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Hi, thanks for looking at my video CV today.
My name is Peter Johnson. I'm a hospitality executive. I'm British. I'm 33 years old,
And I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the moment.
My career objective as a whole. My experience to date has been in hospitality, F and B and the
tourism industry as such. And I would like to stay within these verticals. I like to
be a leader of people, I like managing people and working with people, but I also like to
be a leader of strategy as well. So I think I would like to work in an organization where
I can work both with people as well as in strategizing on new hotel openings or cannibalization
of new markets or even on extending our strategies across different verticals within hospitality
and tourism.
What gives me the experience to do that? I guess I'm just going to talk about my major,
my last three jobs where I spent quite a lot of time at.
For the last four years from Jan 2006 until date, I've been working for ABC Hotel.
I'm sure you know it.
My position has been general manager of the hotel. I like to think I've done a pretty
good job at that.
During my time there, residency has gone up from 45% to 70% consistently by about 12%
year on year. So I've shown consistent growth there.
Staff retention has gone from about 11 months average turn-over time to about I think currently
about 2 years now is average duration of employment for our staff. And I'd like to think that
generally we've done a great job at building revenues as well because we've increased revenues
by about 30 %.
So I've thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I feel we've taken this particular hotel to
where it can be at the moment and this is why I'm looking for new horizons as such.
Previous to ABC Hotels, I worked at 123 Holidays which was great fun. It gave me an insight
to the world of the tourism industry. I got to travel and see a lot of new places. I saw
every single continent that there is and my role was tour manager, so I was both responsible
for filling the tours with tourists as well as setting the agenda and schedule and ensuring
completion, execution of the actual schedules as well. During that time again, I helped
build the business from 6 annual tours to 24 annual tours. So we went from one every
two months to two every month, which was difficult but very, very rewarding. At the beginning
I didn't really manage anyone, but by the time I left I was managing 45 people, which
was very challenging and rewarding as well. And the duration of my employ was again close
to three years. About two and a half years. So I worked from June 2004, I'm sorry, 2003
to December 2005.
Before that I worked at XYZ Tours, here I was learning my trade. So I was a tour operator.
Again a lot of fun. I got to see a lot of places, mostly in Europe because we travelled
around Spain, France and Germany mostly. It was great, I got to meet a lot of people.
I got to make a lot of mistakes. Namely wrong places that we were going to, fluffing my
lines as we were doing tours, but it was great for me because I really understood from a
tourist's perspective what people are interested in spending their time doing when they are
on holidays. And I really got to understand how you can systemize those processes and
make sure that you can come up with customized packages that feel customized, but plenty
of people can enjoy at the same time. That's really the crocks of my work experience.
Education. I studied a hotel management degree, surprise, surprise at the University of London.
I graduate with a 2.1 with honours. That degree was four years, starting from
1999. It was a lot of fun as well.
Before that I did 4-A levels. English, math, French, and my pet-love politics.
I really enjoyed that. We didn't really have the option to study hotel management, but
I probably would have done that if I could have.
I graduated with 4 As. Which was very gratifying.
I'd like to think that I have the soft skills required for this role. People management
skills, both from experience as well as hopefully our interactions when we do meet you'll see
I do have those kinds of skills.
I have very strong analytical skills, which my education gives me, as well as having managed
processes and revenues for a few years now.
But I also have communication skills, interpersonal skills, and I'd like to think generally I
treat everyone in my life with a lot of respect. Whether is my friends, family or my colleagues.
I'm also CHMS, the chartered hotel management studies accreditation accredited, so that
should hopefully give me a bit of a head start in this field.
Who am I as a person? What do I enjoy doing outside of my work time?
I love reading. I especially like to read 17th century Spanish literature.
Don't ask me why. I've just always enjoyed it. From a sports perspective, I enjoy skiing
and horse riding. I actually compete on an annual basis in the Dubai horse riding event.
And just generally I guess I like what everyone else likes in terms of travelling and so on.
But in terms of travelling I actually make sure I visit one new country a year.
So that's my annual tick list thing that I do.
And finally, why should you hire me? Is because I think I can add value to your
organization both as a human being as well as from
a revenue generation perspective.
Thank you and I hope to meet you soon.