Animation on PowerPoint for Mac

Uploaded by aosteen91 on 04.10.2010

Hi, my name is Alice and I’m going to tell you about how to do animation in PowerPoint
on a Mac computer. Animation allows you to control how the text, pictures and charts
enter onto a slide in your presentation and the timing of their appearance. That way when
you’re presenting your Power Point your audience doesn’t get ahead of you by reading
what is already on the slide. It also makes your presentation more interesting and easier
to pay attention to. Animation isn’t very hard to do, especially once you have already
created most of your presentation.
You can animate any text you want. And, on the title page, we can animate the title of
the PowerPoint. So first we’re going to go to View and Custom Animation and it brings
up the custom animation toolbox. We click on, oh; we click on this, highlight it. And
click on entrance effects. See here it shows entrance effects, emphasis effect, and exit
effects. We want entrance effect. If you don’t see one you like in the first few options
you can then click on more effects and it’ll bring up a whole list. We’re going to choose
“fade” and then hit ok. So now, when we view the slide show the PowerPoint will fade
in. You can do a preview right here and click play. And so, you can control the speed, right
here. We’re going to leave it on medium. You can also click on more effects and text
animations to control timing and other things, which we will get to later.
Next I’m going to show you how to do an emphasis effect and I’m going to do one
on my name. And you’re going to click on emphasis effect. And I’m going to choose
brush on color. So we chose brush on color and on property you can change the color you
want. I’m going to choose purple. And I’m going to change the speed down to medium,
so that we can see it as it goes. So now we can preview, again, and there it goes. But,
see here under start, it says on click I’m going to change that to after previous. So
that means that after the PowerPoint Animation on Mac appears then my name will go and I
wont have to click; because when you’re presenting you forget about things like that.
Then you can click on play slide show down here and see how it looks.
And then, now we’re going to talk about one of the most important aspects of animation
on PowerPoint and that is animating bullets as you go over each point in your presentation,
so your audience will not read ahead of you. To animate bullets you want to have already
typed the text you want and then you select the text box that the bullets are in and pull
back up the animation toolbar/toolbox. And you want to do entrance effect and we’re
going to choose fly in. And it’s showing you the preview. So if you want them to come
in like that, that’s fine but there are a few things you can play around with to make
them look a little different. First off on property you can choose what direction you
want them to fly in to. I’m going to choose from left. You can also choose how fast you
want them to come in. And then, so let’s see under text animations and group text,
it’s first level. So that means it’ll come in like it just showed with each group
(this group, this whole group this whole bullet, and this bullet) all coming in together like
this. But if you want these to come in individually you need to (actually we can click right here
on toolbox and it pops back up) change this to second level and watch this time. Now they’re
coming in individually which is great so then you can go over each step in you presentation,
as you need to. You can also under More Effects options you can control the dimming of each
bullet after you have gone over it. So here it says don’t dim but we’re going to make
it dim so that way after you’ve gone over the first you can move onto the next and your
audience can move on with you. So let’s see how this looks. See now they’re dimming and you want to
choose a neutral color, so that they don’t really stand out but you want a color that
you can still and your audience can still read.
So you can animate many things other than text in a PowerPoint, which includes charts,
pictures, and clip, art. On this slide we’re going to animate a chart. After you’ve inserted
it in to the slide you can choose whatever effect you like. So, I’m going to choose,
select my chart, and I’m going to choose an appearance effect and make it fade in,
or fade so it’ll appear like that. And then I’m going to choose for it to start after
previous. Now I’m going to animate the title and make it have an entrance effect of expand,
which is under more effects, go down find expand, and hit ok. You can animate any other
text in textboxes that are on your screen like exit effects, down here. So obviously
we’re going to give this one an exit effect. Click here and we’re going to make it zoom.
So it’ll zoom out to the side and we’re going to move it again to after previous and
just fast that way we can at least see it when it goes out. But as you can see these
effects are a little out of order, you would think you’d want the title to be first instead
of the chart. So what you can do is you can click on title and move that up, just like
that, up and down and up and down. So now we’re going to take a look at this slide
and see how it looks. There comes our title and out chart and there’s goes our exit
effects. But if you don’t like one of these effect go back and click on toolbox, say we
don’t like the exit effect, see this little x right here, you can delete it! So if we
go back over here and view this slide again and that’s it, it doesn’t go away.
So, you can also animate a picture after you’ve inserted your picture wherever you want into
the slide, you can just go up and pick whatever effect you would like. Select it, I’m going
to choose another entrance effect. Let’s do checkerboard this time, kind of fancy but
it’s pretty cool. And whichever way you want it to go it can go down or across. And
I’m goning to slow it down a bit so you can see it. (and I think it just saved my
PowerPoint but that’s ok) We’re going to watch it go. There it is wa-laa!
So now you know the basic information on how to do animation on a power point slide. And
well just run through this one more time so you can see all the effects combined. There
goes the name and then the next slide, how to do bullet animation and dimming and the
picture. And your PowerPoint is done with animation and so you have no excuse for creating
a really boring PowerPoint. All right, talk to you later, bye.