A Christmas Video

Uploaded by aroodawakening on 17.12.2010

Ahh, Hanukkah
Hanukkah is the only winter feast that we read about in the new testament
It is incredible that there are so many pagan traditions that have been introduced into
Hanukkah, so every year I have to hock' a chanak on Hanukkah to clarify what is in the scripture
and what is according to honest historical tradition and those things that all
got added in.
But as soon as I get through
sharing and teaching
the world about Hanukkah
and about Hanukkah, the feast of Dedication in the New Testament which became known as
the Feast of Lights
and that is where I can share that Yeshua said that
I am the light of the world, I am the light that lights every man who comes into
the world
this is the Feast that He
opens the eyes of the one who had been born blind
this is the feast that celebrates
deliverance from pagan sun god worship, but as soon as I get through hockin' a chanak on Hanukkah
Then I find myself having to confront
the granddaddy of all the pagan festivals
the ancient pagan babylonian festival that celebrates the reincarnation Nimrod
as little baby Talmuz at the time of the winter solstice
Every year in the icy cold month of December
I have to drive a convertibles so I can wear my Hanukkah hat
or my phrygian cap
right straight from Babylon
so that I can help expose the traditions and the pagan sun god worship that got brought
the entire
Messianic and Christian world
It may be a terrible time to drive a convertible but it is the perfect time of year
to make sure that in the stocking of everyone
you know, they have "Truth vs. Tradition", the DVD in which I take you right straight back
to babylon, I take you over into the land of the Moabites and the Ammonites
and I give you the background of the very festivals that we are told in the scripture
Do not learn the way of the heathen, do not learn how they worship and serve their gods
and do the same thing and say you are doing it for me.
It is an abomination!
So make sure that everyone on your list gets
Truth vs. Tradition
I'm Michael Rood
Bidding you, Shalom, Peace!
and I'll see you when the pagan sun god worship festivities for the wintertime are concluded