Dostana (2008) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 2

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Kunal? - Sam, right?
Right. Right.
Look, dude I'm really sorry, but I'm in a hurry.
Why don't you get another cab?
Wait a minute. Why should I get another cab?
I stopped this one first
No, dude. I stopped this cab first.
No, I stopped it first. It's my cab.
No, dude. It's my cab.
Hey, bro! This is my cab. Do you guys want to tell me..
..where you want to go or do you want to get off?
5th and Alpine..
1 6 B.
1 6th floor. The elevators are that way.
It's strange how we keep bumping into each other
It's like fate
But what matters is who's fated to get this house.
Come in.
Hey! Why are you scaring me?
Hey! You're lndian.
No, I'm Chinese.
Is this your house?
No, it's the neighbours'. Shall I call them?
No, no. We've come to check out the house.
Did you check it out? Is it good? Now leave.
What do you mean? - I mean, didn't the agent tell you..
..that 'baby' lives alone over here.
Look, Baby..
Excuse me. Men aren't allowed here.
I want girls even in the two vacant rooms here.
After all, it's a question of our security and honour.
Did you hear that?
Yes, security and honour. But whose?
No that.. there are two rooms..
You said sweet, you're hitting on me.
No.. - Get out! - No, no.. - Out!
No.. - Out!
Ma'am.. - Out! Out! Get out! - No, wait. Wait..
Out! Get out! Scoundrel!
No boys, only girls.
Even we want that, but not in that sense.
Hey! Do you want a hot dog? - Sure.
So what else do you do other than bumping into me everywhere?
I work at Howard Medical Centre. Two please!
Oh doctor? That's cool!
No, I'm actually a nurse.
Do you also have to wear a short skirt?
That's a very old one.
What do you do?
I'm a photographer.
Cool! So do you.. with the models.. you know..
Radical! When did you come from lndia?
Three years ago.
You've been looking for a house for three years?
I live at a friend's place. But I have to vacate now.
That too in two week's.
Tough luck, dude! - Yes!
Sir, are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine. Really, I'm just.. it's just that my boyfriend..
..has been sent to lraq and I'm here and..
..we were so happy after Afghanistan..
Everything was perfect.
I mean, we were like the perfect family and I just saw..
..the two of you standing here and you look so happy.
My God! You just reminded me so much of us.
I mean, really. God bless you both, I mean..
I really wish you all the happiness! - Thank you.
Are you crazy?! - Listen to me. - Don't touch me!
Oh man! I'm not like that. You're like my brother.
I mean, you are my brother. Albeit from another mother..
..but you're my brother.
Look, brother from another mother.
You may be desperate, but I'm not.
Do whatever you want to.
Come on buddy. Had I been able to do it alone..
..then I'd have done it.
But she won't believe my word alone.
Listen to me.
Look, even you agree that the apartment is brilliant.
Correct? Right.
If we have to lie to an old 'Baby' that we're gay.. order to get that house, then what difference does it make?
It does make a difference. I'm not gay.
I know. I know this. You know this.
And if you wish, I shall inform every girl in Miami..
..that you like girls. We just won't tell Baby about it.
Think about it. That apartment has two rooms.
The apartment is within our budget.
And you're more desperate than me.
I mean, you have a deadline of two weeks. That's why..
What do you say? Are you gay?
You've come back!
Are you taking advantage of Baby just because she's alone
No, no. No, you're mistaken about us.
What do you mean?
Shall we come in and explain?
Are you trying to be naughty?
No, no. I'm taking permission.
What are you looking around for?
Do you intend to steal?
No, you're very funny. Actually we should've told you earlier..
..that we can rent this house.
How can you rent it? I told you that only girls are allowed.
We're both are girls.
Kunal and I are together.
Yes, I can see that.
No, I mean we're with each other.. you know..
What are you saying? I don't understand.
Kunal is a special friend of mine.
My most special friend.
Yes, now I understand. Today's friendship day.
Happy friendship day. Happy friendship day.
We're gay. He's my boyfriend.
Oh God! Oh, my God!
Relax. Relax. Don't worry.
Relax, sit down. Relax. Sit. Sit..
Relax, aunty. We're telling you this.. that you think carefully before deciding.
Exactly. And if there are two girls staying here instead of us..
..then just think about what could possibly happen.
They'd bring their boyfriends here at night..
..and then there would be parties, cigarettes, booze, fooling around..
Oh, my God!
Yes. But if there are two guys like us..
..then there's no question of a third person..
..because we're already together and will always be.
Isn't it, Kunal?
Moreover, as you said, there's the security angle too.
If two guys like us, strong and fit..
..stay with you, then you'll have security too. Isn't it?
Plus aunty, who pays attention to age these days?
You live alone in such a big house, anything can happen..
Why are you scaring me? Anyway, I don't stay here.
Neha stays here.
Yes, my niece.
Girl?! - Sister's?!
Sit quietly over here. I'll be right back. - Okay.
What's this twist in the story?
Where did her sister's.. Neha crop up from?
Okay. I'm going.
Going? Wait, sit down. You talk about..
..Ieaving at the slightest. Just wait. Let me think.
Got it. Listen. I guess we'll have to tell Neha the same thing that..
..we told aunty.
Are you crazy? One by one.
Do you want to tell everybody that we both are..
That we're gay. Kunal, you're such a..
Think about it.
If the aunt is like this, then how do you think Neha will be?
If I had my way, then I'd say this to aunty's entire family let alone Neha.