Caribbean, Mexico and other tropical cruise destinations with Holland America Line

Uploaded by HollandAmericaFan on 27.01.2011

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Our version of tropical cruising...
a bit more refined.
Where warm waters meet warm and impeccable service
and the stately blue hulls of our ships sail through balmy trade winds.
With a range of intriguing itineraries --
Caribbean, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera,
the Panama Canal, and others --
we know you'll find our version of unwinding in the tropics truly different.
Half Moon Cay, our private island in the Bahamas,
boasts a 2-mile crescent of perfect sand,
protected by a calm and brilliant turquoise lagoon.
Here guests have the unique opportunity
to ride specially trained quarter horses through the sparkling surf,
make friends with stingrays,
or how about taking off on an AquaTrax watercraft adventure.
Onboard, learn the magic of Caribbean and Latin American cuisines
through hands-on cooking classes in our Culinary Arts Center,
presented by Food & Wine magazine.
And we offer our guests deeper insight and a wide range of enrichment talks,
spending more time in port
to appreciate the unique cultural assets of the places we visit.
Our routes are designed to take you not just from island to island,
but from one memorable experience to the next...
courtesy of Holland America Line.