Modern Combat: Domination (mac)

Uploaded by aMacPenguin on 21.05.2011

Modern Combat: Domination is a new fps by gameloft. It is now available in the mac app store
In this video I play singleplayer against computers which are very well developed
You can create a game and choose from 5 maps and 4 game modes.
There is a maximum player number of 16 here.
At the start and at every death you can create a class from the money you earn from kills
There are several options, and different weapons which you can unlock by leveling online.
You will immediatly see that the game looks very nice.
The computers are really well developed as you can see here already.
Here you see that being hit again looks very real.
I can create a class here from the money I earned by killing others.
The maps here look so real and I would say that this is one of the best shooters for mac
It is only about 10 euros in the app store, which is great.
As you will see in the description I rated the game with an 8.5 because it is so great
But the only things that are missing are permanent classes and vehicles.
For the rest I would say that it is definetly worth it's money for everyone.
Please comment if you like the game, if you have a request for any other video, feel free to ask.
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