University of Utah, Utah College Council Representative

Uploaded by SLCCTV on 11.09.2012

UCCR- University of Utah "The University
of Utah is a tier 1 research institution located in the heart
of downtown Salt Lake City.
We have roughly 31,000 students and 22,000 undergrads.
We're the only school in the state of Utah
that has a medical school and a law school,
and we offer everything from bachelor's degrees all the way
up through Ph.D., master's degrees, M.D., and J.D. degrees.
The University of Utah has over 250 clubs and organizations
that we work with, and our student government has a budget
that's about $1.5 million.
We did $498 billion- or, excuse me- $498 million
of funded research last year,
and we have the undergraduate research opportunities program,
which allows students to get involved in research
from their very first day.
The University of Utah has Nobel prize winning
and Pulitzer prize winning faculty and staff,
and we're proud to say that we have produced people
that have founded companies like Pixar and Adobe,
Mario Kopeki is also a big name on our campus,
because he is actually a Nobel prizewinner in genetics,
and he works with students on a daily basis
through the undergraduate research opportunities program,
which is an awesome program for students to get involved
with research from their very first day.
We have over 80 bachelor's degrees,
or roughly 80 bachelor's degrees for you to choose from,
and if you do decide to continue your education at the University
of Utah, then you can go on to get your master's, your Ph.D.,
or even go to medical school or law school.
Our medical school and our law school are amazing;
we have the number one ranked hospital in the nation,
located on our campus this year.
We also have a law school that is ranked
in the top 50 in the nation.
So there's a lot of great stuff going on up at the U,
and we do have great people coming out of there.
We have a new business program going up,
a new business building, which is awesome,
and we have a new engineering building,
which is quite amazing as well.
So, we really encourage you to come take a campus tour,
come check it out, and we'd be happy
to answer any questions you have
through the Student Recruitment Office, located on campus.
Thanks so much."