Tutorial Kristen Stewart (Estreia de Eclipse em NY)

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Hi, girls! Are you ok? Today´s makeup
is inspired by a makeup that Kristen Stewart wore last year, in Eclipse premiere in New York, I think...
This happened kinda a year ago, about july last year.
This is for you t see how up to date I am with the celebrities world.. hehe.. It just took me a year to film this tutorial...
But, ok, forget it, let´s pretend this hapenned yesterday. Let´s go out as pretty as Kristen,
with this berry eye shadow color. Let me see if you can see it... Nope, you can´t...
So, we´ll do this berry eye shadow, red and black smokey eyes.
Such a vamp thing... Obvious... Eclipse=vamp=vampire...Yeah, it makes sense...
The eye is kinda cat eyes... And the rest of the face is very natural.
I hope you like it. And if you wanna know how I did this keep watching.
To start, I´ll apply a Paint Pot in Painterly all over my lid.
The next step is to apply a black eye pencil all over the lid as a base.
I´ll use this Bourjois one that is white on one end, and black on the other. I´ll obviously use the black side.
I´ll also apply on the lower lashline.
Now, I´ll blend with my finger.
Now, I´ll get this eye shadow, called Bronze by MAC.
It´s a warm golden brown, with this blending Coastal Scents brush.
Can you see, there´s the name here.
I´ll apply this color to my crease.
Now, with a clean blending brush, I´ll use MAC´s 224, and blend the edges.
Now, I´ll get Cranberry eye shadow, witch is this MAc´s frosty reddish eye shadow,it has a frost finish,
with a 239 brush by MAC, and I´ll apply all over my lid.
Now, I´ll get this one, called Typographic, witch is a dark grey/light black,
and I´ll apply it in my outer corner,
with the same brush.
I´ll bring it into my crease.
Blend it into the Craberry color.
Then, I´ll bring it out, slightly.
Can you see it?
Looks like this. Then I´ll get that blending brush I used before,and soften the edges.
With that same blackish shadow, I´ll get some on the tip of my brush,
and apply it to my lower lashline.
And soften it. 34 00:06:24500 --> 00:06:29,000 Then, with a little bit of Cranberry, also with the tip of the brush,
apply it also to the lower lashline.
Then, with that Bourjois eye pencil that we used before,I´ll apply it in my lower waterline.
Also on the top waterline.
Then, I´ll get a liquid liner, I´ll use this one called Intense, by O Boticário,
it has a brush aplicator, look,
and I´ll do a fine line along my top lashline.
I have to take care because this eyeliner takes ages to get dry, so, I´ll have to wait a little.
Now, I´ll apply mascara, I´m gonna use Colossal.
I´m gonna get MAC´s Shroom with this brush and highlight my brow bone.
Very lightly.
To finish, I´ll get that Contém 1g shadow, called Taupe Opaco, with an angled brush and apply it on my eyebrows.
Brush them through.
Hi girls. Now that we finished the eye makeup, let´s move to the skin.
I´ll use Face & Body foundation because Kristen usually wears very light foundations. You can even see her freckles.
I´ll apply it with my... Wow, too much foundation... let´s blend it.
Now, I´ll apply my Studio Finish concealer in NW20 n my dark circles.
Be carfeul not to ruin the eyeshadow you applied on your lower lashline.
Now, I´ll apply some powder. I´m gonna use a Maybelline one.
I hit the pan, that´s sad...
In the center of the face.
Now, as blush I´ll use Secret Blush, that you are familiar with.
Can you see the color? This is a very natural color,
and Kristen is not using too much blush with this makeup. She usualy doesn´t wear too much blush.
I´ll apply it in a different way (from what I usually do...).
Generally, I give a smile and apply the color on the apples os my cheeks.
Today, I´ll apply it like this...
diagonally. I don´t know if you can see it.
To finish, I´ll use Shy Girl lipstick, by MAC.
Shy girl... Because she´s wearing a lip color, but it´s a peachy lip color, and this lipstick is perfect for that.
I´ll apply it with my finger
so that it looks very soft.
That´s it, this is my Kristen Stewart makeup, in last year´s Eclipse premiere.
Hope you like it. If you like it, thumbs up!
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