Hunter - S1 Episode 0: Test Pilot (The Investigation begins)

Uploaded by HunterSeries on 26.10.2012

Glass Shatter noise. Followed by various banging and foot steps.
Radio: Trial Date of Mike Daly accused of murdering Stella Logan
who was found dead at her home in July is set for November 12th
[Alarm noise]
Hi Mum, sorry I haven't visited in a while, I've been...
Now is not a good time!
Emily: Hunter, what are you doing?
Hunter: Oh Hi Emily, what are you doing here?
Emily: Em, you said we were going to the cinema after you visited your Mums grave.
Hunter: Oh yeah, um...
Emily: Oh I left my Phone at home, I'm just going to go get that.
[Emily Screaming]
Vampire: Such a nice neck you have there.
Hunter: Emily!
Emily: What the...
Hunter: Vampire!
[Calm Jazz music plays]
Shit! This doesn't make any sense. Who the fuck would kill for a ring?