Weight Loss and Cardio workout with resistance bands

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Speaker 1: Starting with the jumping jacks, ready, go. Good, pick it up, pick it up. This
is going to be a long set. We're going to move through several different exercises that's
going to get your heart rate up. We've got to push and get your mind right for every
one of these reps. We're going jumping jacks and we're going to combine it with several
other exercises that's really going to get you going.
All right, into the split squat. Little hops, little hops to get yourself in a rhythm, good.
Chest stays up. We got the knee forward. Come on push yourself at home. Good, good. Three,
two, one, jumping jacks, jumping jacks, jumping jacks. Good, come on push, push yourself,
push yourself, push yourself. Good. Come on pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. Think
about your heart rate. You want to start feeling that thing beating in your chest. This is
cardio now we got to push. A little bit straighter arms get more range
of motion. The more we move the more muscles we fire, the faster we're going to get results.
You know the routine. Now back to the split squats, back to the split squats. Good. Legs
are going to start burning, hearts going to start beating fast, lungs are going to burn.
You got to want it. You got to push here. Good. Little depth, little depth, little depth.
Jumping jacks to finish, jumping jacks to finish. You're break is right around the corner.
This is the time to shine. Come on push yourself. Think about getting that heart rate up to
18, 19. Want to beat at 180 and we got to push. Here we go, four, three, two, one, deep
breath. If you're breathing heavy. If that heart is
beating, slow down, go at your pace. Hands on top of your head. Take deep breaths in
your nose, out your mouth. This is when we really got to start taking it up a notch.
This is toward the end of your workouts, a lot of cardio, a lot of results. You can do
it all right. Deep breath. We got about ten seconds of rest then we're moving right on.
Big breath here. Slow that heart rate down. Remember you take that heart rate on a roller
coaster that's when you see a lot of fat burn results. That long cardio stuff where you
have 100 beats per minute, 110 beats per minute is not going to get you where you want to
be. Pick up the pace here. We got jumping jacks.
Ready, go. Good. There we go. Got the bands on. Make sure you got the right level resistance.
If you're strong enough to be in the greens then you got to be in the greens. Don't stay
back and use the reds. Push yourself, use the right level of resistance, and you're
going to get killer results here. Good, split squats. Get a little bit depth, little bit
of depth. Little bit of pace. Good, push, push, push. Good, good. Four, three, two,
one, jumping jacks, jumping jacks, jumping jacks, jumping jacks.
Good, good, good. Come on pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. Good. There you go. Only
got five seconds, five seconds, come on. Dig, dig, dig, dig. All right split squats. Going
for a leg burn. Trying to get your heart rate, right here. Come on. A little bit of depth.
The more depth you get the more your quads are going to fire, better your legs are going
to look. The more you fire the deeper you get the more your butts going to fire. That's
going to burn more calories a lot faster. We got jumping jacks, here we go. Pick it
up, pick it up, pick it up. Good. You got a great pace, great pace at home. Keep pushing,
keep pushing. Got to breathe, in your nose, out your mouth. In your nose, out your mouth.
Good. Split squat. Here we go. Got to get your mind right. This is tough. This is tough
stuff, but we're going for maximum amount of results. You've got to concentrate. We've
got eight seconds push through here. Come on. Three, two, one, jumping jacks. Got to
finish strong, got to finish strong, got to finish strong. Good. Push, push, push. Here
we go. Come on twelve seconds. Twelve seconds is right around the corner. You've got to
want this here. You're lungs are burning. You're tired. I know you are. You got to push.
Three, two, relaxing. A little bit of an extended break now. We're
going to take your heart rate down. You're probably through the roof. That's where I
want you. That's where you need to be all right. Take a deep breath. Slow your body
down. Shake your arms out a little bit. Your shoulders might be tight from all the jumping
jacks. Bend down and touch your toes. Get your ham strings loose. If you're feeling
real tight this is a good time take some deep breaths and get a little bit of water. Don't
drink too much. You get too much in there you're sides are going to start hurting and
we don't that. We're still going to keep pushing. We're just going to slow you down a little
bit here. About 20 seconds then we're going to go right back in it. Walk around a little
bit, catch your breath. Good. Quads might even be tired. Your legs
might be tired. This is a good workout. Come on push yourself. Get ready to rock. We got
about ten seconds, good. We're going into the jumping jacks, not just yet. We're going
to go jumping jacks. We're going to go into a different move. Take a look here. You're
going to get a wide knee. You're going to set a goal with your hands up high. You're
going to come up here and you're going to open up your hips. Your hips are in charge
of everything. It's in charge of flexibility, your mobility, the way you control your body.
We want to strengthen these throughout our workouts. We're going to open our hip and
put it back down. Don't come out front. We want to get out here
wide. Going to get just like this. Going to start burning your legs. It's going to be
a little bit of a shorter set paired up with jumping jacks we're going to pick up the pace.
Let's start with jacks. Ready, go. Good. Little bit straighter arms. Make sure you're not
getting all curled up here. We want to be long arms, moving muscles. There we go. Bands
are stretching, might fire you butt a little bit. That's what we want. Good, good. Come
on. Four, three, two, one. Big tall chest, hands are up in the air. We're going wide
knees, shooting up there. Keep the arms up. Good.
Now she's got great range of motion. That's where you need to be. If you're a little lower,
if this is your maxed out right here, that's okay. Start there and then start moving for
more range of motion. If you start getting into the green bands and it gives a little
less range of motion, work for that strength. Try to get them up there. We got three, two,
one, jumping jacks. Good. A high intensity workout is going to get you results. It's
going to help you burn fat. I'm not going to waste your time here, but you got to work.
You got to want it. You got to have to push. Come on here we go. Little bit stronger arms,
little straighter arms. Good. Dig it, dig it, dig it. Good. Deep breaths keep breathing.
Four, three, two, one, deep breaths as we start here. Now breathe in the nose and out
the mouth as you get them knees up. Chest stays high. We want to drop back in the hips.
Lift up here so we get a little burn in our quads. A little burn in our butt. That's where
you need to be. Guys this is good for you too. If you develop your hips and you get
strength you're going to have better balance, better mobility. Like I said these are all
big, big factors in the way you compete if you're an athlete or even to your whole entire
fitness level. You got to get strong through your hips, very important.
We got four, three, two, one, jumping jacks. Come on now. This is tough, this is tough.
A lot of cardio, a lot of heart rate. Come on dig in. Here we go. Good, good, good. You're
doing great. Come on push, push yourself. She's got a great pace at home. Make sure
you're doing your best. If you can keep up with, if you can beat her you've got to push.
If you give 100 percent effort you're going to get 100 percent of the results that your
body can give you. Keep pushing. Five, four, three, two. Good. Legs are up wide. We're
touching elbows. We got a break right after this and then the
jumping jack sets. Get going. Don't hold back. There's no reason to wait. You got a break
coming up so let's get it going. Good. Make sure you got your towel close because you're
going to start sweating. Come on get them up, get them up, get them up. Wider legs,
wider legs, reach out wide. You're quads are burning. You're legs are burning. I know they
are. Come on you got to dig here. You got to dig. We got six reps. One, two, three,
four, five, six, good. Jumping jacks. Finish strong. 30 seconds, 30o seconds. Got to dig,
got to dig. Good. Those quads are burning. You can stop for a second. You can take deep
breath. We're going to keep going here, but you just push yourself, give it everything
you got. Good. Come on now. We got 12 seconds, 12 seconds. Dig in. Four, three, two, one,
relax. If you're new to K-bands, if you're new to them you're going to notice that even
through cardio you're legs are going to burning way more than normal. That's okay. You've
got to make sure that you stretch a little bit throughout your workouts. You've got to
make sure that you are ready to work. You've got to warm up before you work out with them.
Why do I use them? Why do I train with them? Because you're going to get more results faster.
Going to get more results faster because your legs are firing through every normal movement.
They are a great tool. A great way to get more results. Push yourself. Man, woman alike
their going to give you great results because your heart rate increases easier. The more
muscles we fire, the more results we get because we're burning up more calories. We're working
more muscles. Strap on the bands. Make sure you got the
right level of resistance. If you're using reds this week, next week use the greens.
Let's get to work. We got jumping jacks. Ready, go. Good. Getting to the home stretch. Getting
to the home stretch here. Good, keep breathing, keep breathing. Got to love to work out. Come
on push. Very good, very good and relax. We're going to a RDL. Legs are going to stay straight.
We got a flat back. You're going to reach down touch the floor. You're alternating legs.
All about balance. All about control. Very good.
Now remember if those legs are a little shaky we're doing a lot of cardio here so you want
to slow the pace. Most important part if that your back is flat. That foot is even with
your back and you're flat. You got to work to get it up there because you're tired. You're
feeling a little bit exhausted, but that's okay. We're going to work on a little bit
of strength. We're going to work on mobility while we're tired. Stay under control drive
that heel tot eh back wall. Don't think about your toe, think about your heel. Heel all
the way back. There you go, good. If you can't get to the floor that's okay
too. If you're right here and you've got to stop and that's all the farther your body
can stay flat, that's all right. Reach it down, get as low as you can and as you keep
going get down there a little farther. They say then you transition. You start wearing
the green bands. It starts getting a little bit more resistance. My backsides burning
more. My hips are burning. Don't pull down quite so far. Build your strength. Challenge
your body each and every week. That's what it's all about.
Good, two more. One, two, stand it up. Take a deep breath. We got about 10 seconds we
want to get back into jumping jacks here. Right back in this is the home stretch. Deep
breath. Jumping jacks, lets rock. Good push it now. Push. Don't be lazy with these knees
when you're doing jumping jacks. If you got the bands on your knees may feel like you
want to slide them in. As you get tired you want to concentrate more on getting them out.
Every time you stretch those bands out your glutes are going to fire.
If you want to lose weight that's what it's all about, burning big muscle groups, that's
what it's all about. Good, come on push, push. Power through the bands. Keep working, keep
working. We got six more seconds. Come on now, come on now. Three, two, one, relax then
going back to the RDL's. Touching the toe or just the floor out in front is fine. Getting
down in there. Good flat back, very good. You're breathing while you're doing this.
You're breathing in your nose and out your mouth. You're trying to slow your heart rate
down. We're trying to get it up and let it come down. Drive it up, let it come down.
That's the name of the game, high intensity work outs burning fat. That's what we're doing
here. Good. Knee to the wall just as we talked about.
Drive this knee, or this heel to the wall, excuse me. Heel to the wall. Good. Nice flat
back. Very nice job. She's got pretty good form here. Make sure that you're seeing the
same thing. Make sure you check yourself out in the mirror. Do an RDL off the side. Look
in the mirror. Make sure that your backs flat. Make sure your chest is up. There's a lot
of different things you can do. You can drop your shoulders. You can slouch your body and
you're not going to get the same results. What is this goofy moving doing for you? I
told you you're working on mobility, you're working on balance, but you got to know that
your whole core is connected. If you can hold this flat back while you exercise you're going
to be a lot better off in everything you do. Core is the name of the game. We got three.
We got three, two, one. Nice flat back, good pace. Last one, last one. Here you go. Good.
We're finishing here. We got split squats. We're going to really blow it out here for
this last set. Split squats, ready, go. Here we go. Pick
it up, pick it up, pick it up. We're going to give a big leg burn. We're going to jump
a heart rate. We're going to really push you. Come on. Good jumping jacks. We got a combination
of every rep you've done. Got to dig, got to dig. Four, three, two, split squats. Come
on push yourself at home. This is the home stretch. You got to give it everything you
got. You got to want to jump your heart rate here at the end. Three, two, jumpingjacks
come on. Keep the pace, keep the pace. You got to remember to breath. This is tough.
This is high intensity. It's fast paced. You got to keep breathing.
We got one more split squat. Here we go. We got eight, seven, six, five, four, three,
two, jumping jacks. Come on here we go. This is tough. I know your burning. I know your
lungs are burning. I know your legs are tired. You want to sit down, but not yet, not yet.
Three, two, one. Get your knees out wide. Knees out wide, knees out wide. Got to touch.
If you can think about squeeze your oblates as you get them up. Squeeze your oblates and
you're going to work your core as well here too. That's what it's all about working more
muscles groups. Three, two, jumping jacks got to push. Here
we go. Got to feel the end, got to want the end and here we are. Work through it. You
got to push through. Here we go. Come on, come on. Good. Five, four, three, two, touch
the knees, get them up, get them up. Come on now this is a big time work out. Don't
quit now. You got to want it here and you got to want to dig through. You're bodies
burning. You're tired. Your arms are heavy. Get them up and stay strong. Here we go, get
them up. Three, two, one jumping jacks. Come on push, push, very nice, very nice. You got
to want these results. It's not easy, it's not easy. Come on digging down, digging down.
Four, three, two, one. We got ten RDL's right into it. We're finishing with a long set of
jumping jacks and that's it. Come on now. Nice and control. That heart rates going to
slow just a little bit and then we're going to get it right back up. Got to get right
into this set. Don't stand around there, right into it. Come on, there you go. Stay under
control. Your legs are tired. You got to be under control. Slow down, good. Don't rush
through it. Just an easy 10 and then we go. Very good, very good, finishing up, finishing
up. I know your legs are trembling. I know they
hurt. I know your butts burning. That's all right, its cardio. Let's move. Come on finish
strong, finish strong. Right into the jumping jacks after your 10. Right into them, big
pace. We got a 40 second reps here. 40 seconds you got to dig, you got to finish strong.
There's no holding back now. This is the last set. This is all you got until you get a little
drink. You get to slow down, get your heart rate down, not yet. You got to push. You got
to want it. Let's dig, come on. Come on now pick it up, long arms, finish
strong, finish strong. Keep breathing, keep breathing. You got 16 seconds, 16. Come on
push, push. Dig. A little faster, little faster. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. You can
do it. Dig, dig, dig. Seven, six, push yourself, three, two, one, relax then. Way to push yourself
through the work out.