stop now, come on.
This is warming you up, getting you ready so we can make
that record.
Everybody ready for that record today?
Have you ever jump squat before?
Let's try this.
Now we're going to just kind of jump up and come down and squat.
Just jump up and come down and squat.
Good job.
Looks good.
Looking good to me.
And good job.
All right.
Now what I want you to do is bring your hands straight
out like so.
Separate your legs a little bit.
Now we're going to rotate your opposite side all the way
to the toe.
So just turn all the way around and touch that toe.
And come back up and go to the other side.
And excellent.
Let's switch again.
Always make sure you're keeping your tummies tight.
Pull that naval in.
Good job.
Couple more times.
And good.
All right.
Put your hands right behind your ears now.
Now we're going to rotate and bring your knee up to the elbow
like so, just like that.
Let's do a few of those.
Come on.
You're looking good!
Looking good!
That's it.
Kind of rotate.
Good job.
That's it.
Few more times.
Good job.
Make sure you're rotating, now.
This is getting your spine ready and your back ready for your
jumping jacks.
And good.
All right.
Standing right where you are, we're going to loosen
our arms up.
Bring your hands up kind of like this.
We're going to kind of throw some jabs.
Let's throw that left-hand jab.
Just jab.
Come on, that's it.
That's it.
Just jab.
Good job.
Send them straight out.
Come on.
Let's do ten in a row.
Let's do ten in a row.
Let's count them.
One, two, three -- go -- four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
Other arm.
Now we're going to cross.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Good job, good job, good job.
All right.
Now I want you to bring your feet out,
turn your toes out like this.
Good job!
And you're going to put your hands together just like this.
And now we're just going to rotate at your waist.
Bring it back to the center and then rotate to the other side.
Good job!
Just nice and twist.
Good job.
And good.
Let's make sure those legs, now, are nice and loose.
You're going to be jumping jacks for over a minute,
so we want to make sure those legs are nice and loose.
So what I want you to do now is we're going to do a lunge step
where you're going to kind of just step forward and
then step back.
Let's go with the opposite leg.
Step forward and then step back.
Step forward.
Keep your chest up.
And then step back.
Tighten that tummy.
Step forward.
Good, and then step back.
You all are ready for this.
You all are ready for this today.
You all are going to start jumping jacking;
they're going to have to stop you.
You won't be able to stop; you're going to be so
good at this.
Come on.
Good job.
And then back.
Very good.
Couple more times.
Good job!
And then back.
Forward, good.
And then back.
Good job.
Give yourself a hand.
Give yourself a hand.
All right, now I want you to kind of cross your leg over,
put your left leg over to the right.
And you're going to take in a deep breath.
Bring it all the way in through your nose,
all the way down to the tummies, and then up, back up and out.
And you're going to just kind of lean over and reach down and
reach for the ground.
And good.
Come on now.
We're going to go to the other side.
Bring it over.
Right leg over to the left.
And you're going to kind of reach down.
Good job.
Kind of stretching.
And then come back up.
Good job.
All right, we're going to finish with a blast.
Let's go like this now.
We're going to do a crisscross that'll get you ready for
the real deal.
So we're going to go crisscross the legs just like this.
That's it.
This is getting you ready.
Good job.
Five, four, three, two, one.
All right.
Give yourself a hand.
Good job, y'all.
Al Roker: All right!
You guys look fantastic out there.
Everybody all warmed up?
Children: Yeah!
Al Roker: Yeah, all right.
Well, now we want to introduce the Guinness World Records
spokesperson, Mr. Stuart Claxton.
Ladies and gentlemen, Stuart Claxton!
(cheering and applause)
Stuart Claxton: Great.
Good afternoon, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,
members of the press.
It's certainly a pleasure and an honor for Guinness World Records
to be here on such a special occasion.
Firstly, we'd like to thank National Geographic Kids
magazine and the wonderful team there for putting such a great
event together.
We would also like to thank the Let's Move! Initiative for
giving us such an important cause to rally around,
as well as all those present today who are participating in
such a mass global event we are here to celebrate.
And of course, First Lady Michelle Obama and the White
House for giving us such a wonderful setting in which to
kick off today's record attempt.
For over 50 years now, Guinness World Records has been
chronicling records all over the world,
and today is no exception.
It was in 1955 that the very first Guinness World Records
book was published, and it is a testament not only to that book
but to all those record breakers out there that we are here with
you today.
Now, the Guinness World Record, just to remind you,
you're about to attempt is for the most people doing jumping
jacks in multiple locations in 24 hours,
which stands today at 20,425.
Pretty impressive.
Are you going to break it?
Children: Yes!
Stuart Claxton: Upon successful completion of the record,
not only will you be featured in a book that is published all
over world in over 100 countries in 25 languages,
but you will also join an elite group of record breakers such as
Frank Giannino, Jr., who ran across the United States in the
fastest time ever: 46 days, 8 hour, and 36 minutes;
Lhakpa Sherpa, who has climbed Mount Everest more than any
other woman, a record five times; and Jake Lonsway,
who holds the record for the largest bowl of plastic wrap
ever created, coming in at 281 pounds and measuring
11 feet wide.
Jake Lonsway, by the way, is 11 years old.
And to serve as inspiration, you'll also be joining a
fantastic collection of other mass participation records,
such as: The most people hula hooping, 2,496;
most people dribbling a basketball, 7,556;
and the most people jumping rope, which stands at 3,105.
Now, breaking a record is -- Guinness World Record is all
about challenging yourself and going for it; committing.
You don't have to be a super athlete or an astronaut or a
celebrity to break a world record.
Just be yourself and be the best you can be in whatever
field you choose.
And at Guinness World Records, we also believe record breaking
should be fun.
So even though I must remain impartial,
I encourage everyone who is jumping to make sure you have
some good old fashioned fun.
We wish you all the very best of luck as you jump your way into
the Guinness World Records book and become officially amazing.
Thank you!
Al Roker: And now let's welcome back Melina Bellows,
plus the Chairman and CEO of the National Geographic Society,
Mr. John Fahey.
John Fahey: Thank you, Al.
Hey, Melina, I don't know about you,
but I am really happy to be here as we try to break --
well, we break the world's record for most people doing
jumping jacks in 24 hours.
Are we going to break that record, guys?
Children: Yes!
John Fahey: Only 10 minutes to go.
You know, National Geographic Kids is all about young people
exploring the world and adventure.
You guys like to explore, right?
Children: Yes!
John Fahey: Okay.
Melina Bellows: So, today we're going to explore breaking this world record.
And we are so thrilled that you guys are here because today,
you guys are the stars.
You guys are going to officially kick off our Guinness
World Record.
And at 3:00 on the nose, the clock is going to start.
And within the next 24 hours, kids all over the world --
Lithuania, South Africa, Hawaii, London, everywhere in between --
are going to be doing jumping jacks.
But you guys are going to be the very,
very first to start us off.
Are you ready?
Children: Yes!
Melina Bellows: Okay.
John Fahey: So how's it feel to be first and everyone else following you guys
all around the world?
Pretty cool!
Hey, listen, we have to thank once again --
I know you've heard it already, but the First Lady,
Michelle Obama, for allowing us to do this here at
the White House.
What do you think?
What a cool place to be.
(cheering and applause)
And of course, we want to thank the White House staff as well
for all the work that they've done.
And, you know, National Geographic is really,
really supportive of this whole Let's Move! Initiative.
Melina Bellows: Yes, we'd also like to thank Stuart Claxton and all of our
friends at the Guinness World Records.
Since 2004, National Geographic Kids magazine has set four
Guinness World Records.
And we're setting our fifth today at the White House.
And Stuart, I hope you're as proud as we are.
So before we get started, we need to just make sure that this
alley right here is completely clear for our special, special,
special official Jumper-in-Chief.
Back to you, John.
John Fahey: Okay.
So who here likes to stay home and not do too much,
just be lazy?
Children: (cheering)
John Fahey: No, no, no.
Who likes to get out and do great things all the time?
Children: (cheering)
John Fahey: Who thinks it's fun to exercise and to go for hikes and check
out your neighborhood?
Well, you know, it really is.
And that's what this whole Let's Move! Initiative's all about.
And I think -- you know, I'm looking at the clock,
but I think we ought to get going really soon.
So it's my great pleasure -- and let's all have a huge round of
applause, everyone -- let's pay attention --
a huge round of applause for the Jumper-in-Chief of the United
States, the First Lady of our United States,
Mrs. Michelle Obama!
(cheering and applause)
First Lady Michelle Obama: Wow!
You guys look great!
Welcome to the White House!
Isn't this exciting?
All right.
I'm going to do a few things.
I want to thank John and Melina for that introduction.
We have to thank National Geographic Kids for all their
hard work on this event and all the other events,
all the other jumping that's going around all around the
country and the world.
You know that?
You're a part of something that's happening around the
world; isn't that exciting?
Children: Yes!
First Lady Michelle Obama: And I also want to thank Stuart and Guinness Book of World
Records, who are here making sure we get recorded.
And I know you all will be watching closely so that
everyone -- you guys have to stay in your lines, right?
Stay in order, because they'll need to be able to count
everyone, right?
So we've got to cooperate.
And I have to thank our dear friend Al Roker for hosting
today's pre-program.
He is terrific, one of our favorites.
And also to Michelle Kwan who is way in the back who's going to
be helping us out today.
Michelle has been terrific.
She is always moving.
And I know that we have some great schools here.
So when you hear your school -- let me hear if you're here.
We've got Hampstead Hill Academy.
Where are you?
Children: (cheering)
First Lady Michelle Obama: The Paul Public Charter School.
Children: (cheering)
First Lady Michelle Obama: We've got Lake Ridge Elementary school.
Children: (cheering)
First Lady Michelle Obama: Ah, these are my mob -- my flash mob buddies --
John Eaton Elementary School.
Children: (cheering)
First Lady Michelle Obama: Yeah!
Stuart-Hobson Middle School, where are you?
Children: (cheering)
First Lady Michelle Obama: And Watkins Elementary School.
Children: (cheering)
First Lady Michelle Obama: All right, you all give yourselves a big round
of applause.
All right, you guys.
I'm the First Lady.
I get to do a lot of cool things.
But this is really exciting.
I never thought in my entire life that I would be here today
to break a Guinness World Record.
And I'm here doing it with all of you.
And that makes it even more fun because the whole country,
the world is going to see just how much fun we can have,
not just breaking a world record,
but also doing some exercise, right?
Because that's one of my big things.
Let's Move! is about kids eating healthy and moving and staying
active so you all are ready for life and for all the challenges
that you're going to face.
And what we're going to show people today is that moving
is fun, right?
You can do it just dancing around your backyard.
You can get moving if you're walking your dog.
Or you can get moving doing some jumping jacks, right?
Children: (cheering)
First Lady Michelle Obama: There are so many ways to keep moving.
So I want you all -- are you ready?
Are we ready?
All right everybody, you got to get back in your lines.
We can't start.
The clock, it's ticking.
I want everybody up here.
You guys, get in your lines.
Let me see you in your lines.
Al Roker: Simon says touch your nose.
Simon says touch your head.
Touch your ear.
But you don't go anywhere.
Don't move.
Simon says rub your belly.
Oh, very good.
Didn't catch all of you.
All right.
Simon says do this.
Simon says do this.
Simon says do this.
Do this.
Simon says do this.
Simon says do this.
Simon says do this.
Do this.
That's like a jumping jack.
All right.
Simon says stand on one leg.
Simon says stand on two legs.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Thank you.
Al Roker: Simon says, stand on no legs.
No, only kidding.
Only kidding.
All right.
I've got a -- this is a Let's Move! joke.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Okay.
Al Roker: What did the snail say on top of the turtle?
Kind of describes my running.
Now, how many of you have before been part of a world record?
Some of you have been part of a world record?
That's pretty impressive.
And what's great is, you're -- guess what?
Tomorrow morning, on the Today Show on NBC, WRC Channel 4 here,
we are going to take part in the jumping jack world record.
So if you know anybody in the New York area,
you've got to call them up and tell them to come on down to
Rockefeller Plaza and take part in our jumping jack world
record breaker.
It's going to be coast to coast, worldwide.
First Lady Michelle Obama: It's going to be good.
Al Roker: It's going to be good.
First Lady Michelle Obama: It's going to be good.
Al Roker: All right.
So now we are counting down.
We've got just a minute 30 to go.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Oh, my goodness.
Al Roker: Michelle Kwan is going to be part of this.
We've got supervisors back there.
We've got timekeepers.
This is a very, very complicated and intricate operation.
Many people are involved.
So many people I can't even count.
In fact, it's a world record number of people keeping count.
So we're getting ready.
Michelle, are you ready?
Michelle Kwan: I'm ready, Al.
Al Roker: You're ready.
Timekeepers, are you ready?
All right.
Mrs. Obama, are you ready?
First Lady Michelle Obama: Yes, I am.
Al Roker: She's getting ready to get down there.
Guys, you've got to stay in your lines.
You've got to stay in your lines.
All right.
Now, on the count of three, I want everybody to turn around
and face the clock.
All right?
And stay in your lines.
Turn around.
Face the Washington Monument.
All righty.
Everybody get ready.
This is the moment we've been waiting for.
You guys are about to help break a Guinness World Record.
Are you ready to do it?
Children: (cheering)
Al Roker: Are you ready to do it?
Children: (cheering)
Al Roker: All right, Michelle Kwan, take it away!
Michelle Kwan: I am ready, Al.
First Lady's ready.
I'm going to count down now.
When it hits ten -- ready.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, go!
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Michelle Kwan: All right!
Keep it up.
Let's go, let's go!
You got to keep up with the First Lady!
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Come on, you guys.
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Only 40 seconds left.
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Come on, keep it up!
30 seconds left, just 30 seconds.
Come on, Cornell!
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
You've got to keep up with the First Lady, let's go, let's go,
let's keep moving!
♪♪(music playing)♪♪
Ten, night, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
All right!
Great job, you guys!