Lil Wayne, Week 1 America's Best Dance Crew Season 6

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HOWARD SCHWARTZ: Personally, I'm very, very excited about
the crews we've selected this season.
PHUNK PHENOMENON: Phunk Phenomenon from Boston, Mass.
MALE SPEAKER: We're bring a raw, high-energy, East Coast,
Boston swag--
that crazy, raw, fighting with the stage, grab the audience,
intensity type of style.
We come from a large company, about 25, 30 people.
And we are the seven selected from our director.
A lot of us have been with the company for seven-plus years.
HOWARD SCHWARTZ: We show more diversity this season than we
ever have before.
MALE SPEAKER: This is Eclectic
Gentlemen from North Hollywood.
HOWARD SCHWARTZ: We have an international crew.
We have a pole dancing crew.
I mean, we have so many different crews with such
diversity and there's such talent that we're very excited
about what it brings this season.
MALE SPEAKER: We were originally Oceans 11 Group,
assembled by Fresh.
He picked all of us for a specific task, just like the
movie, each person one by one.
Obviously, we couldn't use that name for the show.
So we were like, we're gentlemen, and what makes us
different from just any other ordinary
gentlemen is we're eclectic.
Each one of us has something different about us.
So basically, that's how the name came about.
MALE SPEAKER: It's storytelling.
It's pretty much that's what we are.
That's what we do.
If you don't understand something, we can explain it
to you through dance, through our
movement, through our body.
HOWARD SCHWARTZ: I have a soft spot for any crew that works
really, really hard.
And ReQuest crew came out to Hip Hop International last
year and the year before and won the world championship,
both as a varsity crew and as an adult crew.
And I think by that alone, they proved themselves that
they really can handle the challenge and
they can really dance.
REQUEST: ReQuest Dance Crew--
FEMALE SPEAKER: --all the way from--
REQUEST: --Aukland, New Zealand.
FEMALE SPEAKER: When we first started, we were a small crew
of five, and we were just doing it for fun.
And we named it ReQuest because we wanted to,
hopefully one day, be the most requested crew in the world.
HOWARD SCHWARTZ: I think this show is always a challenge for
the crews because we select the music for them.
And this is season of the superstar, so yes, each show
is dedicated to one particular musical superstar.
FEMALE SPEAKER: We love Lil Wayne, but the song we got is
a pretty big challenge.
It's a cool song, but it's very upbeat and it's rocky.
So it was a huge challenge for us to try and step out of our
comfort zone and do something a little bit girlier and fun.
I.AM.ME: We are I.aM.mE crew from Houston, Texas.
MALE SPEAKER: We really like the idea that each one of us
is really unique in our own way.
So basically when we came together, we really wanted our
name to represent that.
So we said I am me.
But it sounded so much like I-M-E, so we made our
catchphrase Inspire, Motivate, and Energize because that's
what we want to do.
We like to call it brain banging.
But it's basically a bunch of visuals and connecting and
basically trying to make really elaborate pictures and
stuff with our bodies.
MALE SPEAKER: We love dancing to Lil Wayne.
I know a lot of us here listen to Lil Wayne, and
he's toured a lot.
So it's going fun.
MALE SPEAKER: What's up?
We're Street Kingdom.
We're from Los Angeles, California.
So don't sleep on us, or we'll get up and wild out at you.
We're going to bring the liveness.
We're going to wild out.
We be wilding.
HOWARD SCHWARTZ: Can they dance to the music we give
them and the challenges that are set before them?
So that's what will tell this season apart.
And to see one crew from the next--
who the winner will be will eventually, ultimately, be
America's Best Dance Crew.