Taeyang Customization 2

Uploaded by yuniedhc on 12.02.2010

Here again I am going to beautify a Taeyang
I got a new mohair wig and acrylic eyes for him
First I yank the original wig off
The remaining hair need to be removed
I use a cutter to clear the glue
later I did some sanding
Some people asked me about sandpaper before
I got these from hardware store
Here's the rough one to sand off bits
Here's the fine one to remove the face up
The fineness 1000cw
First remove the faceup
Now changing the eyes
To use acrylic eyes I had to saw off the eye ball part
It took me hours to do that
If you're interested on how you google it
Replaced with acrylic eyes
I use color pencils to draft the brows
model paint for the eyeliner
For the shadows and the blush I use pastel
Again they need to be fixed with sealant
A final touch of the lips
For the eye lashes I cut up one fake lash
Stick it on with masking tape
Put everything back in
Eyes working
Old look, you saw him already
Here's the new look
Tell me if you haven't fall in love already
He does have a little Bill Kaulitz vibe because he's my love
So, that's all for now. See ya