Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

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JADEN: I'm ready…to take off some extra pounds.
PREMA: To look at what I'm eating and how much.
CARSON: To get to a healthy weight and feel good while
doing it.
JOSEPH: To add more activity to my life. Spend a few
minutes with us. Chances are you'll pick up some good tips to help you with your journey
to reaching a healthy weight.
JADEN: And keeping it off. Our first tip? Set a weight
goal with your doctor.
I'm done rationalizing that I'm just big-boned. Or I'm destined to be overweight, since being
large runs in my family. Truth is, I need to get to a healthier weight. No more excuses.
My doctor helped me set a reasonable weight goal. She told me my BMI -- or body mass index
-- is 29, which means I’m overweight.
To be at a healthy weight, I need to have a BMI under 25.
For me, that means I need to lose about 30 pounds.
Hey, that’s not so bad. I can do that. I've set mini-goals and rewards along the way.
For every 5 pounds lost, I'm planning on buying a bottle of nail polish or treating myself
to a movie.
Go to www dot health dot gov forward slash BMI to find out your BMI. Just type in your
height and weight. It’s really simple.
Set a goal with your doctor and then take small steps. I’ve already started eating
healthier. Today's tips will get you on the road.
CARSON: Like Jaden, I'm also on my way. In fact, I've
lost 20 pounds already! I'm here to go over Tip number 2: Eat less. Here are a few things
you might want to try.
Limit high-calorie snacks. Instead of chips, I get my crunch from bell peppers with a bit
of hummus. Hits the spot. And better for me!
And try to limit the sweets. Instead of cookies, satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of fresh
fruit. Or fruit mixed into plain yogurt.
Beverages can mean a lot of empty calories. Drink a small glass of juice instead of the
big-sized one. Personally, I cut way back on soft drinks and I’m seeing a difference
on the scale.
PREMA: Wow, Carson. Great tips. I'm going to talk
about Tip 3: Track what you eat and drink. It gives you a good idea of what you are really
eating, how much, and when.
Now, here are 3 ways to track: Keep a notebook nearby and write down everything
you eat and drink. Or log in your food at www dot choosemyplate dot gov -- click on
the “supertracker” button. Or take a photo with your cell phone to remind you of what
you eat. After seeing a bunch of food photos one weekend, I said, “Enough of this mindless
eating!” Tracking works. Give it a try.
JOSEPH: Our final tip -- Tip 4 is to get active. Physical
activity burns calories. And that helps you lose weight and keep it off.
There’s a website I want you to visit: www dot health dot gov forward slash PA guidelines.
This site gave me tips on how to get active and stay active.
It can help you find activities that you enjoy and plan them into your week. I try to do
something for at least 10 minutes at a time to get the health benefits.
Which things would you like to try to add activity to your day?
Walk at lunch…Hike with the kids…Ride a bike…Take up a sport -- even just jogging
in place while you watch TV.
It's up to you.
JADEN: Remember, adding activity to your life will
burn calories.
PREMA: And so now, there you have it…
CARSON: 4 great tips to help you reach a healthy weight.
JADEN: Learn your BMI and set a healthy goal weight.
CARSON: Pick the way you want to eat less. Pick healthier
snacks. Skip dessert or just take a bite to satisfy. Cut back on high-calorie beverages.
PREMA: Track what you eat.
JOSEPH: Find an activity that you enjoy. Then do it!
JADEN: Remember: small changes can make a big difference.
PREMA: What will you do today to aim for a healthy
VOICE-OVER ANNOUNCER: For more information, go to www dot health
dot gov forward slash dietary guidelines. This presentation was brought to you by the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.