Get an Oxford BA (Hons) in 2 years

Uploaded by gowildnetwork on 01.09.2012

The Department for Culture pays tribute this week to the timeless work of a genius of literature.
"The Prince of Wits", the most renowned Spanish novelist of all time
who also was a poet, a playwright and a boundless dreamer: Don Miguel de Cervantes.

Come to Southbank this weekend and celebrate the legacy

of this prodigy with live performances of his masterpiece Don Quijote de la Mancha.

Cervantes said: 'Diligence is the mother of good fortune, but laziness gets you nowhere.'

Today we wish the same to British youth,
who has never had it so tough.
If you're under 25 and have a job you can consider yourself pretty lucky,
because unemployment has skyrocketed for young people
All over the country colleges are being forced to close down
and universities have such high fees, most youngsters cannot even afford to apply to them.
It's predicted that hundreds of thousands of teenagers
will continue to leave the country
in search of a better future.
However, there is still some hope...
in Oxford, of all places, the heart of the UK's higher education.
This morning we visited Magna Carta College, a distinguished institution
offering exceptional value to students
their accredited BA can be completed in just two years and it's almost
half the price of the average university.
The race is on, as the college selects who will get the last few places and applicants
keep coming from all over the country and beyond...
they're coming in the hope that such a place exists...
We can assure you it does exist!