Peyton Manning - Safe To Play Football After Neck Injury?

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Should Peyton Manning really be playing football after his multiple neck surgerys?t's
safe for him to play football or is he just setting himself up for disaster ccp
many head and neck fusion celtic simpleton destined cervical spine in
these situations the surgeons removed that this and replace it with both you
from his hit orphanage never under this very well because i had the same
operation done twice actually broke for a break my neck and the second time i
had this operation done because of all of my head in place in between c sixteen
c seven diffuse the vertebrate yet i did my around sixteen through doing
gymnastics and i thought the high or and my pain i went back to support the
ability to give ecology gymnastics we see before i went back to gymnastics my
neuro surgeon setting down tolley one very important thing ensure payment
doctors told missus well the vertebrae the fuse together are stronger than ever
they won't bite but the vertebrae dust bowl upload and below the fuse vertebrae
will move more
to make up for the lack of movie rivard refused missile for those this in more
danger rupturing bulging and push it under strict control of the nevada
payment was experiencing some weaknesses right there were no and the surgeon will
not fix that right away takes time nurses don't grow back right away
but surgery will help me from getting worse this will make it difficult for
failing to get back to being the player that used to be a few years ago and
there's no guarantee that the hit movie jacked up another disc in his spine
above or below where that fusions voted rich complete that process or even worse
for both dangerous and enticing than i thought that being said there's no
guarantee that i will get hurt either u_s_ olympic gymnastics we'll be
watching paying very close to the season specialist his now wishing the best not
healthy successful career sewn in all three of his payment increases are going
back into football and that being said and my crazy as well for going back to
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