Dark Horse Comics - Hellboy: The Fury Part 3

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NIMUE: Listen!

The dragon commands!

DRAGON: Go forth into the world of men.
And kill them all!

ALICE MONAGHAN: What's happening?
INNKEEPER: She's loosed her army.
They're coming!
ALICE MONAGHAN: What kind of army can she have?
Men have tanks and bombs.
INNKEEPER: War rides at the head of it.
But just behind it follow Pestilence and Famine, and
close behind them, Death.

It's the army of the apocalypse.
War is only the beginning.
Pestilence and Famine will rule the land.
Two thirds of the people will die.
The third that remain will be food for the creatures that
come after.
ALICE MONAGHAN: Hellboy's army, the knights.

BLACK KNIGHT: The dragon wants blood!
WHITE KNIGHT: Take mine if you can.
For you will not set foot, hoof, or
claw on English ground.
This I swear!

ALICE MONAGHAN: I have to see it.
INNKEEPER: Come back!
ALICE MONAGHAN: I've come this far.
I have to see it.
He said, dragon.
What dragon?

INNKEEPER: Rebel angels created it.
Darkness consumed it.
It was chained and cast out.
And all these millions of years it's wanted nothing more
than to be free, to reclaim this world.
ALICE MONAGHAN: Who are you?
How do you know these things?
INNKEEPER: You feel it, don't you?
It's close.
DRAGON: Shall I kill you now, or will you see it
through to the end?
HELLBOY: Screw you.


HELLBOY: I said, screw you, pal.
I'm just getting started!
DRAGON: Then it's as it should be.
Given the way you have lived, I feared you would choose an
easy death.
HELLBOY: What the hell does that mean?
DRAGON: This is better.
It's right that you and I meet like this.
HELLBOY: Oh, yeah?
You like that?
DRAGON: Hellboy, your fall should be
like the fall of mountains.
But I was before mountains.
I was in the beginning, and shall be forever.
The first and the last.
The world come full circle.
DRAGON: You think you can fight and kill me, as you
would a beast?
I am not the wheel.
I am the hand that turns the wheel.
I am time, the destroyer.
You gotta shut up.
DRAGON: I was the wind and the stars before this.
Before planets, before heaven and hell.
And when all's done, I will be wind again, to blow this world
as dust back into endless space.
To me, the coming and going of man is as nothing.
And you, because you made this choice to live like a man, in
the end you also will be nothing.
Here now, with me, this is your only moment, your glory.

DRAGON: When the universe marks your passing, it will
only be for this.