Azonto In Real Life 2 (ft. itztiffany)!!! (Too Much - Vol. 2)

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How are you?
I want us to meet and grab a drink...
How does that sound? You these guys are the ones going about messing with our daughters.
This is Apush.
I think you got a wrong number.
My friend gave you my number. He's said you're very pretty and I'd like to hang out with you.
But where do I know you?
Wow, you sound like someone with a lot of Swagg!
Okay, I'll text you address to where I am right now.
- Vera, what am I hearing? - What are you hearing?
Vera, you're pretty!!!
What the hek do you think you are doing???
Where's the paper the girl gave me???
- Yo Apush, I can't find the paper the girl gave me! - You didn't save the number on your phone???
Did you take the number with you to the party?
The song is #Dope!!!
- So what's up for tonight?
Our friend is having a party and so that's where we're going.
You give me your number and I'll call you.
Ah! You gave the paper with the number to the girl???
I think I had drunk about 4 bottles of beer!
Did you have the same number as Ju Nior?
Oh, Anabel? I called her but her mom did some wack stuff. I'm on my way to Germany to look for Sweetie.
How you gonna pick Sweetie over Anabel?
That's him, I'll kill him!
- Apush, who's this? What have you done to him? - I took his girlfriend!!!
I want you back. Hold my hands, don't talk.
Let's go on a date tonight!
I'll come scoop you up!
God, I thank you!!!
- Who's this? - It's Julie. You don't remember me?
I met this girl called Anabel and I like her now so I don't like you any more.