Pangnirtung - Small Craft Harbour - Ports pour petits bateaux Pangnirtung

Uploaded by FisheriesCanada on 01.09.2009

Minister Aglukkaq: And now friends, ladies and gentlemen,
it gives me great pleasure to welcome our Prime Minister the Right Honourable Stephen Harper.
Harper: Nearly 90% of all commercial fish harvesting in Canada
worth by the way over 2 billion dollars annually
is landed at the nearly 1000 small craft harbours dotting our coastline.
Voila pourquoi je me rejouit d'annoncer que tel que promis dans le budget de '09
le gouvernement du Canada investit dans la creation et la construction
d'un port communautaire ici à Pangnirtung
et que la première phase de la construction debutera a l'automne.
That's why I'm pleased to announce today as committed in Budget 2009,
the Government of Canada is investing in the creation and construction
of a community harbour right here in Pangnirtung
and that the first building phase will begin this Fall.
Could you please tell me your name and what you do in Pangnirtung?
My name is Sakiasie Sowlooapik.
I’m a Conservation officer for the (Nunavut) Department of Environment.
Right now, we’re standing where?
Right now we’re standing very close to the hamlet administrative area
and looking in the back is the small old harbour
that that’s been existing here for a number of years
and as you can see, it’s a low tide today and it’s really kind of worn out.
OK, so this announcement today about the Small Craft Harbour project.
Would you say this is going to be good for the community?
When we started thinking about this harbour in the whole community,
that was an idea that we had with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans,
divisions of the community and the hamlet back then in 2004.
The community sees that we really need a good harbour that is a benefit to the community
especially in the fisheries chapter and sealing and tourism
because in the background there, we have the national park too.
So everybody is going to benefit from this project.
I think it was a very tremendous announcement today.
Can you tell us exactly what was announced today?
I believe what was announced was approximately about a 25 million dollar project
which was announced a number of years ago.
I’m very pleased that the announcement went ahead with all the good community participation today.
I think all of us in the community from young and old,
from the fisheries, like I said tourism – I think everybody is going to benefit.
Ok, last question, after this project is complete, how do you think this might look different(ly)?
I looked at the blueprint the other day at the hamlet office here
which I thought was going to be smaller but it’s going to be huge
big project and it’s going to create very good economic opportunities,
jobs during the development itself.
I think our lifestyle is moving forward for benefit of the future
and also to make the fishery bigger because the way it is a quite small scale.
once we have that port, the harbour, it’s going to create more jobs, more fish coming in year round.
Because we also utilize heavily this harbour in winter, not only in the summer.
Summer, yes, it’s going to have a big benefit in the fishery, sealing and tourism for people’s enjoyment.
I think our lifestyle may change quite a bit, the way we do things in daily life,
because when we try to go out hunting, or fishing, we struggle to go in and out
because we have approximately 11 metres of high tide
and the weather is not always pleasant.
And so this project will change the depth of the harbour?
To my understanding it is.
Which means that bigger boats will be able to go in or out where it’s a low tide or high tide.
And also there’ll be more development:
people owning bigger boats in the future
which that is part of the goal for Cumberland Sound Fisheries.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.