STUCK.The Chronicles of David Rea "To defend the Weak" (Episode 1x05)

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my fiancee proposed to me
- Joseph! - the man who was here left
- when? - around your third orgasm...
mr.Shaw, where did you get stuck?
where did I get stuck?
you're good, you're funny
I will tell you exactly where I got stuck
my fiancee... she insulted me
and I've spent some time thinking whether or not I should forgive her
but you didn't make up your mind yet
indeed I have
I've decided
to forgive her
does she want to be forgiven?
of course she does
and they live happily ever after
why are you here then?
you don't remember me, do you?
have we met before?
I've been here before, dr.Fuck
I'm not a doctor
ok, mr.Fuck
thank you
I don't remember
you surely know miss Diaz
of course, Emma... she's my personal assistant
- where is she? - she's recovering from a night of
unintentional drug abuse
are you her father?
I was here when you subjugated her on this rug
I'm her boyfriend
EX boyfriend
thank God I need you to trace her
I can't reveal her location, I have ethics
anyway she's probably with my lawyer right now
nothing legal, he's very very fond of her
may I know your lawyer's name?
of course, Vince Ciuffo
here... telephone number, address
and a little drawing I did
see you again
fuck fuck fuck
Vince, are you in your office?
- yeah - Emma's ex boyfriend is coming for you
he's a violent kind and is totally pissed at you
did you speak to Emma? She alright?
she's fine, she's home
we need to hide her
why is that man coming to my office?
I needed time to think
what am I supposed to do?
take Emma to the beach, to our usual place
the man doesn't find you, he comes back to me
and I face him
David, I have to admit: I underestimated you
you owe me one
yeah but what if she wants to go back to him?
this is not in our interest
what about free will?
people don't like to choose
taking responsability to choose for others: that's having guts, Vince
run my friend
yeah... David,
hit first
hi honey
yesterday was good for me too
Ramona this is so not the right time
we need to do it now I'm in full ovulation
Ramona, we never really had the chance to talk
you chose for me once David now I'm choosing for you
I'm not ready to be a father
how old are you?
let me help you, you got stuck in an obsession
you wanna help me?
fuck me fuck me here and now David
why me?
because this is the closest to what was supposed to be
Ramona, you have all the time in the world
say I'm 30
you try to knock me up for 2 or 3 months
which means 9 months pregnancy
I become a whale
and it'll take a couple of years to get my shape back
then, after some wrong men later, I finally find the one
and he's kind, he's cool, so he must be married
and I'm a single mom, so it won't be easy at first
1 year to decide 3 years to divorce
he's gonna have a little crisis
he's gonna start screwing around a bit, and that's cool until he gets bored and finally comes back to me
we'll be enjoying life for some time
maybe a year, maybe 2
and then after a near-death experience caused by a horrible car accident
he's gonna develop a need for perspective and he'll want a baby with me
so he will try to knock me up for 2 or 3 months
but I'm older so it could take longer, say a year
and another 9 months pregnancy
and it could take more than that
I haven't got time to lose
for fuck's sake!
Ramona, you'd better get dressed!
we don't need anything
David fuckin' Rea!
why won't you fight me?
I stand for non-violence
I was here when you were sexually violent with my girlfriend!
that's your version, your word against mine
to tell you the truth I was there and I can confirm
ok ok ok
we're now ALL gonna go see Emma, ok?
and we're gonna see what she has to say
come on
you allright?
I feel better
you're so kind to me
seriously, why do you do that?
it's my nature
what do you mean?
to defend the weak
I'll always protect you Emma
you speak like David!
you know what's your problem?
you're doomed to unhappiness
'cause you choose unhappiness everyday!
I didn't ask for protection
no, you didn't because you're a little girl who wants to live this senseless romantic sorrow
- I didn't ask you to protect me! - No, you did not!
'cause you're a little girl!
me, I'm a man!
and I'll just do it
where the hell are we by the way?
where are you going?
we're only gonna hurt each other right now
I'll be sitting there
what the fuck!
oh my God!
what are you doing here?
you made a mistake
a big mistake
but what kind of man doesn't forgive his woman on her first meltdown, uh?
you, you, always you
I came here
'cause I want to forgive you
so let's go, let's pick up where we left off, ok?
let's go!
let's get away from these people
sweet boy
you keep doing that mr "I have changed"
you're all mine now
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