How to change your keyboard colour for free on iPhone (Jailbroken) (August 2012)

Uploaded by DeasyKiid on 31.07.2012

Hey Youtube, how's it going?
today I'm going to be showing you how to change the colour of your keyboard for free
ah... very efficiently too
so we're gonna get straight in to it waste no time
obviously uh... aditya broken
played a place to do this uh... i'm not sure
what's compatible
with is in a four four s n turning on flake one-on-one
sulfur soul
at first off when the city a that's pretty basic
and among the cancer that because panel
you can do right now
they won't have to n
at a source if you already have it
and it's this one here
uh... hackberry fun
it's a regal i have to reform dot org
output that
in the description in case you're just fine
make sure double-check forever
and i don't know how to at source is quite a few is empty edit
uh... top right
timing click add on the top left just type in
whatever source you want
yours or the sources out there
i don't have
there have brittany comparatively there is
waded into
sources first again
gimmicks subliminal but excuse you wanna adding those this when there is good
or picture like that one
at the box upon one of the biggest ones don't have to all of course i think you
if you have to get you probably have pakula who don't
gay straight away so
uh... they accept much of the added that tied the knot i don't know that you
three-star string word the does with interest and we don't think it does
having just go back to sit here
to the search
people can enable colour keyboard
and its color what are you
that's that's just
american spelling
uh... from america
spell without the use of the matter means that the key work
that's ok regarded but i was gonna
finish off because i want you guys too
the bullets
educational media or it isn't for stop whereas mine is
so you see here there is a
there's a good pupil
this is like unlike all the official on the pacific mainland
it's from
master from india
big gossip
at a cost to dollars two dollars
in the u_s_ o'donnell feeding by pianist because obviously
recurrences urals so that although the author by i wouldn't body
and that we cannot be if lee
had that
ability to do so because
there's so many copies of it out there
just like this one that will perfectly
solar bridges with this one blu one oh if you have but our sources
free free to use them but this one is a reliable source uh... au-pair have been
so right now it's modified for me because i've already installed it
it what's happened so
uh... stick installed
to do on the low in spain
are making gestures of my tone just a commercial but i really can't see that's
it'll added lloyd screen and in his research team work
i was a time that used by both the settings and your scroll down here
went to see all your tweaks city of los three tear landlords but not too good
for you
loads would be a bit of an understatement considering how many
there she is would be over statement or statement at all
basically i don't have that much compared to what he could have him i
think i have a lot but don't really
uh... which we want again
forty would dare is cystic on it
and oxy mines already handled
irritability disabled but stick enable picked uh...
an insect seems to be changing colors pesky critters
along the colors rather is ending
i saw fit to be on this
i don't want to be it was i watch on a few days ago but it is back from
chosen eleven at least anders adultery colors but
if really uh... excel at value seattle are a lot of colors
i haven't looked at
i thought it might look before you go so far because look atlanta linden this
if you can do a role
and uh... if you get a preview
hair so eyes you be handing kick you don't have to
you know ticketing
especially more
c flicker and i can just get the little blue arrow
and then you can see which went like
so on
than actually a lot of parent i do like a lot of them and uh...
series with the red one just a simple color
uh... rotterdam like anitha
still rhamat book
last minute back up to the white one and
about the cause of the news handy on june blackmun welcome
that so it's
and placed it would have one you want
stick with my blue one
herself in a minute
you'll save i will not be features yet along here
purchases over
select papa ki i have actually look at that at all i think that's baby when you
click on at the bottom
but not bind changed me right now because they don't ask you to restrain
obviously um... go ahead we spring
uh... i'm not going to spring when it was baptist waste time
so it's been that then
your keyboard will have changed i really just
and go ahead to pay-per-view on pbs
and it was really good mostly
i think uh... in place in handy
simple sampling
uh... if like to do
people like in a comment uh... if you want to see more tease continues
please anti the common thing you do because uh...
feedback attorney appreciate you know
he's gonna under specific
that week that you would like me to
to get a few we know maybe it costs and you you want to find the free version
just let me know when i'll try to kind of esta
you know do a bit of a research in fact finder free for a few guys because
you know i know that uh...
how do people might be up there
standard and downloading
integrating sources
so uh... yeah just
she like an idiot pcba like comment
and if you want to see more diesel my first video by libido marty's
if uh... if you want to
soap subscribe if that's the case but you know after now but and i think
swatching and have a nice day