How-To Install a Nitrous Oxide Kit

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I'm Chris Duke and today on Motorz we're installing a nitrous system on a Mustang

A nitrous oxide system
is one of the lowest cost per horsepower bolt ons you can add to your vehicle
it's also a safe way to go as companies have spent a lot of time and money to make
sure their kits are safe for your engine while as the same time creating a large amount of additional
power. Nitrous Express has done this on their S197
3-valve Mustang kit, it is a kit that can be set to produce between
50 and 150 horsepower, with optional jetting that can deliver
up to 200 horsepower. That's a lot of power for under $1000
now these systems are designed to work with wide open throttle, and since
this is a wet kit that adds fuel to the mix, there is no need for a tune
We're going to install their bottle heater, purge valve and remote bottle opener
so there is no need to get out of your car to turn on the nitrous you just flip the switch
and hit the throttle. Now before we get started lets take a look at how this kit
is layed out inside your vehicle. Now to give you guys a good idea of all
the main components that we're going to be installing on our Mustang, we've laid them all out on our workbench
these are the parts we're going to be installing under the hood, the interior of the vehicle, and
in the trunk.

We're going to start by replacing
our manual valve handle with this remote bottle opener then install
our 10 pound bottle in our trunk on the passenger side, to offset the weight of the driver
then finally, we'll install our bottle heater. Our stainless steel line is
going to be connected to our bottle, run all the way up to the engine compartment, but on the
interior of the vehicle, we're going to find a safe location to mount these 3 switches
the first one is for the remote bottle opener, the second one is to enable the system
and the third one is to purge the line. Under the hood we'll
be installing a new throttle body spacer to deliver nitrous and extra fuel to the engine
this fuel rail adapter block to supply the extra fuel, this purge
solenoid to purge the line, and the wiring harness to hook it all up
Nitrous oxide increases horsepower two different ways
first it is a liquid until it is released into the engine at which point it turns into
a very cold gas, cooling the air and increasing horsepower
second, which the nitrogen atoms are met with the heat inside the engine they break
down which causes more oxygen to be released. As a result more fuel
is needed. So more fuel + more air = more horsepower
The tools you're going to need for this installation from the Sears Blue Tool Crew
include various ratchets, sockets and extensions, wrenches
allen wrenches, drill bits, and hole saws. A nut driver
screwdriver, some zip ties, pliers, wire cutters, crimpers
and strippers, some electrical tape, a dremel tool, safety glasses
and a drill. We're going to begin under the hood by installing this nitrous
plate between the throttle body and the intake manifold, but before we can remove that
throttle body, we need to remove our air intake duct begin by removing this
breather, then using a 5/16" nut driver, loosen these two hose clamps
that'll get that air duct out of the way. Then remove these two connectors
and using a 5/16" socket, remove your throttle body
Two nuts that are on the bottom of the throttle body actually need a deep 10mm socket
with an extension.

You need to remove these two studs that are at the bottom of the intake manifold, to do that take the
the two nuts that you removed and two wrenches and lock them together so they don't move

clean the mating surface on the throttle
body as well as the intake manifold, and then using the provided gaskets
and hardware, add the plate to the throttle body

Since we're using new gaskets, you can go ahead and remove this factory
o-ring gasket

using a 5mm allen head driver, torque down your
new bolts to 89 inch pounds

Remove this connector from
the fuel pressure sensor and then using a 5/16" socket, remove these two

install the fuel rail adapter block, using the provided 4mm
allen head bolts.
install the provided fuel line from the adapter
block to the nitrous plate, we're going to go with our 22 jet, which is going to give us
our low end 50 horsepower. Just insert it into this fitting labeled

then tighten them down using a 9/16's
wrench as well as a 7/16's wrench
we installed the purge valve
using the provided bracket and the factory bolt for the fuel rail then we ran the
purge tube down here past the valve cover. Use the provided
stainless steel line to connect the purge valve to the nitrous plate. We're going to use
a 35 nitrous jet to match our other side which will give us our 50 horsepower

use a 7/16" wrench to tighten your fittings

To change the horsepower output of the kit you need to change the nitrous and the
fuel jets, refer to the provided chart to determine the matching jets
the jets are marked with numbers coinciding with the chart that are nitrous
and fuel specific. The Nitrous Express system comes with this
huge, pre-assembled, wiring harness specifically for the S197
Mustang. Now it may look a little daunting to install, but we're going to show you exactly
where everything goes. connect these two blue
female blade connectors to the back of the fuel adapter block

run the single wire through your firewall to the switch that you're going mount on your dash
board to enable the system. connect the male plugs to the female
connections for the solenoids
use the provided blade
connector and T-tap to connect the white wire from the harness to the yellow wire
on the TPS

the wiring harness has two black wires with
ring terminal connectors, now there is one with a white stripe, that one will go to our factory ground
the other one is going to go to our 12v battery, but we're going to hold off on connecting
that until we're all done. Install the relay and the control
module to the firewall, using self tapping metal screws
we're done under the hood for now so we can go ahead and reinstall our air duct
and we'll move to the rear of the vehicle to install our nitrous bottle and heater in the trunk

Hey welcome back to Motorz
now before we install our bottle and our heater, we're going to install our remote bottle opener
all we have to do is take off our factory handle, install a new
collar, a new handle, and the motor itself. But before you do this, make sure the bottle is empty

Our bottle and our wiring are all hooked up, but due to some obstructions below the vehicle
we were unable to drill right through, so what we did was we welded some studs right
in the trunk. For more information on welding, refer to our previous welding episode
now there is a factory grommet back here in the corner that we're to use that
to poke our wiring for our heater, as well as our nitrous line through that
now all we have to do is hook it up to our switches. Using the same
3/4inch 5/16's self tapping screws we used to mount our relays
and these rubber insulated clamps, route the nitrous line and wiring for the bottle heater
and valve along the subframe, just be sure to stay away from the exhaust and
any pinch points as you run the line to the front of your car.
Now we installed the 3 provided switches just to the right of the shifter knob on the
center console as there is plenty of room and it provided easy access for the driver
now all it took some a few drill bits, a hole saw, a dremel tool
a file, and a whole lot of patience. Now you only get one shot
carving up your interior like a pumpkin, because replacing these plastic parts ain't
cheap. So take your time and always make your holes smaller than you
think you need them to be as you can always make them bigger

And finally connect up your negative and your 12v positive
for your nitrous system and then re-connect your negative battery cable
first press the button to activate the remote bottle
opener, then enable the system, and purge the line
the nitrous system is ready to activate at full throttle. Well now that we're done
installing our nitrous oxide system from Nitrous Express we need to upgrade our
spark plugs to some colder ones, now to learn more information about spark plugs and
how to upgrade yours, check our season 3, episode 10
Now in order for this kit to work properly Nitrous Express recommends a
plug that is one step colder than stock and not all manufacturers offer
plugs in different heat ranges. the 354S plugs that we're using
came from Accel and are rated at the heat range that we need. Partz!
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now our first ones from Jacob Hill who is on YouTube and he asks:
Why isn't Motorz on TV? It should be! Jacob man, it is!
It's been on TV for like a year and half now, the best thing to do is go to our website
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we're currently airing the show. Now Calhoon writes: Hey Chris
Can MotorzTV do a show on transmission work? I know it's a broad topic but my
4 speed in my 95 Ford F-150 5.0 isn't shifting right
I'd love to see a show on this! P.S. I'm lovin the Ford symbol on the
fridge! Well Calhoun, check it out man, it's no longer a Ford fridge
that was actually a 24 cubic foot Kenmore fridge that we've had for years
and it didn't really fit into all the new Gladiator stuff, but thanks to Gladiator Garageworks
those guys are great, they hooked us up with this new chillerator
that is a 19 cubic foot fridge that's more energy efficient
a little bit smaller, but it's more fuel efficient, now as far as
transmission work, this next season we're going to be building up a
Chevy 350 engine, so the logical step after that is the transmission
and then putting into a vehicle, so just keep on watching we'll get to it.
Jeremy asks: Can you the eraser wheel to remove factory vinyl
stripe from a Mustang GT? Well Jeremy, you sure can you
probably already saw our quick tip video at our website called how to remove emblems from
your vehicle, that showed how to use that eraser wheel. We also used it in
episode 6 of season 3, which was our Mustang body kit episode
now what I recommend you do is just start with your fingers and a little of elbow grease
to start picking those things off of there, if the adhesive is on there too good grab a
hairdryer or a heat gun that'll soften the adhesive a little and once you get
them all the way off, take a clay bar and clay your paint and then put a
fresh coat of wax on top. Now John had a question about brakes
he asked: I watched your video on replacing brake pads and rotors for the Mustang
Like most cars, it's the same procedure. I need to know if I do it the same way
that you did it in the video, will I have to bleed the brakes? Well Jon, we actually have
two episodes where we worked on brakes on a Mustang, season 2 episode 9 and
season 4 episode 9, in the first one we just did pads and rotors, in the second
we did a whole big brake kit upgrade with new stainless
steel brake lines as well as new calipers, now if you do any of that stuff
you're definitely going to need bleed your brakes, but if you're just replacing your pads and rotors
there is no need to do that. Now Nate had a really good question:
One of my favorite aspects of the show is that it's filmed in a home garage. Please keep it that way!
I saw the garage makeover episode. Is there anything
else you can add to show what is possible in a garage that size? Well Nate -
pretty much everything is possible, as you can see after 60-plus episodes
and 4 seasons of Motorz TV, we've done pretty much everything in here
now there is one limitation that i can think of, and that is lifting a vehicle
our F150 is lifted 6 inches and has 35 inch tires
when we roll it in here, it has about an inch to spare above the roof, you can't
really go any higher than that. Other than that I can't really think of anything maybe
paint? But i did talk with a guy at the SEMA show last year who
did his 69 Camaro paint job in his 2-car garage
with a buddy, they just got some materials at their local hardware store
and they took care of it and it looked great, I saw it in person so it only prooves that there
really isn't anything you can't do in a 2-car garage. and finally
James wrote in and has a really good question here's what he said:
I love watching the show! My question is how can I make my 2005 F-150
more economical while adding performance?
Well James as we mentioned earlier in the letterz segment you can put on an e-fan, when we did that on our F150
we noticed a huge improvement in performance and fuel economy
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Now that we're done installing our nitrous system from Nitrous Express
we can take our 10 pound bottle down to our local shop and get it filled up
it's gonna cost us about 50 bucks. now there is some more information that you should know about
nitrous oxide, first, it is a non-flammable gas so you don't have to worry
about your vehicle blowing up on you, also it is odorless unless the manufacturer
puts in a scent. Now it is a cold gas, so when it turns a liquid
to a gas, you need to be careful because it can burn your skin
and finally you want to start with the lower horsepower jets and work your way up
from there. For more information on the products and tools we used in this episode
from the Sears Blue Tool Crew, just head on over to our website. We'll catch
you next week on Motorz!