aetbaar part 9 w/eng subs

Uploaded by Sha0allyss on 06.04.2009

l'm not one of those men...
who are cowed down by the threats of the elderly...
to sacrifice his love
Ria is my obsession. And l shall have my obsession at all costs
You can't scare me, doctor! You're yourself so scared
As for me...
Ranveer Malhotra, remember...
a man who can shed his blood for Ria...
can shed anyone else's blood too
You're back?
Where've you been all day? l called the clinic twice
Dr Sharma said you had left at seven
You didn't even telephone me. - ls Ria at home?
Yes, she's in her room
Call her here. l need to talk to the two of you
Ria, l don't want to break your heart
Had the need not arisen, maybe l wouldn't even have told you all this
Papa, what has happened? You're giving me a scare
l know you love Aryan very much, Ria
l also know that...
however right a father is in matters of love, his children think he's wrong
Till today, l didn't say a word to you about Aryan
There was no reason to, either
today l must tell you that this boy...
is not worthy of your love
Ranveer, we can... - Wait, wait, wait... wait!
l'm not talking nonsense!
l'm saving your daughter's life!
This boy you're defending... do you know the truth about him?
This is... take a look at this! Read it!
He has killed his own father!
He has even gone to prison!
And you know what he did to me today...?
l know what happened last night has left you heart-broken
You must be feeling that destiny has...
singled you out for such harsh treatment
But the truth is that we ought to be thankful to destiny...
for bringing the truth out before us
Had we not got to know the truth about him for a few more days...
it would have been too late
And now...
you must forget about all this
To make a fresh beginning
come out and have some breakfast with your Papa so that...
he can leave the house in peace
Papa, l'm not hungry
You can eat as much as you want to
What have you to say?
l was so mad!
Let go of my hand... - Listen to me!
Let go of my hand!
Now don't tell me that this is not your picture!
And don't tell me that you know nothing about it!
Are you trying to say that you didn't spend 3 years in prison?
What are you saying? All that the papers say about you is a lie?
Yes, it's a lie! A pack of lies!
The truth is that it isn't just 3 years...
l've spend an entire lifetime in prison
A prison in which my father used to beat up my mother every night
And l hid in my room, scared...
watching everything helplessly
l have seen my mother being humiliated every night
And every night, l saw a monster in my father
My mother's cries of pain and anguish...