The First Lady Receives the White House Christmas Tree

Uploaded by whitehouse on 27.11.2009

♪♪ (O Christmas Tree) ♪♪
Mrs. Obama: Hi, how are you? Nice to see you.
Speaker: Great to see you.
Mrs. Obama: What do you think? Does it meat your inspection?
Speaker: Do you know how it's going to be decorated?
Or is that still in the box yet?
Mrs. Obama: I think we know but I'm not sure what is going on this
tree exactly. So -- the plan is out there.
Speaker: It's going to look wonderful in there.
Mrs. Obama: So far, so good.
The top of it sticks out there quite a ways there.
Mrs. Obama: We're excited.
Mrs. Obama: Thank you so much.
Speaker: Pleasure. You're going to have to get in there. It's cold.
Mrs. Obama: You come in here with us.
Speaker: Is this the biggest tree you've ever had?
Mrs. Obama: Yeah, I think this counts.
Is this the biggest tree we've ever had?
Yeah, I think this one wins.