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can become the achievements of tomorrow
i'm fred thompson
from business and Healthcare Billing Business Opportunity
join me as we take a closer look
inside the workings of the modern global economy
fred thompson
and i'm sizes
the idea of staking once claimed
of determining one's own economic future
is the very foundation of the american dream
let's learn how some industrious americans are realizing their dreams
the complexity of submitting claims to insurance companies
usually requires costly software ando full-time staff to navigate through the
different rules and procedures established by individual plans and
providers securing the patient's portion of the bill can be difficult as well and
a troubled economy can make the challenge even worse
at american business systems
we provide Healthcare Billing Business Opportunity
to provide solutions to the cash flow crunch that doctors face on a day-to-day
i wasn't these provide web based claims processing patient receivables and other
services that help the doctors get money faster into their practice
doctors devote so much time and resources to maintaining the
administrative side of the practice
it detracts from the time and attention they can give to their patients their
core competency
in most cases 0:01:42.170,0:01:45.640Healthcare Billing Business Opportunityless than the cost of
maintaining the billing function in the doctors on office
the fee structure is usually set as a percentage of the face of the claim
so the doctor always knows exactly where as money is spent what portion is
allotted to the billing
american business systems offers a range of solutions for small business owners
and health care providers
through their network of certified medical reimbursement specialists
and a_b_s_ licensee can offer six different services including a real time
practice management system insurance and patient billing and recovery of loss
profits from unpaid bills
with the aid of a real time web based medical billing system clients can track
the progress of their billing from anywhere connected computer
because much of the overhead is eliminated outsourcing conceded by
Healthcare Billing Business Opportunity percent of the cost of doing its own
billing in-house
the aging of the american population as the baby boomers re-try para
and ongoing changes in the health care system i'm sure the growth of the
medical industry
medical claims
continue to be filed
regardless of the ups and downs the economy
the biggest fear doctors have been turning over their billing
is the loss of control over their cash flow and a_b_s_ licensee can grant a
doctor and his staff online access in order to track the status of their
claims in real time all data is stored in hippa compliance servers in two
different geographical locations and it's backed up daily
but the company's greatest strength lies in its relationship with its licensees
a_b_s_ is the only company in america provides live training on medical
billing and business development we teach our lessons is not only had a
service their clients that i get those clients in the first place
and analyzes a for a very short time and already asking myself
i worked in this is part time and have a hard time within the first sixty days
this has been the best decision and then on that
a_b_s_ is the nation's largest network of independent medical billing
Healthcare Billing Business Opportunity
and again in eighty s licensing back in nineteen ninety four
and that my business working from home now privilege to work with other
licensees across the country seem more doctors signing out than ever before
each licensee can take advantage of allied hands on training session
near the a_b_s_ headquarters in dallas
the same training content is available on a dvd for home review
to full years of marketing and technical training and support
is extended to licensees v_-eight email phone and fax
alsop or updates are included in the one-time licensing fee
and there are no ongoing royalties paid back to the company
when a medical practices run more efficiently two things happen
number one more attention is paid to the patients
and more importantly number two
more money has brought into the practice
buys all the time we have for now
we hope you found the problem informative
i'm fred thompson
join us again next time as we go
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