Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy: Who Is A Candidate?

Uploaded by drjayharness on 07.11.2011

>>> Dr. JAY HARNESS: For a patient to be a potential candidate for nipple-sparing mastectomy
means several things:
One is, clearly the cancer does not involve the nipple or the areola of the breast.
Secondly, we exclude patients who have inflammatory breast cancer.
Thirdly and really importantly, I believe patients who are candidates for nipple-sparing
mastectomy need to be evaluated by a multidisciplinary team, particularly simultaneously by a breast
surgeon as well as the plastic surgeon, and the pre-operative imaging studies are very
important, which should include digital mammography, the appropriate ultrasound, and particularly
breast MRI to make sure that the nipple-areolar area isn’t involved.
At the time of surgery for nipple-sparing mastectomy, our approach is to biopsy the
base of the nipple from inside the breast to make sure it’s not involved with cancer.
So who is a candidate? Potentially many people are candidates but they need to be properly
worked up and they need to be in the hands of a team of people who clearly are experienced
and work as a team.
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